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Mix & Match Mast Top & Bottom for Banzai?

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Hi Jason… just got my mini quiver of Banzais. They are beauties. I got 4.7. 4.2 and 3.7 and 370 & 400 80’s. Clearly I didn’t look hard enough at the specs cuz seems like I could have just got a couple 370’s. Anyway, with the 4.7, do you have any concerns about using 370 top with 400 bottom? The 400 doesn’t fit.. as you know. The 370 top is a very wee bit loose in the 400 bottom. Am I better off just using the 370 with a long extension?


Hi MIke!

Good to hear from you Man!

400 will work on 4.7- thing is you need a base that goes to zero extension.
What base are you using?
If it’s Chinook, then your minimum extension is about 6cm, which won’t work.

I abandoned trying to fit most base extensions on the market for the sake of the sail’s performance.
Now I utilize the full 30cm of range between mast lengths, whereas before I would go minimum 7, maximum 27 extension.

Goya carbon extension range is 0-32, and can be used with confidence at any of those extension lengths.

Extension Pro

400 bottom with 370 top is also a fine solution.

Most riders here on Maui are using 4.7 with 370.

Let me know how you go Mike!

Wishing you a great start to your season!


Sail Design

**** Follow-Up Question****
Thanks Jason –

That is helpful. I wish I paid more attention to the specs. My bad.

It may be time to rethink my bases/extensions. I have always liked the Chinook two-bolt bases but my US cups are all ageing so maybe it’s time to convert to pin/single-bolt with Goya extensions/bases.

Out of curiosity, do you not recommend mixing bases/tops anymore, with the 80 mast specifically? Generally speaking, the performance of the 4.7 with the 400? Just a bit tighter and powerful perhaps?


Hi Mike,

We’re finding we like the Banzai 4.7 on 370.
Even bigger riders.
The sail has a significant downhaul range- working quite well with lighter downhaul tensions to give more complete “flex feel” in the sail,,, on 370 it feels very light and lively.

On 400, the Banzai 4.7 will definitely feel more classic- locked down low, twisted up high and will want to be ridden on a higher downhaul tension setting overall. This is a great fit for a lock and load, point and shoot type of sailing…

Mixing masts is still a good option to bring a bit of both worlds, and also maybe creating the opportunity to have one less mast piece overall.

These models-
-are all interchangeable- any length to any length

Cheers Mike, please do let me know how you go!



What are the differences between the various masts you offer?

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Question: Product Topic: Goya 90% RDM vs 85% RDM


I am plan to buy new Goya masts and cannot really find any info on the difference between them performance wise. The price difference between the two indicate there should be quite some difference (90% cirka 150 euro more expensive).

The 85% is supposed to be a little softer than the 90%, but how much… Is the 85% also softer than the 70% ?

I tried the banzai sails at Pozowinds and really love them for their direct feel and quick response and therefore want to keep that feel with the right mast.
I have also heard rumours that the 85% is made in Italy vs the 90% which is made i the US, which makes med wonder if there is a difference in the bend-curve between the two?

Is any og the pros using the 85%, if so how do they describe the mast? 

Really Hope you can help me decide on the right mast. Btw I mainly sail at Hanstholm and Klitmoeller in Denmark.

Cheers from a confused first time Goya buyer

Answer: Epic mail from you, hahaha thank you for the great questions!!!!

Appreciate your infos and perspective as well… 
All the mast lengths in the product rage share the same spec size for size.
For example, the 400 RDM mast spec is 64.5%/79%/18 on all models-
Yes there is some difference in feel between the models mostly due to the weight and carbon content both of these factors, even with the same spec will make masts feel a bit different.
90% is the choice for a very nice feeling mast that really has to get pounded, hard, to break.
This is the full confidence mast.
Made in USA
85% and 70% are both lighter than 90%, and great choices as well, but not as ultimately strong as the 90%.
85% and 70% made in Italy.
We developed the 85% recently to offer a lighter version of 90% for the Europe market mostly, made in Europe…
Ive been using 85%, also Levi Siver…
Nice price point.
100% is made in Italy, and offers the lightest practical weight for a wave mast,,,, amazing feeling in the hands…,,, but when you make a mast that light, there is a higher chance of breakage for sure, I’m not going to try tell you a different story here.
This is the mast Marcilio is using, and he’s had no trouble in the comps with durability,. but for sure the guy changes so hard that a lot of his masts end up exploding on huge impacts, but probably the 90% might have as well…
70% and 85% have a slightly softer feel than 90% and 100%…
This can be nice especially if you are a light guy, but even a heavier guy might appreciate the feel…,,, you can rig a lot of shape in to the sail and it still twists properly….
Hope this info helps Troels?
Let me know if you have any more questions….
Stoked that you come the Banzai sails!!! Thank you for kind words there and appreciating the work!
Jason Diffin
sail design

Bounce Better than Banzai in Low Wind?

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QUESTION Is the Bounce 5.4 is better for low wind or the Banzai 5.3? What do you think, rather Bounce?

ANSWER Bounce will pull high, up, tending to really “stand up” a rider (onwards to catapult possibly), so best be aware there.  But yes, if you’re ready for it, really awesome light wind pop,,, lovely light rig weight.

Super fun… 

Banzai can deliver the power from lower- (a bit more pre-twist), which is a very neutral/forward/ driving- not as “up” as Bounce.

You can also rig it like Brawzinho which is really minimal downhaul- like leech loose halfway to downhaul dot- not all the way like recommended. Tune outhual from there. The sail set like that becomes really elastic, and feeling more like Bounce.

Hope this info helps!


What’s the correct boom length on for Banzai X?

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I got the Banzai X pro 5.5, it’s an amazing sail with great performance but few things are not clear to me when it came to tuning:
The boom size according to the chart (also on the sail and the bag) is 170/157 but when I tuned my sail I needed to make the boom 176 (with mast ezzy skinny 400 and extension of 30), is it a mistake? should it be 175/170?


