Carrera Carbon

Freecarve Single.

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Carrera Carbon

Freecarve Single

The lightest Freecarve board. Freeride on jet-fuel. The Carrera Carbon line is uncompromisingly built for Freecarve riders.

The Carrera Carbon sailing experience is focused on agility, packing torque and the board’s supreme build.

The new shapes are shorter with a wider tail, yet narrower than the Volar Carbon, giving the new Carrera Carbon a wonderful touch of newschool single fin feel. The perfect board to fit beween the One 3 Carbon and the Volar Carbon. Very fast to plane yet easier to gybe than the latter.

Our Freecarve boards are slightly narrower than our Freeride boards, designed for the most advanced Freeriders looking for a livelier board that is easier to trim on the tail, rail and carve.

There used to be a time when only Race boards were built like the Carrera Carbon. And there is no other Freecarve board built like it even today. We set out to create a Freecarve board with only the very best composites applied, racing composites with a full carbon deck construction bringing the ultimate speed and lightness sensation to a broader audience. A sensation that up until now only racers could experience.

You can also alter the character of these boards by simply adjusting the straps to inboard or outboard. There is a single back strap option and two options for a double back strap.

The Carrera Carbon offers high-end performance whenever and wherever you want it. Matching best with the Nexus Freeride sail, Mark or Mark X, it covers all bases from rough seas to lighter winds to calmer lake conditions where it is just as fun to carve as it is jaw-drop-ping fast.

These new shapes increase the overall wind-range and responsiveness. Inspired by the success of the Proton Pro we were able to accomplish our goals by moving the volume flow further back, reducing overall length, keeping the rails more parallel further back, and most importantly, modifying the rocker and flat spot to adjust the initial entry and overall control of the board.

The boards take off in the light of breezes and fly through the lulls. The whole bottom sits just on top of the water, and from the footstraps you can maintain total control and perfect trim. Entry into jibes and exit speed out has also improved significantly, making these boards an absolute joy to ride or race with your friends.

Refinements to find the magical combination of these changes resulted in a line the whole team is stoked on.

The new Goya Windsurfing boards now come packed in recycled cardboard and paper tape only. No plastic bags. Keeping your planet, our planet, one step cleaner. We figured it’s a worthy trade off, as our love for windsurfing and the planet only grows.

Carbon Construction, Full Carbon Deck.

Available in 108, 118, 128 liters.

Comes with the latest generation MFC footstraps.

In-board and out-board footstrap options.

Available in Bright Blue & Pastel Red.

High Density Full Double Sandwich.

La plus légère des planches Freecarve. Carburez en Freeride . La gamme Carrera Carbone est conçue sans compromis pour les riders Freecarve. L’expérience de navigation Carrera Carbone est axée sur l’agilité et la construction suprême de la planche. Les nouveaux shapes sont plus courts avec un tail plus large, mais plus étroits que la Volar Carbone, donnant à la nouvelle Carrera Carbone une merveilleuse touche de sensation new school single fin. C’est la planche parfaite qui se place entre la One 3 Carbone et la Volar Carbone. Un départ au planning très rapide et un jibe plus facile qu’avec la précédente.

Nos planches Freecarve sont légèrement plus étroites que nos planches Freeride, conçues pour les Freeriders plus avancés qui recherchent une planche avec du punch et avec une prise de carre facile dans les courbes.

Il fut un temps ou seules les planches de race étaient construites comme la Carrera Carbone. Il n’y a aucune autres planche Freecarve construite comme celle-ci, même aujourd’hui. Nous avons décidé de créer une planche Freecarve uniquement avec les meilleurs produits composites, des composites de compétition avec une construction de pont entièrement en carbone, ce qui apporte une sensation ultime de vitesse et de légèreté pour un plus grand public. Une sensation que, jusqu’a présent, seuls les racers pouvaient ressentir.

Vous pouvez également modifier le caractère de ces planches en ajustant tout simplement les straps à l’intérieur ou à l’extérieur. Il existe une option de strap arrière simple et deux options de straps arrières double.

La Carrera Carbone offre des performances haut de gamme n’importe où et quand vous le souhaitez. S’accordant le mieux avec une voile Nexus Freeride, Mark ou Mark X, elle s’adapte à tous les plans d’eau, d’une mer agitée aux vents plus légers, en passant par des conditions de lac plus calmes, où il est tout aussi amusant de carver grâce à sa rapidité.

