Loick Hookipa Shredder

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May 20th 2014
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From his homebreak in Le Beausset, France to Hookipa Maui, Loick has shown that he’s not just some young grom learning a few moves here and there. Instead, we’ve got ourselves a full-fledged Hookipa shredder who is starting to turn heads.

Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself.

2014 JWA World Performance

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April 14th 2014
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Check out the JWA World Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/worldperformance


This event was started over 25 years ago and it is today one of the longest running windsurfing festivals of the world along with Maui, Sylt, Pozo & Santa Cruz.

Participants & location:

Top riders from all over the globe come together every year to push the limits of sport in Japan’s wave sailing Meca, “Omaezaki Beach”

Local knowledge:

The JWA presented once again one of the strongest locals fleets, a true show of the world class conditions the riders get here year round, creating a high standard comparable to what Maui &Gran Canaria have build over the years.


The event was organized and produced by the Japan windsurfing association, JWA, that consists of all the windsurfing industry in Japan. The windsurfing brands here come equally together every year to create one of the best runned events or better said festival, with parties and other beach coulture events and sports along the 2 day event.


Morgan Noireaux
“Japan is great, the event and the people are like know here else in the world. The amount of stoke and enthusiasm for windsurfing they have is crazy, you feel like a rockstar.


The event was organized using today’s technology, utilizing the advance weather forecasts and the social media to maximize the event resources and time. 1 week before the window opening for the event top riders were contacted and flown to nagoya & narita airports. The public summed hundreds of local expatiators along the thousands of online viewers.


Want to hear something revolutionary in the world of free sports, the third deciding judge was the public! A true innovation for today’s events, turning the audience an active participant on the beach the mc was on fire! Starting to call the moves before they actually happened.


“Francisco Goya”
“I felt as i was hearing an Argentinean soccer match on the radio but on Japanese” one of the most memorable moments was on the final as the wind picked up to around 40 knots and musso was linning up to jump one of the biggest sets of the day, the mc started calling it and as alex hit the ramp the public exploded. When graham and musso returned to the beach after their final the public started calling “one more, one more” and both of them went out for a super session, i have only seen this on rock concerts and with territehau in sylt in 90’s with his gigantic stalled doubles”


Prices were given by all the industry to the public. After the event all the organizers gathered on a circle and congratulated each other for making it once again, and already with talks to make the event even bigger next year.


Hiromi Sato
“Arigato, Arigato, Arigato”



Event results

1st“musso” alex mussolini, spain (tabou, ga sails, plasma)

2ndgraham ezzy (quatro & ezzy)

3rd bernd roediger (quatro, goya, mfc, quicksilver, eskyflavor, dakine)

4thmorgan noireaux (jp & hot)

5th “massa” masahiro motohashi (quatro & simmer)

6th francisco goya (goya, mfc)

7thnorio (maui sails, rrd, quicksilver, binge)

8thshinjo (naish)


Alex Mussolini
“ it was a great event overall, great to see how stoked the japanese people are into windsurfing and so passionate. I also liked the fact that the event organizer invited all the maui boys over, it was great to see them competing in different conditions than ho’okipa. I have to say that i was very impressed with bernd’s riding and also morgan’s, they have a great talent and a lot of future ahead! We got some great conditions for the event and everybody inside the event was really happy so overall the event was a great success.”

Graham ezzy
“i love sailing here on omaezaki”

Bernd roediger

Bernd Roediger
“i just want to thank everyone who had a hand in making this event so great!  We scored pretty solid there in the final rounds, with overhead sets coming in non-stop, and winds pushing 40+ knots!  I was just honored to be out there competing, this wave has a legacy, much like ho’okipa.  To be a part of that history, to be a part of that epic day of windsurfing, it’s a special experience, and its what motivates me to compete and travel.  I could get a few good sessions at home, but it’s meeting new people and exploring new places that makes it an adventure! This is definitely an event i want to come back to year after year.”


