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Is it best to sail the Mark2 with a flatter profile?

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Question: Also, when outhauling, If I go to “spec” on my Duotone boom there seems to be a big pocket at the cams…. Is it best to sail these sails with a flatter profile?

I hope I am explaining myself well enough.

Thanks for any input.
Answer: There is always some “range” in the outhaul,,, different masts can affect the dimension by 1-2cm…,,, different booms can interpret the actual dimension differently…

The point here is not be too tied to the “number”. Better to tune the sail to the desired feel and look, number be what it may.
So, with your downhaul set- and it sounds like you have the downhaul set correctly- you should add about 4cm of positive outhaul to the sail from the neutral position. This is a good starting point. You can reduce or increase the outhaul to add or take away draft(power) from the sail body.
For sure the Mark 2 requires a fair bit of outhaul tension- this will help the cams rotate easily, and make the sail handle more easily overall.

When I downhaul to spec the leach is loose almost to the clew and the wrinkles just about reach the “dot”. Is this correct?

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Question: I recently purchased Mark2 pro 6.6m and 5.8m sails. I rig them on Ezzy RDM masts. When I downhaul to spec the leach is loose almost to the clew and the wrinkles just about reach the “dot”. Is this correct?


Answer: Ezzy RDM mast is going to be perfectly OK with the Mark 2 6.6. Yes, there should be looseness all the way down to the clew. 

This lower leech twist gives a very clean and low drag release to the air off the trailing edge of the sail. The result is a very easy handling characteristic from the sail in a huge wind range.

SDM or RDM on Mark2?

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QUESTION I’m thinking of buying a new Mark 2 Pro sail (6.2 or 6.6).

The main question is which mast will be better for this sail. First of all SDM or RDM for this sizes?

I’m sure the Hundred Pro SDM (or maybe 99% RDM), but it’s also the most expensive!

So I’m looking at alternatives:
The cheapest ones Seventy? again, RDM or SDM???

Wy not Eightyfive Pro or Ninety Pro? (only RDM)

Regarding the size 6.2 or 6.6, if I choose 6.2 it will be my only sail for my freerace board: Naish GP 95 litter. I think that size is ideal for that board. But I already have a Mark 5.8 2017, then buying a 6.6 would be greatly expanding the range, with two rigs.

I tried the Naish GP 95 with a 7.0 sail and I thought it was too big for that board and its 32 fin.
I’m not thinking of buying another fin.

So many doubts… 😀
Can you help me decide?

ANSWER 70%, or 85% RDM 430 would be a less expensive but still really good option for Mark 2, 6.2/6.6.

70%/85% RDM is tougher than 99%.,,, and they are also pretty light- lighter than the 90% mega wave mast- which would also work fine, because all the RDM masts across a size have the same bend/stiffness.

99% is super nice, for sure, it’s just so light and it makes the rig a really nice to pump.

SDM can be nice also for a stiffer, quieter rig feel, maybe a bit better for heavier rider or using always super powered up.

6.6 on 95l/32cm would be a deadly weapon for lighter air.
I (170 pounds) ride Goya Proton proto 95 liters and 6.6/32fin and light wind and it is awesome…

Hope this info helps!


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