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Ezzy Masts for Fringe?

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Looking at a switch
Going from ezzy taka 5 to the fringe X
How well will my ezzy mast quiver work with the fringe
Second thing I having trouble finding a 3.7 blue
I wave sail and freeride foil in northern California.
Current quiver 3.8, 4.1, 4.5, 5.0, 5.3


Aloha Jon,

Thank you for reaching over and for choosing our gear.

The Ezzy masts will work well with our sails, especially the older Ezzy masts made in the USA. The good thing about those is that you can interchange them, so you can try putting a shorter top with the longer bottom section. This will further alleviate the top of the sail, ideal for pure down-the-line wave sailing.

Still, if you have a chance, please try one of our new 80% or even 100% Goya Carbon masts. It will take your experience to the next level because of their lighter weights, reflex, and direct drive.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

All the best winds,

Francisco & Team


Could you tell me a little bit about the changes from 2018 to 2020 for Fringe?

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Question: I own a 2018 Fringe X (size 5.7) and I’m considering to get a 5,3 and 4,7 Fringe X for next year.

Could you tell me a little bit about the changes from 2018 to 2020?
Thank you!

Answer: Thanks for your mail and question…

So many nice changes…,,,, 
Fringe ’18 compared to ’20…
Keeping the same goal of an ultra light weight yet durable soft easy sail with excellent see through visibility , big maneuverability , adaptability…
Intuitive easy reactive feel…
Luff panel material changed to laminate (from Dacron), and this made the sails so so much more quick and reactive… plus the durability and ability to maintain the sail’s shape/structure integrity with scrim is light years better than dacron….
The foot batten ties almost directly in to the clew on the ’20 sails…,,, the result here is a more quiet sail in the hands through maneuvers,,, and also again so much more quickness in handling .
Full wave construction/durability,,, but still light light.
Improvements to body panel laminates production- lamination process revised for better adhesion and life. Holds shape better as well.

What’s New in the 2019 Fringe?

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What’s New in the 2019 Fringe?

Jason – hope all is well with you and that you’re enjoying life on Maui!

I’ve seen some snippets of the 2019 Fringes and so I’m super keen to know any of key differences (if you’re happy sharing; if not I’ll happily wait for official news). It looks like you’ve removed some of the head shape on trailing edge (which I always loved, but probably psychologically/aesthetically rather than any scientific reason).

Either way – really looking forward to the new gear landing! Congrats on another year of evolution 🙂

PS. I managed to win the 2017 UK wave champs (masters fleet) in the end on Goya – Pic below



Nice results, congrats!!!

’19 Fringe is so sick…

New luff panel material makes the sail so crisp, range-ey, and stable…

New foot batten position (almost direct to clew) makes the handling so very crisp and direct…

New outline is simplified and unified adding to the crisp, direct and reactive feel…

That’t what I feel anyways,,, and Levi Siver, Keith Teboul and our shop manager Pascal Bronnimann are all super stoked also…

It’s a big design step for Fringe.

I hope you love it also!! Please let me know!!!


4.7 Fringe or 5.0?

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Question: I am looking to try the fringe. I’ve been riding 5.0 banzai with the 84 pyramid in 15-20kts side off conditions, should I get 5.0 fringe? or drop to a 4.7 ?

Answer: Total power comparing same size Fringe and Banzai is similar, but the power delivery is different- Fringe is a softer lifting power, and Banzai is a lower/forward direct power. So, no, a 4.7 Fringe does’t have the power of a 5.0 Banzai…

I would say to go to the Fringe 5.0 as the most direct power/range comparison to the Banzai 5.0… The difference will be overall feel.

Please let me know how you go!!!

Keep in touch Man!




Fringe vs Taka

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Question: Do the fringes react similiar to the takas ( supposedly to totally depwer at the lip to allow u to focus on the board turning)–what similirities and differences compared to the taka.

Is there an online rigging guide i can sheck out to see how they rig?

Answer: I can’t comment directly about the Ezzy Taka. I have no experience riding that sail.

Fringe is a dedicated maneuver sail with great low end and lift while having easy de-powering characteristics.

Here is a video about the Fringe-

Here’s a Tuning Guide:


Fringe Stability and Power?

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Question: How stable is the 5.3 Fringe at the upper end (with this size being the biggest)? Also how does the power of the fringe compare with the Banzai?

Answer: Fringe power is “lighter” int he hands than Banzai. Banzai tends to pull with more torque, and Fringe has a more quiet but persuasive power due to it’s lighter hand feel.

Banzai power is better for maximum range, and to power up a heavier rider or a lower volume/slower board. Fringe power favors a floaty, faster board that get’s going easily allowing the sail to power you up then ease off in your hands.