Glad to hear the Banzai X 5.5 is working well for you!

About the boom length-
Most often what is happening with a boom that appears too long is that the dimensions marked on the boom will not be accurate.
(Boom length is measured from the back edge of the clew ring to the front edge of the mast.)
It’s really common actually…,,, sometimes the difference between the printed and the actual boom length can be up to 3-3.5cm.
Often, this is because the boom will be RDM/SDM compatible, and the dims marked will be for SDM mode- when you take out the adapter, you usually lose about 2(+)cm) of the boom length…

Also depends a bit on the mast- if it is a bit softer (not uncommon) that can add a cm or so to the length.

Also depends on rigging- how much downhaul is on the sail,,, and consequently how much outhaul is required to tune the profile to the desired power level…

All of these things together can , and usually do, account for a big variation on the perceived boom length, like the one you are describing…

Hope this info helps…(?)


Can I add 303 uv protection to the sails?

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Question: I just bought a new 5.0 and a 4.5 banzai pro from Pascal @ xmas and i want to know if its a good idea to add some 303 uv protection to the sails ?. Will i hurt the sails by doing this. I have not used the sails yet. Probably not a good idea just wondering.


Hi David,

Thanks for your mail and inquiry. I have no experience with add on uv inhibitors, sorry.

Sails already have really pretty good uv durability,,, I mean, as long as you keep the sails out of the sun when you aren’t using them, they should last a long time.

On the other hand, Sails left rigged or left in direct or even indirect sunlight, consistently, will degrade pretty quickly,,, so unless you are OK to replace your sails yearly, I don’t recommend subjecting the sails to this level of exposure.

Hope this info helps!

Any questions, please let me know.

Kind Regards
jason diffin


Is my Banzai Rigged Right?

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Question:  I have bought me a new goya banzai 2016 5.3

Goya  mast 90% 400 2014. When I rig the sails. the sail would be on one side all the time.  I Can push it, but jumps back to the other side.

Do you have any tips?


Answer by Jason Diffin: Thanks for your mail and your inquiry, and stoked to see that red Banzai 5.3 rigged up on that deck/kid zone!!!

The sail looks great in the photos.

Here are a few observations-

My first thought was that it looks like the sail needs a bit more downhaul. Maybe 5-6mm more. I want to see that leech a bit looser in the the sail body between #1 and #2, and also more downhaul will de-rotate the battens just a bit from where they are and I think that foot batten looks a touch over-rotated.
If the foot batten is over-rotated then it can put a reverse (of intended foil shape) pressure on the tip f the batten and make that S bend I see in the photos.
Also, yes, it looks like the sail has a lot of outhaul on it. With the new downhaul setting, release the outhaul to neutral, put 2.5cm of positive outhaul on the sail, and that will be a good setting for nearly every condition you will experience on that sail.
My sails tend towards higher downhaul and lighter outhual(full profiles),,, profile gives power, and twist (“open/loose head”) gives range and control.
Starting from there, then I recommend adjusting for fine tuning (it’s all in the outhaul).
Have you used the sail?
How dos it feel for you?
Hope this info helps!

Will Banzai work on Gaastra Mast?

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Question:  Will your banzai work on 100 per cent carbon gaastra  mast?  Is the Goya sail made for constant curve ?

Answer from Jason Diffin: Thanks for your message.

I can’t speak directly to how the Gaastra mast will behave,,, I think they tend to be constant curve, correct?

I design on more flex top (64.5%/79%) in sizes 370, 400, 430,,, although I tend towards constant curve on 340, 460 and 490.

I believe a more flex top in those keys control sizes droves draft low and stable, and also promotes a smooth progressive twist which brings range, rigging range, and a massive range of points of sail that the sail will feel really good in.

Hope this info helps!



Need Smaller Than my 4.0 Banzai. Which One is Right for Me?

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Question: I have to leave a big thank you for the work that you and your team are doing! I am using Banzais now for a whole season and I can not even describe in words how much they helped me push my sailing no matter if freestyle or waves. It just does such a good job … I don’t need to think about the sail itself while I am sailing, but focus on the waves and have a blast. I first got the 5,7 5,0 4,5 and then i added a 4,0. Yesterday we had a massive day on the north sea with an average windspeed of 39 knots, logo to mast high waves and side shore perfection. So i was pretty stacked on the 4,0. The gusts were so extreme sometimes that one could do nothing but just sail along and wait for it to ease off a bit. Mental!

Some guys were on 3.3s some on 3,7s. Dudes with my weight (85 Kilos) and around 78 – 82 liter boards. We are realizing now, that our seasons last longer into the winter and we are getting battled with storms that are actually sailable more often over the last years. Now i am having a hard time figuring out which size to add to my quiver. My first thought was to go 3,7 Banzai. But i don’t know if thats really that much of a big difference to my 4,0. But then i saw another possibility. Since i am using the poly clew a lot to adapt to the conditions could the Guru 3,5 be my match?

Thanks for your help, thanks for the stuff i love to ride!
Answer: Super cool to receive your mail and thank you for the feedback and the kind words!!! I am super stoked!
Nice to hear that this evolving earth climate is changing your local conditions for the better… as windsurfers, it seems that we often benefit from what others classify as chaos in the “new” weather realities… ha ha ha

Man, I tell you, for a guy your size, and with the sizes you’ve chosen so far, it’s really an interesting question- what should your dedicated “storm” sail be…

My first instinct is to tell you go to Banzai 3.7…
Brawzhino loves that sail, and it is basically the smallest he ever uses in Pozo…
You are already familiar with the hand feel, and just that step down from 4.0 will make a big difference in the amount of wind you can handle the sail in…

But,,, ha ha ha,,, if you were to choose one sail to handle the most extreme wind conditions with the easiest feel,,,, I mean pure power management and comfortable ride,,, it would probably be Guru…
With a size like 3.5, (for you at 85kilos maybe even 3.7),,, I think you could handle any condition you say fit to windsurf in… 

It’s just a question of the hand feel you want- Guru is a bit softer, more forgiving,,, Banzai a bit more precise and direct feeling,,, and if you targeting the next level of high wind (Banzai 3.7) or need a sail that you can for sure ride no matter how windy (Guru 3.5)…

Both good choices, and it’s really up to you…

Cheers Max, please let me know what you decide and how it works out.

