BRAWZINHO TASMANIAWe could catch up with Brawzinho on his experience in Tasmania.
August 27th 2013


We could catch up with Brawzinho on his experience in Tasmania. As he is making his way back to Brazil and then to Maui he will have time to digest that amazing experience!

” It was one of the most extreme conditions i have seen. Just being on such a remote place with those conditions of wind/ waves and also really cold temperatures was intense.Sailing around back and forth was already hard work as the wind was super strong but also gusty , apart from that the current was heavy , so it took a lot of energy to keep in position . During the event i was aiming to come in on the sets and also get my jumps whenever i got a chance , by the end of it i was very beat up and tired , being inside a wetsuit for so long takes a lot of energy . I tried my best during the heats and i am happy to advance . Also was great to see such a unique place with wild nature , i really loved the landscapes over there , really green and beautiful , also some of the most friendly people i have ever meet . Really hope to make it back at some point with a bit more time to go around and really see the place  . ” Brawzinho

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  1. Brian W. says:

    That Red Bull contest looks like the conditions were really pegging it, burying the needle in the sick zone of crazy. Awesome air-time on the pictured launch. Congrat’s.

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