Nitro 3 Pro

Compact Thruster.

2022/23 Model


Nitro 3 Pro

Compact Thruster

A super short fun board for mushy waves. Or in other words, you will never again wait for conditions to get better.

You have seen these compact boards being tested by our team for a couple of years now, with the back strap almost off the tail and carrying Marcilio to the finals in Sylt in less than ideal conditions. Welcome to the launch of the all-new Nitro 3 Pro.

Two Years of development led to all new shapes and a
revolutionary compact design with World Cup performance.

FG: Why did you take this long to bring your On-shore/Sylt boards to the market?
MB: I didn’t want other competitors to have it, hahah (joking). No, seriously, this was a completely new thing, a complete undertaking and by far the boards that we made the most amount of prototypes over the last few years. Early on, we had boards that were very fast on the top end, but they were still hard to ride, especially on the front side, and I really wanted them to do it all, with an incredible low-end that would get me out and upwind no matter what. So once we got the first part, which was the mobility and speed, they were missing that wavy feel, so at that stage, I started taking them to Ho’okipa on the smaller days. This is what took the most time.

FG: What was your goal for this new line?
MB: I wanted something that will make terrible conditions fun to ride. A board that would maximise what I can do on a 12-minute heat with small waves and light winds. So the goal was to have a board that would not only be fast in a straight line but also be quick to get going in the middle of a beach break full of current, keep the speed while bottom turning on the less powered surf and still being able to flow and get some good turns on. And for free sailing, a board that will keep motivating me to stay out there even in less than average conditions.

FG: When did you realise that your job was done?
MB: The latest Nitros have the best low-end and top speed than any other board I have ever tried, and I loved them on the waves. Especially mid-summer on Maui, some days the conditions were just terrible. They didn’t motivate anybody to go sailing, except me, I was fully excited to go out. I stayed out for hours, barely planning on my 5.3 on below waist-high waves side-onshore having the time of my life. All those days that people were were looking into other sports, wings, foils, etc. Windsurfing was exploding for me. I just wanted to stay out longer and keep progressing.

Double inserts on the back strap eliminate strap twisting.

Comes with the same trademark Dual Density pads as the rest of the Goya Windsurfing waveboard range.

The new Goya Windsurfing boards now come packed in recycled cardboard and paper tape only. No plastic bags. Keeping your planet, our planet, one step cleaner. We figured it’s a worthy trade off, as our love for windsurfing and the planet only grows.

PWA World Tour Approved.

Pro Construction, Full Carbon & S-Glass Hull.

Available in 89, 98, 106 liters.

Comes with the latest generation MFC footstraps.

US Box 8” center, 3rd Gen. Slot Boxes 10 cm sides.

Available in Bright Red & Fluo Yellow.

High Density Full Double Sandwich.




Nitro 3 Pro.

98 liters.


Nitro 3 Pro over Custom 4 Pro and Custom 3 Pro when you want more on-shore performance on the least ideal days.

Nitro 3 Pro over One 3 Carbon when you are after a more radical ride. Shorter, Narrower, Thicker, but with a bit more rocker.


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Alex, Portugal  
Nov 06, 2022 

Hui GOYA Team,
i'm just back from a Portugal/Galicia watersports trip (yeah, also winging and SUPsurfing when windsurfing wasn't the best choice).
Just a week before the start of the trip my Nitro 106 did arrive and so i could get some really eyeopening sessions with it.
It complements an 202 C3 98 (unchanged shape for the 2022 C3 99) for my 92 kg body. Former light wind board was the 2020 One105.
After some getting used to the volume distribution, the Nitro was just amazing in smaller or less powerfull waves, almost as playfull as my C3 98 but carrying speed better through the bottom turns. Early planing was just as on the One, just not as fast. But it's a true waveboard after all.

Finally i choose the board no more regarding wind strength or sailsize, but wave power. C3 for the powerfull, clean waves, everything else with the Nitro, even in stronger wind like a Session on a powered 4.5 Banzai in Xurxo last Sunday.

It really is not a freewave but a full on waveboard on steroids. Worth the wait.


Stephen, UK  
Aug 30, 2022 

On Aug 29, 2022

I am 6ft3 and 92kg. My largest wave board is a C3 105 (2019) and is also my most used board for DTL conditions. Most of my sailing (75%) however is cross on blasting in 2/3ft waves.
With that in mind I was thinking of changing to a Cube 106 or C4 114 as my largest board. I am aware that the C4 is more 'wavey' than the Cube but was thinking maybe the C4 could be used as a twin fin on those cross on days when all I really want is speed and to plane quickly (I had a 2017 95ltr Cube that struggled to get planeing quickly which made windsurfing difficult in cross on mushy waves).
Probably a question for Tom Hartmann as I'm sure he uses the 114 and maybe has tried it as a twinser?

Kind Regards,

Hi Stephen,

Great to hear from you, and thank you for considering our gear.

The Custom4 114 is really a fun board, as it is just our favorite 84/94 scaled up but with a bit sharper rocker/rail. I usually recommend quad boards as Twins for cross/on conditions as they open up for more options, slides, etc, still with enough grip, you might just need to slide the back fins back. Side covers are provided with the accessories.

Another option that I see would be the Nitro 106. This new shape Braw loves it. He is 6’2” and 88kg.

Cube 106 I would compare it to Custom4 regarding speed, early planning, and general feel, just in the Quatro world.

Tom is usually riding one eye with the Custom4, but he also gets some customs to fill in his quiver that can better fit in that magical wave.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

All the best!