Also, would love to see a photo or two of your local spot going off!!



4.7 Fringe or 5.0?

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Question: I am looking to try the fringe. I’ve been riding 5.0 banzai with the 84 pyramid in 15-20kts side off conditions, should I get 5.0 fringe? or drop to a 4.7 ?

Answer: Total power comparing same size Fringe and Banzai is similar, but the power delivery is different- Fringe is a softer lifting power, and Banzai is a lower/forward direct power. So, no, a 4.7 Fringe does’t have the power of a 5.0 Banzai…

I would say to go to the Fringe 5.0 as the most direct power/range comparison to the Banzai 5.0… The difference will be overall feel.

Please let me know how you go!!!

Keep in touch Man!




Replacing Naish Force with Banzai?

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Question: Dear Franscisco, dear Jason,

Your sailas have definitly improved a lot over the last fey years, I am pretty impressed.

Maybe for me it is time for a change now.

Since last year, i am already using the 2014 QUATRO Pyramid 84 and 92 (with 85kg weight of myself). Right now I am sailing with Naish Force . This sail was perfect in high wind or gusty conditions like south africa and my homespot Klitmöller. the I am using the range of 4,2 / 4,7 / 5,3 / 6,2 since aeons .
I would like to go now for the 2015 Banzai. As I found out, you recommand choosing the sails x,5m² smaller than normally. Does it mean I should take BANZAI 3,7 / 4,2 / 4,7 / 5,3 instead? Or is the option skipping 3,7 Banzai and taking 6,2 ECLIPSE instead the better choice?

I am looking forward to hear from you,


Answer: Hi Hinrich,

Very stoked to receive your mail! Thanks for the kind words.

We’ve been working hard these last years, lots of group effort building and testing, and it’s great fun to bring out the results. Thank you for your trust in our brand!

At 85 kilos, I am less inclined to recommend that you drop .5 on your sail sizes. For a lighter guy on a very floaty fast board it is more possible, but for you I think it best to stick with the same sizes you have been using.

You wil be able to hold that Banzai 4.2 down in a lot of wind. The only time Levi or Brawzinho use a smaller size is if they are in a place like Pozo, or someplace that requires micro sizes.
You will find a massive range with your new Banzai sails. You can rig them full for light wind or more neutral and flexible for stronger wind- and 99% of this range is found just by adjusting your outhaul.

Regarding 6.2-
For that one, I would recommend staying with Banzai and maybe going with 6.0, if you are still looking for maneuverability and lighter handling.

If you want max power to get going in the lightest wind possible, then maybe 6.3, although it will require a 460 mast, or if you are using Goya masts then a 460 bottom plus 430 top would cover it.
If in that size you are looking for more straight line freeride/freewave type sailing, max power and range, speed, then you would consider Eclipse 6.2 which works on 430.

Hope this info helps!

Please let me know how you go.

Cheers Hinrich!

Jason Diffin


Banzai Forward Pull & Quick Loop

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Question: We’ve been getting quite a bit of time on the water lately and the new gear is awesome….. loving it!!!! Top end handling on the Banzai is amazing easily hanging onto 4.5m when others are struggling with 4.0m

We’re getting used to the forward pull on the sails, most of the guys have gone over the front a few times…. just need to get used to it i suppose.

Two little things they guys have mentioned to me:

1. If you could add a ‘loop and go’ downhaul pulley system (kinda like the Naish sails)…. that would be magic and speed up rigging heaps.
2. The mesh pocket for the excess downhaul line tends to get caught on the mast extension ring when you let the tension off.

Answer: Thanks for your mail and stoked to hear the gear is working well for you.

Also, many thanks for the comments and feedback. I really appreciate that.

Forward pull-
#1 reason for a forward pitch is not quite enough downhaul.
Maybe you and your guys are downhauling enough, but maybe take a closer look next session.
Make sure the leech is loose in to he rigging mark, in fact all the way in to the carbon stretch control tendon between the top and #2 batten is best.
This downhaul setting is good for nearly all the wind conditions you will encounter on any given size. The open head encourages easy pumping in light wind, and provides easy control in high wind. An open head also minimizes the “pitch” pull in any wind condition.
Use your outhaul to tune the power of the sail.

Quick loop outhaul on the sail.
Yes, that’s an interesting idea. I will keep that in mind.
For me, the light weight (titanium ring, minimal lightweight webbing) 2 point clew system currently on the sails offers so much versatility and tuning… it’s difficult to imagine a bulkier system there that might weigh more, restrict versatility, etc…
I’ll keep it in mind though, thanks for that.

Rope pocket-
I hear you there.
One solution is that after the outhaul is released, then pop the downhaul and unthread it, then grab the boom front in your right hand and the tack fairing rigging handle in the left and pull sharply up on the handle. That should clear the fairing from the mast base/extension.
Another solution is to flip the tack fairing up before de-rigging.

I hope this info helps!

Best Regards,
Jason Diffin
Sail Design
Goya Windsurfing


Banzai on SDM?

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Question: For my 5.3 BANZAI PRO 2013, can I use a SDM or must the mast be RDM? I have bought today a sail Goya Banzaï pro 2013 (new). I have a mast 4.3m SDM. Can I use this mast for this sail?

Answer: Try rigging the sail. If the lower 2 battens, particularly the lowest batten does not clear the mast easily when rotating from tack to tack, then the mast diameter is too large. Please let me know how it goes!