Les nouveaux shapes augmentent la plage d’utilisation et la réactivité de ces planches. Inspirées par le succès qu’ont eu les Proton Pro, nous avons pu atteindre nos objectifs en répartissant le volume plus sur l’arrière, en réduisant la longueur totale, en gardant les rails plus parallèles, plus reculés et surtout, en modifiant le rocker et la zone de plat pour ajuster le départ au planning et le contrôle global de la planche.

Les planches décollent à la moindre petite rafale et traversent les molles de vent à pleine vitesse. Toute la carène se cale juste à la surface de l’eau, et à partir des footstraps vous pouvez garder un contrôle total et un équilibre longitudinal parfait. La vitesse d’entrée et de sortie dans le jibe se sont également considérablement améliorées, procurant beaucoup de plaisir en ridant ces planches ou en faisant la course avec vos amis.

Des ajustements ont été faits pour trouver la combinaison magique de ces changements et cela a abouti à une gamme de planche dont toute l’équipe est très fière.

Construction Carbone, Pont Full Carbone.

Bio Résine.

Disponible en 108, 118, 128 litres.

Options de straps intérieur ou extérieur.

Disponible en Bleu Vif & Rouge Pastel.

Full Double Sandwich Haute Densité.




Carrera Carbon.

118 liters.


Carrera Carbon over One 3 Carbon when you are looking for more Freeride, flatwater performance, longer runs, and a combination of freeride/freerace sail.

Carrera Carbon over Volar Carbon / Volar when your level is more advanced, and a narrower board will bring you the benefits in your jibes and comfort on the longer crossings.

Carrera Carbon over Bolt Pro when you are looking for a more all-around comfortable ride and back strap center option.


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Nebil, France  
Nov 08, 2023 

Aloha Francisco,
What’s more beautiful than a Carrera ? Two Carreras (photo)!! I got my 108 and convinced a friend of mine to get a 118. The 108 got out on the water twice already first with 6m2 then with 5.2m2 the next day. Magic board with great speed and good control even in nasty chop and waves.
Tomorrow hopefully with 7.2 on flat water to complete the very positive initial impressions.
Thanks again for your advice,
All the best,

JF, Canada  
Oct 16, 2023 

I just bought the latest version of the Carrera 118, looks awesome; I can't wait to try it, although we were not fortunate here in Quebec this fall, no wind; I just want to know if I'm to use it with a 7.0m in flatish conditions, what is the best mast base position? Regards.


Hi JF,

It's great to hear from you, and thank you for your stoked on our Carrera.

The best position is always as far back as possible. The mast foot position will also require adjusting depending on the sail size, your rigging, your size, and your style of riding, so always use the mast foot as your last leveling instrument.

If the nose is sinking or touching too much, engaging the front rail and forcing you into longer jibes and turns, it may be too far forward. If the board feels like it is plowing water and not releasing quickly into a plane, the mast foot might be too far back.

Please feel free to share some images of your riding and rigging. I will happily follow up with you to find the best setup.

All the best,


John, USA  
Sep 02, 2023 

Last update .. the 116 is absolutely Brilliant and does everything I need and more the 130 carrera carries the 8.8 and the 9.3 perfectly so I am very pleased . Keep making great boards...

John S., USA  
Jul 03, 2023 

I can with confidence tell you that the Goya carrera 116 with a 7metre or a 7.3 .that I have used it in,in about a F6 ..was absolutely Brilliant really loose very quick downwind very comfortable over unsettled sea state so 10/ out of ten for that one it not only replaced the x cite ride122 Ltd but is a far better board .

The 130 carrera still to decide on this one but will definitely keep you in the loop with progress

Andy, UK  
May 31, 2023 

My gorgeous looking Carrera 116 need some touching up after the mast hit the nose. Where can I find the sd code?

The boards serial number is


Kind regards



Thank you for reaching over and for your trust and stoked on our gear.

Please visit our website to view the Pantone codes for all of our boards.

Or if the board is from a previous year

Please let me know if you have any other questions or if there is anything that we can help you.

All the best winds,


PS: Here, I CC my colleague in the UK, Andy Chambers.