Comparing size to size, Banzai to Fringe, I would say that a 4.7 compares to a 4.7 pretty directly, it’s just a different feel.

We have been very surprised by the overall stability of the Fringe sails. Due to the carbon fiber stretch control placement in the upper/leech area of the sail, the sail really holds it’s shape well and twists properly even when very powered.
Fringe is a softer feeling sail that feels more “active” in your hands, but that does not translate to instability.

Banzai has a more locked feel, and if your main concern is maximum range, stability and overpowered handling, then Banzai is a better choice.


With What Should I Replace my Old Quiver?

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Question: I’m a long time Goya customer and planing to replace some of my sails for the upcoming season. My sail range goes from 3.7 to 5.7-Guru (3.7-2010) Banzai (3.9/4.3/4.7/5.0/5.3/5.7) What I really like about the Banzai is the power and the light handling. I’m always looking for a sail that enables me to go for a smaller size pared with a bigger board. My sailing is mostly waves-side/sideon/side off-more riding less jumping. The boards I use are quatro 84LS, 92 Pyramid and 98Cube. My weight is 90kg@182cm. Sails I want to replace are the 3.9/4.3 (model 2012)and maybe the 4.7(model 2014)

My Question would be:

1. How’s the Power of the Fringe
2. How’s the stability
3. How’s the range of use
4. What sizes would you recommend

Can you please compare your explanation with the Banzai (1st Gen).

Answer: Very interesting you ask about Fringe compared to ’12 Banzai…

Fringe has a lot of the feeling of the ’12 Banzai…

When the Banzai changed to more low draft, low grunt, twist/control in ’13, there were a number of riders who missed the light, high draft, lifting feeling of the ’12 Banzai. I was one of them. I loved rigging the ’12 Banzai’s full on a floaty board. That set up was ground breaking for me in terms of rig weight, light hand feel. “lifting” draft and easy maneuverability. The sail flew well and it surfed like crazy.

’15 Fringe brings a lot of that feeling back, but even more so. The sails are so light- under 3kg for 4.7/5.0, and the lift is up- so they feel even lighter in the hands.

The Fringe is an active sail- with only 3 battens you tend to feel a bit more movement in the body of the sail, but it’s not a bad feeling- just different.
One of the surprises of the Fringe design for me is that I’m finding that heavier guys, if on bigger boards, are loving the power and stability of the sail. I thought a bigger guy would just overpower the sail but the feedback from our big riders and customers is that the sail really gets them going and handles well powered up.

I dont think Fringe is the right sail for you for strong wind (your current quiver looks great)- I think you need a little more stability and locked draft for those windy days- either with the soft/flexible/forgiving feeling Guru, or with the new Banzai, which has a more comfortable/flexible feeling compared to ’13 and ’14.

Only sticking point I see is the 5.7…
Fringe currently runs up to 5.3 (on 400 mast). 5.5/5.7 are under development and I expect them to be ready for ’16 production.
’15 Banzai 5.5 or 5.7 are super nice sails though…


What’s the Fringe’s Power Like? Good for Freestyle?

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Question: How is the Fringe’s power? Does it have powerful characteristics in the low end? How does it work in overpowered condition? Is it suitable for freestyle?

Answer: Fringe is a new design and it’s capabilities are still being realized.

Fringe is best used on a higher volume board, tending towards a smaller size sail- rigged full.

Fringe has a very “lifting” power delivery that matches well with a floaty board that really gets going quickly.

I do not recommend trying to power up a small/slow board with a larger Fringe sail. The high lifting power delivery of the Fringe can become hard to manage if the board is slow to get going.

If you have a small slow board, better to power it up with a more fixed draft sail like Banzai/Eclipse/Guru.

Regarding a direct power comparison of same size, different model sails-
Fringe delivers more power per square than the other models, but it’s a different type of power. It’s a high lifting power best maximized when the sail is paired with a floaty/fast board, especially if the rider is quick and interactive (efficient) with his rig.

Banzai for example delivers a more grunting full torque power that better suits riders who tend to just stand there and wait for it.

Power is only as good as the control that comes with it. Fringe offers a very exciting pop and quickness in the low end, along with amazing maneuverability through the whole power band. The Fringe loves to maneuver.


Banzai vs Fringe in Side-On Conditions?

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Question: Out of curiosity, how do u compare the Fringe to the Banzai in side on to side shore wave conditions like we get on the central California coast conditions?

Answer: Banzai – low, locked, “torquey” power delivery, stable, big range… Max range and stability.
Fringe- Lifting, soft, interactive, light weight maneuver sail favoring smaller size on higher volume board… Super light weight and maneuverability.


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