Fringe Stability and Power?

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Question: How stable is the 5.3 Fringe at the upper end (with this size being the biggest)? Also how does the power of the fringe compare with the Banzai?

Answer: Fringe power is “lighter” int he hands than Banzai. Banzai tends to pull with more torque, and Fringe has a more quiet but persuasive power due to it’s lighter hand feel.

Banzai power is better for maximum range, and to power up a heavier rider or a lower volume/slower board. Fringe power favors a floaty, faster board that get’s going easily allowing the sail to power you up then ease off in your hands.

Comparing size to size, Banzai to Fringe, I would say that a 4.7 compares to a 4.7 pretty directly, it’s just a different feel.

We have been very surprised by the overall stability of the Fringe sails. Due to the carbon fiber stretch control placement in the upper/leech area of the sail, the sail really holds it’s shape well and twists properly even when very powered.
Fringe is a softer feeling sail that feels more “active” in your hands, but that does not translate to instability.

Banzai has a more locked feel, and if your main concern is maximum range, stability and overpowered handling, then Banzai is a better choice.


With What Should I Replace my Old Quiver?

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Question: I’m a long time Goya customer and planing to replace some of my sails for the upcoming season. My sail range goes from 3.7 to 5.7-Guru (3.7-2010) Banzai (3.9/4.3/4.7/5.0/5.3/5.7) What I really like about the Banzai is the power and the light handling. I’m always looking for a sail that enables me to go for a smaller size pared with a bigger board. My sailing is mostly waves-side/sideon/side off-more riding less jumping. The boards I use are quatro 84LS, 92 Pyramid and 98Cube. My weight is 90kg@182cm. Sails I want to replace are the 3.9/4.3 (model 2012)and maybe the 4.7(model 2014)

My Question would be:

1. How’s the Power of the Fringe
2. How’s the stability
3. How’s the range of use
4. What sizes would you recommend

Can you please compare your explanation with the Banzai (1st Gen).

Answer: Very interesting you ask about Fringe compared to ’12 Banzai…

Fringe has a lot of the feeling of the ’12 Banzai…

When the Banzai changed to more low draft, low grunt, twist/control in ’13, there were a number of riders who missed the light, high draft, lifting feeling of the ’12 Banzai. I was one of them. I loved rigging the ’12 Banzai’s full on a floaty board. That set up was ground breaking for me in terms of rig weight, light hand feel. “lifting” draft and easy maneuverability. The sail flew well and it surfed like crazy.

’15 Fringe brings a lot of that feeling back, but even more so. The sails are so light- under 3kg for 4.7/5.0, and the lift is up- so they feel even lighter in the hands.

The Fringe is an active sail- with only 3 battens you tend to feel a bit more movement in the body of the sail, but it’s not a bad feeling- just different.
One of the surprises of the Fringe design for me is that I’m finding that heavier guys, if on bigger boards, are loving the power and stability of the sail. I thought a bigger guy would just overpower the sail but the feedback from our big riders and customers is that the sail really gets them going and handles well powered up.

I dont think Fringe is the right sail for you for strong wind (your current quiver looks great)- I think you need a little more stability and locked draft for those windy days- either with the soft/flexible/forgiving feeling Guru, or with the new Banzai, which has a more comfortable/flexible feeling compared to ’13 and ’14.

Only sticking point I see is the 5.7…
Fringe currently runs up to 5.3 (on 400 mast). 5.5/5.7 are under development and I expect them to be ready for ’16 production.
’15 Banzai 5.5 or 5.7 are super nice sails though…


Banzai vs Fringe in Side-On Conditions?

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Question: Out of curiosity, how do u compare the Fringe to the Banzai in side on to side shore wave conditions like we get on the central California coast conditions?

Answer: Banzai – low, locked, “torquey” power delivery, stable, big range… Max range and stability.
Fringe- Lifting, soft, interactive, light weight maneuver sail favoring smaller size on higher volume board… Super light weight and maneuverability.


Low End on Guru G4 Similar to Banzai?

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Question: I am a relatively light rider 157 lbs and the 84L is definitely floaty for me, so it sounds like the Banzai in a bit smaller size might work for me.  This would be my big sail for the board, so low end power is important but again something that would rotate quicker than the 5.3 Eclipse. Also I prefer a less punchy feel so I think I may prefer the newer Banzai design if its more like the 2012 Eclipse.  To me punchy is a sail with a tighter leach, like when you rig the Eclipse using the top grommet for more power, to me it feels more punchy or the COE is higher (is this what you mean by lift in the 2012 Banzai?).  I would prefer less punchy feel as long as I can get good low end power.  I hadn’t thought of the 2014 5.3 Guru maybe a possibility but in terms of low end power would that be similar to the 5.0 Banzai?

Answer: 2012 Banzai lift is from more luff curve higher in the sail. 
COE is up and back compared to 2013/14 Banzai.

5.3 Guru compared  to Banzai 5.0 is going to feel softer in the hands, because of construction.

A direct power comparison is not easy to answer directly, because it depends on other factors including the ones I explained in my last mail.

In the end, there is no %100 substitute for sail area, if there was, we would all be riding 4.5 as our biggest size!! ha ha ha


The Banzai Flip Faster than Eclipse?

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Question: I have a 2012 Eclipse 5.3 that I normally use on a 85L Quatro FSW but just purchased the 84L Quatro Tempo from Margaret.  Testing the board with my 5.3 I noticed the board comes around so quick compared to the FSW that I can’t flip the 5.3 quick enough.  Maybe I just need to get used to the board more but I did not notice this with a 5.0 Guru or 4.7 Northwave I tried on the board, so I think it’s the boom length of the Eclipse takes longer to rotate.  So question is would a 5.0 Banzai give similar power to the 5.3 Eclipse but rotate faster in the jibe? Any other handling character of the Banzai better suited to the Twin fin than Eclipse?  Or do you think a 5.3 Guru would work (I notice boom length is the same for Eclipse and Guru in 5.3)?