Jonathan, USA  
Jan 02, 2023 

We have been enjoying riding the new gear this year. We took a trip to Bonaire for the 1st time, and rented gear from the Dunkerbeck center specifically to try the Goya stuff. First, that is a magical place for flat-water cruising! We had good wind the week there and got to sail everything from 5.3-7.4. I was duly impressed with the gear, and have to say one of the most memorable & surprising sessions was on the last day when the wind had dropped off. I decided to rig big and take a last sail before leaving the next day on a Carrera 130 & Nexus 7.4. I hadn't sailed gear that big in a long time, but had an absolute blast. I believe the larger 5 battened recreational sails to be one of the most challenging to design and build well given its natural constraints. Hats off to Jason & the team though, as that was a very impressive sail. I tried a couple of the other brands side by side against it just to see if all sails had become that good, but it really stood out with its balance, power, and stability. It was good coming home knowing we were getting into some great sails.

I ended up going all in with sails from 3.7-6.6, masts, and four boards. I figure no time like the present, right. Boards like the Quad 89 I assumed would just rip, which it does, & the Volar 110 virtually jibes itself, but the big stand-out is the One3 105. Hands down, one of the most fun boards I have ever sailed! I had tried one of the older versions in Bonaire, and honestly was not super impressed. It was decent, but felt very traditional in terms of planing up and quickness. The new version feels very updated & does everything amazingly well. I've sailed it lit 4.7 up to 5.9, and can't wipe the smile off after sailing it!

Here's a pic from our last sail of the year Dec 12th - water temp was in the 40's, air temp in the 30's, occasionally snowing, but blowing 20-30. I probably would not have gone, but my son was home from school & really wanted to get a session. Man, I am glad we went - super fun session with him & a friend on the water!

I hope you are well, and enjoying the holidays. I just wanted to say hello, and let you know all the hard work you & the Goya team have put in on the '22/'23 gear is appreciated.

Warm regards,

Kou, Japan  
Nov 07, 2022 

After waiting for four month, finally I got my Carrera 108.
First of all, the graphic is awesome. I really like it and that was one of the reason I chose Carrera.
On the water I was surprised how stable it was with just 66cm width. I used a 7.2 sail and it didn't wobble at all.
Unfortunately the wind was gusty and not very strong (maybe 12-15 knots) on the day but I could get planing with both feet in the footstraps.
For me the board is earlier and easier to get planing than my 115L Bolt 2018.
I love the board and just want to say thank you for developing it.

(The only sad thing is there is no promotion video for the current Carrera now (Nov, 2022), though there is a very good one for the previous model. I am looking forward to it.)

Al, Germany  
May 29, 2022 

Hi Al,

My pleasure. I feel very lucky to be able to be in touch directly with the people interested in our gear.

Let me reply to your questions below:

Hi Francisco,
Thank you for the timely response. Everything I have read on your 120L Volar Pro is positive and I want to purchase a Goya.
Are your Volar 120L and below boards more lively/responsive than the 130L and above boards? If not, please clarify.
Yes, you will always find a smaller board to be more responsive and agile. Less wetted surface area, easier to set on the rail, etc.
Will your Volar 120L keep pace with similar-sized freeride/freerace boards? If not, which of your Goya boards does?
The Carrera will be our fast freeride, still the same racing rocker but with a narrower outline.

How does your Volar 120L point upwind in the freeride/freerace category?

The Bolt would be our Freerace board, this is also narrower than our Volar, with more Racing attributes* without yet being the Proton, our full-on Racing board.

*Racing attributes:
Tuttle Box
A thicker, Wider tail, with more Outboard straps position
Tail Cutouts
Recessed deck around the mast area

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you once again for reaching out.

Wishing you a great rest of your day,


Jose Delgado, Uruguay  
Feb 07, 2020 

Cambié la Carrera 130 lts del modelo anterior por este modelo. Me sorprendió el peso de al tabla, es muy liviana, pero lo que más sorprendió es que si bien parecen muy parecidas a la vista, está tiene una navegación mucho más suave. es como si absorbiera el chop del mar y queda extremadamente estable

Jose Delgado, Uruguay  
Feb 07, 2020 

Cambié la Carrera 130 lts del modelo anterior por este modelo. Me sorprendió el peso de al tabla, es muy liviana, pero lo que más sorprendió es que si bien parecen muy parecidas a la vista, está tiene una navegación mucho más suave. es como si absorbiera el chop del mar y queda extremadamente estable

Francisco de la Fuente, Chile  
Mar 11, 2018 

La tabla es increíblemente liviana! Flota muy bien y reacciona muy rápido!
La quilla 42 es muy pequeña para Velas 8.0 o 9.0, pero con una 48 anda muy bien!

Guillermo Bianchi, Argentina  
Feb 21, 2017 

My Carrera 130 just arrived, from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Francisco Rey, Spain  
Aug 27, 2016 

Took my CARRERA 116 for a spin at Alarcón, close to Madrid. 20 to 22 knots I used my 6.4 Nexus. Magic combination. High speed with absolute control. Loved every minute of it.