And future:

Ishii hisataka,omaezaki windsurfing club director
“owc have been operating for 7 years and it is a dream come true, we meet 3 times a week with kids starting as young as 7 years old to play at the beach with whatever the conditions are offering that day, sharing and having a great time. You are all invited”



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December 12th 2013

Brawzinho Makes News on the TODAY SHOW

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September 23rd 2013
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Windsurfing and Brawzinho make the mainstream news. The TODAY SHOW in the USA covered it in a short segment… their eyes must have been buggin’ out when they saw these sick moves.

Our minds are blown with Brawzinho taking the KIA COLD HAWAII World Cup event’s top spot! Congratulations Marcilio!

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


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August 27th 2013


We could catch up with Brawzinho on his experience in Tasmania. As he is making his way back to Brazil and then to Maui he will have time to digest that amazing experience!

” It was one of the most extreme conditions i have seen. Just being on such a remote place with those conditions of wind/ waves and also really cold temperatures was intense.Sailing around back and forth was already hard work as the wind was super strong but also gusty , apart from that the current was heavy , so it took a lot of energy to keep in position . During the event i was aiming to come in on the sets and also get my jumps whenever i got a chance , by the end of it i was very beat up and tired , being inside a wetsuit for so long takes a lot of energy . I tried my best during the heats and i am happy to advance . Also was great to see such a unique place with wild nature , i really loved the landscapes over there , really green and beautiful , also some of the most friendly people i have ever meet . Really hope to make it back at some point with a bit more time to go around and really see the place  . ” Brawzinho

tasmania windsurf, red bull storm chase, Brawzinho tasmania, redbull storm chase


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August 19th 2013

We’ve been hanging on our laptops for updates from the insanity going down for the Red Bull Storm Chase Tasmania…

It promised to offer windsurfing as never seen before and the conditions, the riders and organization delivered! In winds flirting with the high 70 knts, anyone would probably be thinking how to find shelter. The roaring ocean and threatening skies were a great measure of how amazing windsurfing is and can be!

We of course are super stoked to see Brawzinho move ahead in the Storm Chasing, but we also want to congratulate all the riders that defied nature in harmonious ways, as only windsurfing can.

Push your limits to discover there is none!


Source © http://www.redbullstormchase.com/mission-2

Pics © Sebastian Marko



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August 16th 2013



marcilio brawzinho browne goya windsurfing interview


First please give us some basic info about yourself:

Name/Surname: Marcilio Browne de Oliveira Neto

Place of birth: Fortaleza, Brasil

Occupation: Windsurfer

Favourite spot: Ponta Preta

Preferred tack to sail: Starboard tack

Favourite gear type (board- single/quad/thruster/twin?): quad and 4 batten sail

Favorite Windsurf athletes: Kauli, JP , Goya

Favorite non-windsurf athletes: Kelly Slater, Travis Pastrana

Other sports/hobbies? Surfing



Sieplywa.pl: First of all congrats on going through mission one of  RBSC! Do you like conditions like these that you’ve scored there?

Marcilio Browne: It was very hard conditions and the whole set up was intense. From leaving the Marshals, arriving in Maui for a few hours , than heading straight to Ireland , sleeping for half a night than facing that storm, it was hard for sure . I am glad that I did it, it was a new experience, but if you ask me if i want those conditions everyday the answer is  NO !


Sieplywa.pl: You’ve probably heard this question a dozen times but, how did it all start for you?

Marcilio Browne: It started back in Brasil when i was 4 with my dad and uncle , they both windsurfed , also my grandmother lived right at the beach so we just sailed out from her garage . Also I lived only a few hours drive from places like Jericoacoara, Paracuru , so I had a coast full of amazing spots right there for me , I was very lucky .


Sieplywa.pl: How much time do you spend at home during the year? Or maybe you now consider Maui your home?

Marcilio Browne: I am now living in Maui, I stay here probably 4 to 5 months, the rest i am travelling . I like it here, but I still miss Brasil and I go there as much as possible, normally 1,5 month divided in a few trips .