Answer: Banzai 5.0 (r 5.3) would be an interesting choice, and maybe the best choice.
For a very light, playful feel with a lot of lift- the 2012 model year is a good choice, or for a more low gear low end drive and great overall range reminiscent of the Eclipse, the 2013 or 2014 model are cut more traditionally with a low and stable and driving draft.

Yes, a 4 batten sail is generally better suited for a twin fin board.
A twin fin likes to turn quickly, and the light weight and outline plan of the 4 batten Banzai really pairs well with that maneuverable characteristic the twin has.

Guru is a consideration.
2013 and earlier Guru is 5 batten, and 2014 is 4 batten.
I would tend towards the 4 here, but know that the Guru will have a more flexible feel from the PVC window, and the outline of the sails makes it turn quickly, and the profile allows you to throw it in to neutral quickly as well.

For riders looking for a more direct feel, the Banzai is the choice.

Does a new 5.0 Banzai provide the power of a 2012 Eclipse 5.3.
If you are very light and your board is very buoyant, then answer swings towards more yes.
If you are heavier and less buoyant then more no.


How do I reduce travel weight with Eclipse Quiver?

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Question: At the moment i’m very happy with my 4.2/4.7/5.3 Eclipse Mod. 2012 and the Goya-Masts 3.70 / 4.00m.
One main reason for buying the sails (besides that they look great, are well built and are a pleasure to ride) was that i could use a 4.00m mast for all 3 sails, meaning that i could travel with 3 sails and two masts and still have a spare mast to safe my surfing day just in case one breaks…
reducing the weight of the gear is very important, as the airlines are very strict with the 30 kg max weight. On my last trip to Capetown i had to pay 200€ on overweight (on the way back we were very successful in discussing it to zero 🙂
so i’m a bit sad that i can’t just change to the 2014 sails, because the 5.3 (Eclipse ode Banzai) needs a 4.30 m Mast and the 4.2 needs a 3.70m. And maybe you forgot to put a vario-top in there, so i have to take 3 (!) masts (or the mix & match as recommend in your FAQ) and still don’t have a spare mast in the quiver. at the moment this keeps me from buying new 2014 eclipse or banzais…
are you maybe planning to reduce the luff of the 5.3 a bit and put a vario-top in the 4.2? (or maybe a ‘loop’ of this belt-material to achieve either 4.00m for travelling and 3.70m for the home spots when i got the mast in the van. As far a i know, the NP Sails have this kind of loop with an extra mast-pin that you can exchange quite easy. I’d prefer that solution, because it can’t change the length and is very light compared to a normal variop-top.)
what do you think?

Answer: 2014 Banzai/Eclipse sails-

4.2 to 5.3 can be covered with 4 Goya mast parts- 370 top, 400 complete, 430 bottom. 

4.2 – 400 bottom, 370 top

5.3- 430 bottom, 400 top

The 5.3 needs to be taller than 427 (maximum 400 mast + extension) for best performance. Myself, and my competitive riders don’t want to compromise performance in this critical size, and we sell what we ride and believe in.

The quality and consistency of our USA made masts allows us to mix and match length sections with confidence, and also to enhance performance characteristics of the sails.

Any more questions or comments, please let me know.


Banzai vs. Severn Blade?

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Question: I’ve sold off some of my Severne Blades in order to change to Banzais. How do you think the 5.7 will compare in power to the 6.2 Blade? I am now (just got it) on the 118L Goya quad. Which looks awesome by the way. I’m about 220 pounds.

Answer: I can’t comment on directly on the Severne Blade 6.2, but rather I can give you a different point of reference-
Our team rider Marcilio Browne weighs a bit less than you and he feels that the largest size he really needs is 5.5, and that was one of the main reasons for producing the size this year.

You are a but heavier, and because of that I think the 5.7 will suit you well. Especially with 118.

For the lightest of light winds you can also tune the sail accordingly with a bit less downhaul and outhaul to really create the maximum draft and lift possible.
I hope this helps, and please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any more questions or thoughts about the sails…


Are Neil Pryde or Ezzy Masts OK?

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Question: Can you give us an advice for buying sails please? First of all, my weight is about  80 kg, my boards are 2 three fin wave, 80 and 95 l ,conditions are side,side-on and onshorewind and waves of max 2 meters. I want to have 3 sails ranging from 15-37 knots. Can i use other mast than goya for example neil pryde or ezzy mast?

Answer: Ezzy mast is the closest to the Goya mast in bend. NP mast I don’t know so well.

Regarding the sails- choose according to the desired power and feel, not the conditions. All of our wave sails are suitable for any wave condition- the difference is how the sail delivers power and the feeling in your hands.

Banzai- 4 battens, light weight, direct power
Guru G4- (new for ’14) 4 battens, light weight- softer power delivery and feel
Eclipse- 5 battens, (quiet in the hands)  power and excellent overall range

Hope this info helps!


Save Money on Masts – Will One Work for my 4.0 and 4.5 Banzai?

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Question: I have 2013 Banzai 4.0 and 4.5 and would like to avoid buying 2 masts. Can I get by with just one? Would a 370 mast and 39 cm extention work for the 4.5? Would a 370 base and 400 extention be better for the 4,5? Would 400 base and 370 work for the 4.0 – and be a better total compromise than the above?

Answer:  A 370 for the 4.5 will make the sail soft and probably a bit unstable. Best choice would be a complete 370 for the 4.0, and then a 400 bottom (plus 370 top) for the 4.5. That will work very well. When mixing mast lengths, make sure that the longer section is always on the bottom.

For the complete story about mast mixing options- check out-

Scroll down to the “Pro sails mast guide” and all the info you need is right there.


Goya Sails Really Have Better Low End?