Zane Serling, Pacifica CA, USA  
Jul 06, 2016 

Great! 130 fast and so light! Rides like a much smaller board. My only concern is durability. All the new boards are feather weights and this is no different. Hope it lasts!

Bill H., San Francisco, USA  
May 03, 2016 

Took my new 130 out; 12-25 mph wind, flooding. Stock 44cm fin, Sailworks Retro 6.5 and Sailworks SDM 460-75. Doesn't look like 130lts, doesn't ride like 130 either. Light, thin and wide. Simple pin tail design. Surprising amount of nose scoop that inspires confidence in heavy SFbay chop. Board hauls ass; on all points of sail. Other riders vanishing in a hurry. The carbon construction is stiff and responsive. Acceleration is immediate and it pulls with every gust. For a huge board the ride is lively, comfortable and responsive to foot steering. Jibing with a big 460 and 6.5 of course takes commitment. All or nothing with this beast. Not enough rail pressure and it wants to straighten out so pick a gust to initiate. Not a beginner board. Just the right mix of uncompromising speed and handling. Haven't found the top end yet. Love everything about this board.

Luis, España - Spain  
Apr 05, 2016 

He probado la 130 con 6,7 y 15-18 nudos y me ha encantado... planeo rápido y fácil en las maniobras... perfecta para freeride con poco viento

I've been testing the 130 with a 6,7 free ride sail in 15-18 knots and I loved it!!! Fast planning, easy in the jibes... perfect for light wind free ride

Fran Conway, U S A Merritt Island Fl.  
Mar 29, 2016 

WOW! My 116 Carrera arrived on Good Friday an was able to sail it on Easter .It blows away my 120 liter board.SO Smooth in the chop an jibes like a much smaller board.Thanks to Eddy Petroclli info that I bought this board.I cant say enough good things about the Carrera.

Tom, Canada  
Jan 03, 2016 

Boy that new Carrera 116 has me dancing all over the waves. What a joy!

Niklas, Germany  
Oct 08, 2015 

Wow, I love my Carrera 116. It is absolutely easy and neutral to ride, smooth jibes, jump & bump - everything is possible.

It is amazing how fast it runs on the lake - maximum speed with Banzai 5.7: 28,87kn (33mph, 53kmh). - left behind a lot of racing pilots with their slalom stuff.

Paco, Spain  
Sep 30, 2015 

Hola Francisco y Lalo,

Ayer día de mi cumpleaños recibí la Carrera 116 que mi familia me ha regalado.

Os escribo solo para deciros que la tabla es preciosa, me encanta lo ligera que es, unas formas preciosas, y unos colores muy bonitos. ¡Me muero de ganas de que haya un poco de viento por aquí en Madrid!

Esperando que todo os vaya bien, os envío un abrazo,


Eddy @ Big Winds, Oregon, USA  
Sep 24, 2015 

You make products that are easy to sell!

All the best,


Tom, Canada  
Aug 28, 2015 

Sailed our new ( used demo ) from Big Winds yesterday. Was very impressed on my 7.0 Sailworks Retro. Handled beautifully - quick and easy. Didn't feel like a big board - rails softer than my Roberts and faster than my iSonic!! A real keeper! Impressed with the carbon construction.
Well done! Can't wait to get it on our lake back home. Thanks to Eddie Petrocelli from Big Winds - board is everything he said it was! Cheers Tom - Okotoks, Alberta

May 14, 2015 

loving my new board!!! it felt like i have been on it for years. magic board!!!

Tez, UK  
Feb 19, 2015 

Goya Nexus 5.9m and Carrera 130L review

Posted on February 18, 2015 by Tez Plavenieks
During a recent trip to Lanazarote I got the opportunity to check out some top drawer Goya freeride windsurfing kit. As the NEly Trade Wind began to fill in a window of opportunity was gifted to me for trying out Goya’s 5.9m Nexus and Carrera 130L combo – here’s how they stacked up.

On the beach
Goya windsurf sails have a very distinct look and the Nexus is no different. With its high aspect cut and six batten configuration the 5.9mn looked ready for action and raring to go. Its perfect partner (for this particular session) a 2015 Goya Carrera 130L freeride sled was also itching to get wet and you could feel the need for speed crackling like electricity in the air.