Sieplywa.pl: Are there any spots that you would still like to visit or that you would like to visit more often?

Marcilio Browne: I would like to go to Indo, never been there and looks great, also Australia. And would be great also to have that event back in CV, I love it over there and really look forward to go back .


Sieplywa.pl: Do you prefere the competitive side of the sport or maybe the freesailing one?

Marcilio Browne: I like both, I think both are fun. Competing is great, when you have good conditions, gets you excited and really focused, I really enjoy it. Also its a way to push yourself harder than you would otherwise if just free sailing most days. But on the other hand nothing better to sail with just friends on perfect waves, no pressure, so, I can say I love both for sure.


Sieplywa.pl: Did you always want to become a professional?

Marcilio Browne: Yes, since the start that was my goal, I never wanted to have a real job, so I always did my best to be able to make windsurfing my work.


Sieplywa.pl: How do you prepare for the season? Do you go to gym also and keep the special diet and nutrition plan? Maybe you have some methods of preventing the more common injuries or core training techniques?

Marcilio Browne: I go to the gym with Scott Sanchez from MPG here in Maui, apart from that I try to eat well and stretch. But most important I think having fun is my main goal, I try to keep it always interesting and try to be as much as I can in the water, in the end of the day thats the best practice you can get by far. The gym and stretching for me I see more like just maintenance, I think just doing a little bit on weekly bases is how I feel the best, just to keep things in place and avoid injuries.


Sieplywa.pl: Lately we start to see the big names retreat a little bit from PWA, probably everyone heard of Kauli leaving Neilpryde for slightly smaller sail company Hot Sails, you also seem to back off fom some time and engage more in AWT. Do you think that it is going to start a trend between the best guys of looking for smaller tours that offer much better conditions for sailing and competing?

Marcilio Browne: I am actually still doing the PWA and thats still my main goal. This year we will have some new events, so will be fun to compete on fresh locations and do something different. I will also do some of the AWT events, probably Santa Cruz and Maui. But I am not sure if a trend is really starting, I still see most of the guys doing the PWA, and at the same time the AWT have some events with fun conditions also, but I still see the PWA as the main world tour .


Sieplywa.pl: By the way, did you ever think on competing in slalom or formula also?

Marcilio Browne: No, never !


Sieplywa.pl: Coming back to PWA, do you feel that riders have any influence on how the PWA looks like at all? Does anyone listen to riders suggestions?

Marcilio Browne: Yes, I think they do listen a bit for sure. I think slowly we are all starting to work closer together, in result we seem to move forward a bit. I just hope the tour can find some more starboard tack events so everything is a bit more even .


Sieplywa.pl: Do you think that PWA wave events should also come back to places like Great Britain which are colder but offer good conditions?

Marcilio Browne: Sure, I think we should, I have been there before, there are so many sailors and the conditions are fun !


Sieplywa.pl: What were your main reasons to leave Fanatic/NS for Goya?

Marcilio Browne: Just a lot of things together. I am very thankfull for the support NS/Fanatic gave me on the past, I had a great time with them, but it was time for me to change. I get along super well with everyone on Goya, it really made sense for me to move, also as I am living in Maui, we can be in contact pretty much everyday, work on the gear, sail together and etc. After this first year I can say I had so much fun and really look forward for the future .


Sieplywa.pl: What side of the partnership do you appreciate and respect the most if it comes to rider-sponsor relations? Is it rather the opportunity to have a big influence on product development or rather a free hand and sponsor support on representing the brand not only by competing during highest level events? I mean what kind of partnership with your sponsor is the best in your opinion?

Marcilio Browne: I just think brands should give riders the option for them to choose want they want to do (or at least give the choices ) on a way that also benefits the brands, I believe both have to be happy with each others work, and really help each other grow. So basically if the people involved get along and do what they agreed to at first its only natural that both grow. And for sure riders should work together with the brands developing gear, so they ride what they like and the brand can take advantage on their riders knowledge to improve their products.