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Question: Tell me the truth about if a 4.7 Goya is almost the same than a 5.0 of another brand. I mean, not dimensions, but power or other items. Then it´s a good deal for me to get 4.7 as my biggest sail. Is new Guru as powerful as Banzai?

 Answer: I can’t speak directly about any other brand, but I can say that my sail designs have really good low end power. Also, there is a lot of people these days asking me “Is it really a 4.7?” and I say go ahead and measure it. The sails are the size they say they are. The improved low end comes form the light weight of the rig, and also the fact that we all tend to be riding higher volume boards.

4.7 as your biggest sail could work- but as long as you have enough volume under your feet, and a clear vision about what you expect from the 4.7- yes it will get you moving in light wind, but if your primary goal is planing, then maybe you need to upsize a bit. If your primary goal is to just get around and then catch and surf waves, then it’s achievable.


2014 Banzai or 4-Batten Guru?

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Question: For whom is the 2014 4-batten Guru best suited and for whom the Banzai?

Answer: Some people prefer a sail with a little softer “clutch” feeling in to power engagement. PVC window, surrounded by X-ply, gives Guru that sensation compared to a monofilm window which tends to deliver the power more explosively. This softer power engagement means that the sail feels forgiving in gusts, and less fatiguing overall because of the smoother ride. Sailors of smaller stature (male or female) tend to like this, and also sailors of any size who sail in conditions where comfort and control in strong winds, and the ability to throw some aggressive jumps hard turns is the focus of their session.

One more thing about Guru is that there are sailors out there who don’t want monofilm because once it starts to rip it it usually tears the span of the panel, whereas the Guru PVC window is nearly impossible to tear, and the surrounding materials are all rip stop in nature as well.

Last thing- the PVC window stays very clear over the life of the sail. It’s very cleanable, compared to monofilm which tends to dull and become opaque over time.



5.7 Eclipse or 5.7 Banzai?

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QUESTION: I’m seriously thinking of ordering a 5.7 Banzai this weekend. Do you think I could replace my 5.7 ecplise with this? What I was thinking was just using the Banzai for super light wind gusty days to make use of its get up and go then revert to the 5.7 Eclipse when the wind picks up to make use of its higher top end and stability. A 6.1 Banzai would indeed make a very interesting proposition….

As for board size the 110 quad seems to work well on light wind days, although I am sure a 120 would be even better! Due to the nature of the conditions we get here (Tiree, Scotland) generally if there is any waves there is usually a bit of wind with it too. I am also trying to get my weight down as well…easier said than done so maybe a bigger board is the answer 😉

ANSWER: I think the 5.7 Banzai would be a great replacement for the 5.7 eclipse for you, your board and your target conditions.
Please let me know how this goes Adam, I’m very interested in your feedback here.


2014 Banzai or 2014 Guru?

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QUESTION: I almost finalized my Pre-Order with Ralph for summer 2013 with G4 in the size 4,2; 4,7; 5,3. I belief this will be fantastic sails for me.
FYI: I like sideshore wave sails with huge windrange – like Gaastra Manic which I used earlier.
But for the big 5.?? size I´m undecided and would need some advise, since I don´t know the influence of your latest design amendsments of Banzai & G4.
1. I loved the G4-4,5 prototype that I tried November in Maui, but is the G4 in size 5,7 the right sail for me @ 20-26KN low wind Wave action?
What would be your recommendation as bigges Wave sail to suite my above G4 range (4,2/4,7/5,3):
a) G4 – 5,7
b) B14 – 5,3
c) B14 – 5,5
2. From my Maui Test sessions I had the feeling that B-2013 in 5,3 could be used at pretty much the same Windrange like G-2013 in 5,6.
How did the G4 & B-14 change influence in wind range of the sails? Which sizes are for similar use?
3. What I disliked most on last B13-5,3 was the continuous demand in handforce, even while slugging. Is there a change  in that feeling with B14?

ANSWER: Thank you for the mail, and for the great questions.

Sail choice-

I really like the new Guru G4 5.7. Compared to older pvc window 5 batten designs, it’s really a lot lighter in the hands and has a really nice full power delivery without being too hard or heavy.

2014 Banzai 5.5 is also a very interesting choice… maybe the best choice if you really want the largest size you carry to be a dedicated light wind weapon. Yes, the handling of the ’14 Banzai sails is much improved over ’13 with lighter material in the leech (weight and flex) and lighter material through the luff panel (lighter, but more about the lively flex it brings). Also the outlines of the sails have been tuned to make the sail feel more forgiving in the pull rather than pull like a tractor.

Range concept- Guru G4 / Banzai 2014-
Banzai holds the line as a monofilm window power wave sail with improvements in feel and comfort handling, while Guru G4 is introduced to offer a softer, more neutral feeling for sailors looking for that sort of more relaxed feel in a no monofilm construction sail.

I hope this info helps Frank!
Any more questions, please let me know…

All the best



What’s different about next year’s Banzai (2013)?

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Question: We definitely enjoyed the bonus season…light crowds, great swell and wind. Even more enjoyable on your excellent 2012 sails. Loving the 4.5 Eclipse and take every opportunity to use the 4.9 Banzai…it really made 5.0 conditions fun again for me! I know you advise small Banzais on big boards, but the 4.9 works just great on the 75 LS Quad thanks to its light weight and stability.

What’s different about next years Banzai?

Answer: Banzai 2013-
new sizing- 3.4, 3.7, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.3, 5.6
Construction- addition of 3 mil scrim/Kevlar X perimeter paneling for overall strength and leech edge stability.
Handling 2013- The draft is lower and more forward compared to 2012. The sail drives forward, compared to the ’12 which lifted the board more with a high “back bubble” feeling that really feels quick and light and playful in the low to mid range of the sail.
The ’13 sails are much rangier overall, and with the full low draft, they have at least as much low end power as the ’12 sail, just in a more direct driving way.
It’s interesting because the Banzai really changed a lot from ’12 to ’13. ’13 isn’t a refinement as much as a basic re-design of the sail. Working with our new team rider Marcilio Browne (6’2″, 195, 0 fat content) I really needed to make the sals power up solidly and manage a huge wind range without the profile coming apart in the hands when too overpowered. So that’s the new Banzai. A really great thing about the ’13 Banzai is that it has the biggest outhaul range of any of our wave sails, so with light outhaul you can make the sail pull like a tractor, and with 3-4 cm of positive outhaul you can make it feel really flexible and neutral.

