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Nexus B vs Nexus

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Question: What’s the difference between Nexus B & Nexus?

Im lookingat getting nexxus b 7.4 to go with my
new quiver of 202 bonzai 6.4 , 55 4.7
What is the difference in feel nexxus b vs normal nexxus.
I have a naish rdm would that work or should i get new mast . Im 220 lbs
and prefer rdm but if sdm is better then i could get


Answer: Both sails are virtually the same, weight wise, and also regarding performance and feel. Nexus B, the augmented Bi-Ply version, is more visual and colorful, as well as durable, due to its increased Bi-Ply UV resistance and longevity. Nexus, the regular Monofilm version, comes as the “less is more” option, visually, while its film should be handled with a touch more attention and care, especially over time. 

I can’t speak to the Naish mast, I haven’t verified the mast myself which would mean measuring the bend curve at least.

I will say that at 460, the required mast for Nexus models 7.4 most masts on the market are on the “constant curve” side of the bend range, and compatibility between brands (sails/masts) is mostly ok.

Not so much on the shorter masts- I design to a more flex top curve in those sizes. On the market generally there is more division on concept there.

Of course I would recommend a Goya mast, but particularly in this season- I have spent the last several years overhauling the range and this year we have introduced such a nice collection of products, they are working really well in the sails, I am stoked.
RDM 460 for Nexus models 7.4 is an excellent choice.
SDM is also a good choice, it has a bit more of a direct feel, and that tends to favor bigger riders who like to “lock and load, point and shoot”.
For you at 220 pounds, it’s up to you- some bigger riders like the more flex, active feeling rig because it supports a more active, maneuver oriented style of riding.
In the Goya mast range, there is a range of choices- generally the higher the carbon content, the lighter the mast, then it’s a matter of choosing the durability level that is right for you. All the models have the same bend curve and IMCS specs so they all fit and support the sail correctly.
Hope this info helps Jim.
Let me know how these new sails are working for you!
Jason Diffin
sail design

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