Sieplywa.pl: Don’t you think that the idea of windsurfing as a sport for masses was lost somewhere during the process of discipline development with all the high end stuff? Maybe the race to be able to say, we offer the best out there” lead to the point where the sport is now out of reach for those who it was once affordable for? What do you think about it?

Marcilio Browne: I actually see people pushing on the gear development as something positive, it means stuff is getting better and easier to ride and I like to see people putting energy into trying to make the sport better. Yes, things are more expensive now, but they are so much better, and last for so much longer , its really about how you see it, I am trying the get the positive of it, when I look back and see what people used to ride, and how many masts they used to break, I am so happy to be where we are! I don’t know as I never worked closely on the sales side. I think there are many factors that by coming together affected the sport. I mean, its very hard to put a blame on somebody or someone specific, if it was clear we would have around found a solution. I think we still have a great sport, still have events and can still have a lot of fun . For sure the sport could be bigger, but it could also be smaller, so I think people should just enjoy it as it is, great in my opinion.


Sieplywa.pl: Do you currently work on any movie project? We all Wonder if you’re planning on making a movie together with Levi J (If yes, please give us some sneak peak on it).

Marcilio Browne: Not really any projects now. We film most days we sail, but only for small internet videos!! I will let you know when we have any other projects coming .


Sieplywa.pl: Talking on movies which are a great inspiration for many, maybe you could tellu s who is the biggest inspiration for you when you go sailing, and who do you think have influenced your style the most through past few years?

Marcilio Browne: A lot of people, for sure Naish, JP , Goya , Siver, Kauli . I watched videos from a lot of people   over and over. I would say I was most influenced by Kauli and Goya. Still some of the new guys also really inspire me, Victor Fernandez, Ricardo and Phillip Koster have inspired me a lot on the jumping side , those guys get me fired up to sail and train also on onshore, I love watching them sail and see how some times they can do so much on such hard conditions .


Sieplywa.pl: Everyone probaby asks about what you like the most about your lifestyle. What are the cons of being a pro windsurfer in your opinion?

Marcilio Browne: I would say all the travelling, dealing with airports, being away from home and family, that last one is what I feel the most.


Sieplywa.pl: Would you like to say cheers to someone?

Marcilio Browne: My family and friends !!


Sieplywa.pl: Couple of words to Polish windsurfers?

Marcilio Browne: All the best for you guys and thanks for reading this!!!


Sieplywa.pl: Thanks for the interview!


Provided by www.sieplywa.pl



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August 14th 2013

The Red Bull Storm Chase is ON! Mission 2 in Tasmania (South Australia)!

All the riders have to get there within 100 hours!

Brawzinho received the call when he was relaxing in New York City so quickly he had to book his flight, pack his stuff and get to the airport!

3,4 up to 4,5 sails, 72L and 78L boards are ready to face the storm! A thick wetsuit, hoodies, gloves and boots will be a must to face  winter in the southern hemisphere!!

Now waiting at JFK airport for his 6 hours flight to LA, and then a 15 hours to Melbourne, Braw on for a long journey…! More to come soon…

Good luck Braw!!!

Red Bull Storm Chase goya Marcilio Brawzinho Browne


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August 13th 2013


Just received our new sails! Did you know, when you buy your new Goya Sail, you will only find few ecological protections unlike other petroleum based foam. We use rice paper, recycled cardboard and natural fiber rope… the kind of material you can recycle again or won’t  hurt the environment! Every little steps to a more eco-friendly world.

goya sail ecofriendly


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August 6th 2013

PWA Tenerife

Brawzinho’s sailing was amazing, scoring the highest score of the day with  the most radical 360 of the contest against the local Adams Lewis. Unfortunately he was less in form against Alex Mussolini in quart final, and was stopped in his ascension… Single eliminations are over but we trust he can shine in the double…
Go Braw!

marcilio brawzinho browne pwa tenerife goya


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