Interesting that you mention the 4.9, because that was probably my favorite size of the 2012 bunch (followed by 4.6 and 5.3). I still carry one myself because the extreme lightness and lift that sail provides in lighter wind conditions.

I’ve recommended the ’12 4.9 Banzai about 3 times in the last 2 weeks actually….


Are the Wrinkles in my Banzai OK?

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Question:I tried to put a little more tenxsion on the 2nd batten (counting down from the top) but nothing happened.
I also put a little more tension to the 2 lower battens as Fransisco proposed but nothing also happened.
Any way I devoted a windsurfing day, having the batten key with me inside the water and tried every possible combination and still nothing.
I also changed the outhall hole and tried to rig the sail with less or more outhall but nothing
I took the sail to Stephanos Aslanidis and Ioannou and we rigged it together.
The sail looks perfect on the floor and when you are holding it up outside the water.
the wrinkles appear only in when you ride the sail.
The are all beginning from the end of the two middle battens and travel inside the sail with an angle of 45 degrees.
Maybe it is only the twist but i would still like your opinion on the issue.
I have also rigged the 4.3 sail but it has not been windy enough to try it in the water to see any deference.

thank you again for your attention.
You really make a difference.

thank a lot

Answer:Hi Vangelis- These are normal twist wrinkles, and they are supposed to be there.

The key statement from your mail below is-
The sail looks perfect on the floor and when you are holding it up outside the water.
the wrinkles appear only in when you ride the sail.

Things are working as they should!

Batten tension will eliminate unwanted body panel wrinkles in the sail, but when the sail is active and loaded, these diagonal wrinkles you describe are correct and in fact they are evidence that the sail body is twisting as it is designed to. Twist gives the sail it’s handling characteristic- full down low for power- more open and flatter up top for control and range.

I hope this info helps.

Cheers Vangelis!



Can I trim my 2013 Banzai to be less grunty?

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Question: By the way… been using the 2013 Banzai. A VERY DIFFERENT SAIL. You can tell Braw has his mark on it. I initially had mixed feelings… I felt that it had too much power for me, pitching me forward a lot. Kazuko too. She’d been struggling. But just yesterday (when you saw me), I cranked the downhaul to spec until the leach was crinkled to the marker and what a difference that made.

I had a fun day out there and really for the first time I felt good about the sail. What else can I do to make the sail less grunty?

More than ever, I feel I can with confidence go a number or even two smaller than before.

Answer: You can increase the outhaul to help tame down the tractor pull feeling of the sail a bit…

There is more outhaul range in these sails than 2012.

Try that and let me know how it goes!


Thanks for your work in making such great gear.


How will the new Banzai perform with a new 84 Liter Goya Thruster?

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Question: Last year you recomended to sail Qd 84 with Banzai 4,9, due to the unique early planning high pressure point. Now I have got the new Banzai 5.0.

How will the new Banzai perform with a new 84 Liter Goya Thruster? (or is Qd the best choise for Banzai’s?)


Answer:  2013 Banzai 5.0 + 84ltr Goya Thruster = Excellent combination!

Banzai 2013 (your 5.0) is a different sail than Banzai 2012.

Banzai 2013 has more emphasis on overall range- still excellent low end power (like 2012) but a massively increased high wind control and overall range. The power delivery in the new Banzai is lower, more forward and locked which is how the high wind control of the sail has improved so much.

This pairs with a thruster set up very well, nicely matching the quickness, drive and maneuverability you will find in that board.


Does My Banzai Need a Softer Mast?

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Question: Thanks for all the info,I think for 5.3 Banzai  [my low end sail]I need a softer Mast [since I am relatively light] in order to pump better and get a bit more back hand pressure[softer bottom section;] that i need in Low winds.

This will decrease the range of my sail I think ,but  my priority is just to accelerate and claim waves [from kiters…;and other wave sailors] .

What is better; 430Bottom/400TOP  OR WHAT;;

While testing so far The 5.0 banzai on 400 Goya mast  felt a bit stiff and not as breath-able[pump-able] as the 4.2 banzai on a 370 Goya mast ,which is my favorite…perfect combination (for my weight and power)

Answer: For your 5.3 Banzai-

I would recommend trying 430 bottom/400 top first. This will give you a mast length of 415. The luff length on 5.3 Banzai 437 = 22cm of extension.

This will give a little more openness in the head section of the sail which will lighten the feelings in the hands, and also I believe, improve the pumping characteristics of the sail as well, for someone of your weight.

The problem with 400 bottom/430 top is it will close the head of the sails and then soften the bottom section of the sail- in my experience, that combo never felt good- the sail starts to feel top heavy because the head is too tight, and the bottom section of the sail feels unstable because the mast is too soft.

Regarding the 5.0-There is no option to use a smaller mast length here because if you use a 370 top then you would end up with a mast length of 385, and the luff length on 5.0 is 427 which means you would need 42cm of extension- too much…

My recommendation for lightening the feeling of the 5.0 is to increase the outhaul.

There really is a big range of outhaul on these sails- in particular the mid 4m+ sizes.

Increased outhaul will flatten out the transitional area (between the full bottom and open head) of the sail and induce more flex in to that area.

It’s also important to make sure your lower two battens are nice and tight to drive the profile in to the sail body- this increases the  quick feeling and draft stability a lot in the sails.

The upper battens should also be tightened, but not so much as to create an “s” bend in he sail profile.

Glad to hear the 4.2 is working well for you!