Both sail and board are well built and super light offering the best balance of performance and robust versatility. Although on the day in question there was minimal (infamous) Costa Teguise shorebreak, we’re no doubt both bits of kit will stand up to a fair bit of abuse – although care should still be taken.

Rigging and tuning the Nexus 5.9m is a doddle and we found the sail set with middle of the road downhaul and outhaul. The Carrera 130L offered a variety of footstrap options meaning everyone from casual blasters to hungry speed demons will be satisfied.

On the water
Costa Teguise’s predominant wind direction is slightly side offshore and therefore very gusty in the bay. Add to the mix an annoyingly placed hotel complexand a couple of breakwaters, further faffing up the breeze, and a bit of extra float is always going to be welcome.

Getting out to the upwind reef, and main Costa Teguise sailing spot, was super easy with the Carrera 130L’s flat deck providing a stable and composed platform that progressing intermediates will find most welcome. The Nexus 5.9m’s reaction to buffeting gusts was also easy going and in the ‘on/off’ bay wind it remained stable in the hands without reacting unexpectedly.

Once at the wind line the true nature of this setup emerged. As soon as clean air filled the sail the acceleration of the Nexus 5.9m was instantaneous. Driving power down in to the 42cm fin and propelling the Carrera 130L up onto the plane in a flash I was off and redlining quick smart.Tez Plavenieks Goy Windsurfing kit testing Costa Teguise

At full chat it’s easy to locate outboard footstraps and in the blink of an eye the rider is skimming along at a fair rate of knots. Although the breeze was still filling in the Goya setup slid through lulls efficiently and accelerated as a new puff of wind hit.

The water state across the reef is quite choppy with Atlantic rolling swell pulsing along the fringes of the island. Potentially confused water states need composed windsurfing kit to make the rider comfortable and the Nexus 5.9m and Carrera 130L stayed flat and locked in at all times. Hurtling over chop and waves board and sail sailed straight and true, never once tail walking or feeling skittish.

As the first corner approached I was apprehensive about the wide (70.2”) Carrera and how it would cope with such a choppy sea – especially on the outside. I needn’t have feared though as once a rail is engaged the Goya cuts through the flotsam like a knife through butter. All the time the Nexus 5.9m drives the nose of the board flat and pushes it round the bend.

To replicate a more intermediate gybe I backed off the throttle a few times but the Goya’s sail and board combo still had me railing round the corner with ease.

Flying back towards shore in Costa Teguise delivers the opportunity of heading down slopey swells – thereby increasing your speed further. Although this set up isn’t full on slalom kit it still keeps on accelerating and experienced sailors will enjoy testing where the boundaries are.

Locking down the Nexus and Carrera is really achievable for most levels of rider, even when smashing through chop – before you know it you’ll be preparing for your next turn.

The Goya Nexus 5.9m and Carrera 130L is an extremely efficient freeride combo that delivers an exciting experience for a whole host of rider skill levels. Mid-intermediates will find it a great tutor for consolidating footsrap technique while advanced windsurfers will love unlocking the kit’s freerace potential. The only slight niggle was the high aspect nature of the Nexus sail which made it feel a tad bigger than 5.9m. That said it really is only a minor point and the pure joy of riding this gear far out ways anything else.

Janis, USA  
Jun 25, 2014 

> Pascal: The board got here today (Monday)! That was FAST! I have to say,
> it's GORGEOUS. Probably Goya's prettiest board ever. Rich (my husband) put
> it together this afternoon - footstraps and fins - so it's ready to go when
> the wind cooperates. The next few days don't look that promising, but I'll
> send a board update as soon as I get to try it. I can't wait. Thank you for
> all your help. Janis

Arnaud, France  
Apr 25, 2014 

About the Carrera, it's super good planing, super stable on water to go straight...on of big advantage is jibe, curve stability and keep speed...we don't have the performances of Freerace board, it stay a Freeride board, with accessibility, confort and easy to ride...I just test 130 model, I have to put mast foot on back and/or boom higher to lift the board and have more lively, free feeling, more sportive. It was sticking more on water (easier for average people) with mast foot on middle/front and boom low...Super construction/price compare to concurrent models.

Ryan, USA  
Feb 12, 2014 

Thank you for the lightest fastest Freeride board I have ever rode on, not only I could carry my board around effortless I haven't yet found the top end of it! Keep on making the best gear, Randy.

John, USA  
Oct 04, 2013 

Got the board this afternoon and sailed it too. Worked great! Thanks to you, Nick and the rest of your team for getting this to me.

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