Jim, USA  
Apr 23, 2022 

I got a chance to try the 98 Nitro last week while in maui. Im a big guy aprx 220 so i need a board that planes quickly and points well . The nitro was amazing board very quick to plane and great to stay upwind. The combination of parallel rails wide tail, sub 60xm width was great combo .. Awesome board looking forward to getting one for the great lakes


Andrew, USA  
Mar 02, 2022 

Nitro 106 or ONE 105?

I’m riding the awesome Goya One 3 105 in light wind bob and ride DTL conditions. 12-20 mph using a 6.3. I (and other who sail with me) use free wave boards as we have to get upwind and plane off pumping into a wave. Full on wave boards struggle to get upwind and plane off in gusts. Can the new Nitro pull a nice carving bottom turn on a decent sized wave while still getting upwind.

Hi Andrew,

Great to hear from you.

Thank you for considering our new boards. From your question below, I understand that you have been riding for a few good years, so I believe you will be more than stoked on the new Nitro 106.

The tail is almost 3cm wider on the Nitro than last year's 105. Still, the middle is equally as narrow on the Nitro and over a cm thicker, so a bit more technical, yet, all the volume and power are there. You need to be more fine-tuned to be centered and balanced to access it. So riding frontside, you will feel on a surfboard as a narrower board can go on the rail much more quickly, and paired with a bit more rocker and stance 10cm of the tail! Get ready to be amazed and take your sailing to the next level.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, and please forward me some pics as soon as you get on it.

All the best!


Andrew, USA  
Mar 02, 2022 

I’m riding the awesome Goya One 3 105 in light wind bob and ride DTL conditions. 12-20 mph using a 6.3. I (and other who sail with me) use free wave boards as we have to get upwind and plane off pumping into a wave. Full on wave boards struggle to get upwind and plane off in gusts. Can the new Nitro pull a nice carving bottom turn on a decent sized wave while still getting upwind.

Thommy, Germany  
Feb 24, 2022 


i am a little excited about this new board.
Because, now you use slotboxes for the sidefins (why?)
And, i am not shure to choose between the 98L and 106L.

I want to use it for onshore Ligthwind Waveriding, Sails 5.3 and 6.0, for tricky conditions maybe 4,7.
Small board with 86kg is a grip86.

Which one should i choose?


Yuki, Japan  
Feb 13, 2022 


It's a board with a completely different personality. Which one to choose is very good. Which would you choose?
I'm 78 kg and the board below is a custom 3 2022 91 liter.


Francisco replies below:

Yes, the Custom 3 and Custom 4 have similar performance, the Nitro is a different style of riding.

Wider Tail
Standing back, less than 10cm of the tail

The Nitro is a really fun easy board that excels in light On-shore conditions and Braw’s favorite for that.

So, if you have the Custom 3 91 already I believe the Nitro 106 will be a great complement for when the winds are lighter and it is more on-shore.

I look forward to seeing you riding your next board.

Francisco Goya

Tomoyuki, Japan  
Feb 13, 2022 

I've been interested in the nitro106, but I've had boards with similar designs so far, but now they're gone from the lineup.
I'm worried about Cuatro's supermini, etc., and there are many times when there is no wind between the inside waves, so how is the static buoyancy compared to the 114 of the custom 4?
Also, do you get the same drive feeling as Custom 4 when you make a bottom turn?
Sorry for the long question.

Thank you.

Reply by Francisco
great question: It is true that the Super Mini as much as it was loved was removed from the Quatro line, what happened there was that the Cube got considerably shorter, therefore making it too close to the Supermini. The difference here is that the Nitro is a dedicated On-shore board made for Brawzinhio, so I don't see it disappearing from the line anytime soon as a lot of the events are run in those types of conditions.
The buoyancy of the board is mainly dictated by the volume and width also. Yes, the Custom 114 will float more than the Nitro 106, but the tail of the Nitro is a couple of cms wider at 30cm of the tail and even thicker. The 114 is wider in the middle and nose and of course 13cm longer.
So two very different boards and riding styles, as you are just 10cm of the tail on the Nitro and almost 10cm forward on the Custom4. So yes, you will be able to carry the speed longer on the Custom4 turns, and on the Nitro will be able to turn higher on those on-shore days. Two dedicated boards, with tons of fun and surprises to behave.
Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Thank you once again for your stoke on our gear!

Henrik, Denmark  
Feb 08, 2022 

I was really exiting to read about the all new nitro 3. I often sail in mellow side on shore wave conditions with not very power full saves .I am sailing custom 4 104 now and thinking about to change it into the nitro 3 106 . I am keen on the idea of having a board that more turns on a small mellow surf ! Is the nitro 3 a board for me ?

Cheers Henrik

Tomoyuki, Japan  
Feb 04, 2022 


The Nitro 106 compared to the Custom4 114 is 14cm shorter, 3.5cm Narrower in the middle, and 2.5cm wider on the tail with 1.4cm more tail rocker, still, it planes as fast as it balances out with the wider tail and thickness flow being 10cm further back.

I believe since you have all the other more classic, longer boards, this would be a fun new addition and something that will get you excited and looking forward to riding.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you once again for all of your stoked and trust in our gear.

Thank you!


I am at a loss with 114 liters of custom 4 and 106 liters of nitro. The wind is often weak on my slopes, and the wind direction is side from the beginning.
I weigh 78 kg.
Which would you recommend?

5.0 5.0 10 10 Hui GOYA Team,i'm just back from a Portugal/Galicia watersports trip (yeah, also winging and SUPsurfing when windsurfing wasn't the best choice).Just a week before the start of Nitro 3 Pro

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