Nexus B

Freeride 5 Batten.

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Nexus B

Freeride 5 Batten

The Nexus B is our new flagship Freeride sail, and it is with pride that we say this brilliant all-around model now offers you a lot less than before – weight that is.

The Nexus B underwent a strict diet, turning an already excellent light wind Freeride sail into a tool for making the most out of any available condition, low wind or high wind.

An all-around masterpiece, the Nexus B puts its number one priority on pure and simple fun.

It is the best sail choice for power, speed and maneuvers in conditions ranging from flat water to bump and jump, and a touch of surf.

The heart and soul of freeride windsurfing is realized in the Nexus B. Excellent low-end power, stability and easy control, blazing speed, big jumps and hard carving maneuvers, the Nexus B will deliver beautifully on all of the above. The light, easy handling of the Nexus B makes light wind sailing more fun and also makes powered up sailing more comfortable. Smaller sizes of the Nexus B are now cut with higher foots for tight maneuvering, and larger sizes are cut more for low-end power and speed. Built to last, it features our all of our finest construction details for a long life in real world conditions.

The Nexus B continues to be a tester and customer favorite year in and year out, and the 2022/23 design continues to push the core concept of pure fun, performance and quality in a fun, freeride design.

RDM or SDM compatible on all sizes, except 4.9

The new Goya Windsurfing sails now come packed in recycled cardboard and paper tape only. No redundant plastic bags. Your sail bag is that protective bag, keeping your planet, our planet, one step cleaner. We figured it’s a worthy trade off, as our love for windsurfing and the planet only grows.

Monofilm window, Bi-Ply and Scrim panels.

Available in 4,9, 5,4, 5,9, 6,4, 6,9, 7,4 square meters.

Available in Fluo Yellow & Pink.

La Nexus B est notre nouveau produit phare dans la gamme de voiles Freeride. Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer que ce modèle polyvalent est maintenant beaucoup plus léger qu’avant.

La Nexus B a subi un régime strict qui l’a transformé en un outil qui vous servira à tirer un maximum de quelconques condition, par vent léger ou vent fort.

Étant un chef-d’œuvre très complet, la priorité de la Nexus B demeure le plaisir pur et simple.

C’est la meilleure option de voile pour la puissance, la vitesse et les manœuvres, autant sur un plan d’eau plat que pour du bump and jump, ou même un peu de surf.

Le cœur et l’âme de la planche à voile se réalisent dans la Nexus B. En effet, la voile délivre une excellente puissance à bas régime, de la stabilité et un contrôle facile, une vitesse fulgurante, permettant d’envoyer des sauts, du carving et de solides manœuvres. La maniement léger et facile de la Nexus Pro rend la navigation plus amusante par vent faible et plus confortable par vent fort. Les petites tailles sont maintenant coupées avec moins de surface sous le wish, pour des manœuvres plus serrées, alors que les grandes voiles ont plus de surface sous le wish pour plus de vitesse et de la puissance à bas régime. Construite pour durer, elle présente les meilleurs détails de construction pour plus de durabilité.

La Nexus B est la voile préférée de nos clients et continue d’évoluer, le design 2022/23 reste toujours dans l’esprit d’un concept de qualité qui est performant tout en restant fun pour du pur plaisir en Freeride.

RDM / SDM compatible sur toutes les tailles, sauf pour la 4,9.

Fenêtre Monofilm, Panneaux Bi-Ply & Scrim.

Disponible en 4,9, 5,4, 5,9, 6,4, 6,9, 7,4 mètres carrés.

Disponible en Jaune Fluo & Rose.




Nexus B.

5.9 Squaremeters.


Nexus B vs. Nexus

Both sails are virtually the same, weight wise, and also regarding performance and feel. Nexus B, the augmented Bi-Ply version, is more visual and colorful, as well as durable, due to its increased Bi-Ply UV resistance and longevity. Nexus, the regular Monofilm version, comes as the “less is more” option, visually, while its film should be handled with a touch more attention and care, especially over time.


How to get it right every time.

Rope alignment guide for Goya sails paired with Goya extensions.


What the magazines say

Unbiased praise and criticism straight from the press.

  • Planchemag, France, 2023: Programmer pour des long bords avec des jumps et des jibes.
  • Wind Magazine, France, 2023: La Nexus penche clairement du côté Bump & Jump /Freeride pour son cote stable, sa motricité et le confort offert quand ça tabasse.


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Jonathan, USA  
Jan 02, 2023 

We have been enjoying riding the new gear this year. We took a trip to Bonaire for the 1st time, and rented gear from the Dunkerbeck center specifically to try the Goya stuff. First, that is a magical place for flat-water cruising! We had good wind the week there and got to sail everything from 5.3-7.4. I was duly impressed with the gear, and have to say one of the most memorable & surprising sessions was on the last day when the wind had dropped off. I decided to rig big and take a last sail before leaving the next day on a Carrera 130 & Nexus 7.4. I hadn\'t sailed gear that big in a long time, but had an absolute blast. I believe the larger 5 battened recreational sails to be one of the most challenging to design and build well given its natural constraints. Hats off to Jason & the team though, as that was a very impressive sail. I tried a couple of the other brands side by side against it just to see if all sails had become that good, but it really stood out with its balance, power, and stability. It was good coming home knowing we were getting into some great sails.

I ended up going all in with sails from 3.7-6.6, masts, and four boards. I figure no time like the present, right. Boards like the Quad 89 I assumed would just rip, which it does, & the Volar 110 virtually jibes itself, but the big stand-out is the One3 105. Hands down, one of the most fun boards I have ever sailed! I had tried one of the older versions in Bonaire, and honestly was not super impressed. It was decent, but felt very traditional in terms of planing up and quickness. The new version feels very updated & does everything amazingly well. I\'ve sailed it lit 4.7 up to 5.9, and can\'t wipe the smile off after sailing it!

Here\'s a pic from our last sail of the year Dec 12th - water temp was in the 40\'s, air temp in the 30\'s, occasionally snowing, but blowing 20-30. I probably would not have gone, but my son was home from school & really wanted to get a session. Man, I am glad we went - super fun session with him & a friend on the water!

I hope you are well, and enjoying the holidays. I just wanted to say hello, and let you know all the hard work you & the Goya team have put in on the \'22/\'23 gear is appreciated.

Warm regards,

Matias, Argentina  
May 12, 2022 

I have this Nexus 5.9, year 2019 and now the new 2022. As every year, this sail is perfect for freeriding (for instance with the Bolt 117 or the One 95) and also for free race (with the Bolt 117, Mark is faster, that is obvious) and always is my first choise on almost every wind condition and spot (including small wave riding when sailing in the sea and the wind is no strong enough for the Banzai 4.7.).

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