Will banzai work better than eclipse in stronger winds with more emphazis on comfortable ride and jumping than wavesailing?

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Question: My quiver is Guru 4.2, Eclipse 4,7, 5,3, 5,7.

I am using 4,2 only in hi wind and not for waves. I do waveriding in Mauricius in lo wind with 4,7 to 5,7 sails so i travel without 4,2.

We were talking on Maui in 2009 and you suggested me Guru for hi wind and 4,7 eclipse and the compo is superb only i am lacking some power from guru when the wind is gusty. I have 200 lbs and i am using 4,2 only in winds around 40 knotts and more. I would like to take either eclipse 4,2 or banzai 4,2. Will banzai work better than eclipse in stronger winds with more emphazis on comfortable ride and jumping than wavesailing?


I think the 2013 Banzai 4.2 would be a very interesting sail for you- it has a great low power (more power than Guru 4.2) and excellent high wind control as well. With 4 battens and a lighter construction than your Guru 4.2, it feels super nice in hands- in a straight line or in transitions, jumps, etc…

I also think that you would really like the Banzai in the larger sizes as well- 4.7, 5.3 and 5.7. Particularly because these are your key wave riding sizes- the ’13 Banzai compared to Eclipse is a whole new world of easy handling and quick maneuvering in the surf…

Hope this info helps!!


Should I change from Eclipse to Banzai?

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Question: I use the 2011 Eclipse (5,3; 4,7; 4,2) and I am thinking about changing to the 2012 Banzai (4,9; 4,3; 3,9). Do you think that the Banzai makes sense in European conditions? I (69 kg) will use it on my lovely 72 quad and on my new freestyle 99 (it looks really great!). Thanks and greetz from Germany!you will love the BANZAI in sizes 4.9 and 4.3 for sure. The sails are so light and responsive and powerful. For really maxed out conditions where control is key, then it’s hard to beat the stability of a 5 batten sail. So, for your smallest size in the quiver you describe, I actually think a GURU 3.7 would be a great choice. That sail has great power, plus the pvc window and profile characteristic of the sail are very forgiving and comfortable in a huge wind range including over- powered conditions. GURU 2012 is lighter weight and lighter feeling, with a more effortless and responsive handling characteristic. If you don’t like the softer feeling of PVC, then ECLIPSE is the next choice. For 2012 Eclipse is also lighter weight and lighter feeling than previous versions. So, for the smallest size the choice is up to you. Personally I like the comfort and control of GURU in radical conditions, but if you like your sails more direct feeling, then go for ECLIPSE. 3.9 Banzai is still a pretty powerful sail, so my feeling is that as you move in to the high end wind range your focus should be on control, and that’s where the 5 batten 3.7 models come in to play. I hope this info helps you Heiko! Kind Regards, Jason Diffin

Answer: you will love the BANZAI in sizes 4.9 and 4.3 for sure. The
sails are so light and responsive and powerful.

For really maxed out conditions where control is key, then it’s hard
to beat the stability of a 5 batten sail.

So, for your smallest size in the quiver you describe, I actually
think a GURU 3.7 would be a great choice. That sail has great power,
plus the pvc window and profile characteristic of the sail are very
forgiving and comfortable in a huge wind range including over-
powered conditions.

GURU 2012 is lighter weight and lighter feeling, with a more
effortless and responsive handling characteristic.

If you don’t like the softer feeling of PVC, then ECLIPSE is the
next choice. For 2012 Eclipse is also lighter weight and lighter
feeling than previous versions.

So, for the smallest size the choice is up to you.

Personally I like the comfort and control of GURU in radical
conditions, but if you like your sails more direct feeling, then go

3.9 Banzai is still a pretty powerful sail, so my feeling is that as
you move in to the high end wind range your focus should be on
control, and that’s where the 5 batten 3.7 models come in to play.

I hope this info helps!

Kind Regards,
Jason Diffin


When will the Banzai be available?

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4 batten sail should be available around the end summer.


Can smaller Banzai really replace my 5.3 Eclipse light-wind-machine?

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Question: It has been a while and I hope you and your family are well! I saw your email to Arnout and I was wondering about your take on the Banzai’s for me in the larger sizes. My biggest sail for 2011 is the Eclipse 5.3 which is a lite wind machine for me. The thought of using smaller sails sounds awesome and I was unable to really pick Francisco’s mind on them at the comp. I am trying to get my order together for the 2012 and I would really appreciate any advice you can give me. Everything you told us last spring was dead on accurate! The masts and sails rule .

Answer: the Banzai is a very interesting, and very different sail, so it’s worth taking a moment to really have a look and see how it might fit for you.

What could be really interesting in the first year is to stick with your current model line up for 2012, but then consider getting one of the key sizes of Banzai and seeing how it fits in with your boards, conditions, and style.

For you I would say 4.6.
That’s a sail that will work well in lighter wind for you- if you pair it with a not too small board.
Levi says that 4.6 is the biggest size he needs for wave sailing.
I use 4.6 when I would normally use a 5.0. I switch quickly to 4.3 when it gets to be “powered 4.5-4.7” conditions.
The 4.6 could also be an interesting higher wind sail for Arnie…

How does this sound?

Cheers from China



Can 2012 4.9 Banzai replace my 5.7 Eclipse?

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Question: Apparently the largest size available is a 4.9 Banzai and I was wondering if that be equal to a 5.7 Eclipse on a 95L Quatro Quad? I’d love to go as small a sail as possible, but not sure if the 4.9 will cut it for me. Even though I am 210lbs, I am an efficient sailor; often on the same sail size as lighter guys (say ~170-180lbs guys). The 5.7 2011 eclipse (monofilm version) I have now gets me going in mid teens (mph) winds. Too bad I didn’t get a change to try the sail last weekend, but I am sure you have a good idea if it will work for me or not. Also, would you think going all Banzai will work for me, or is the Eclipse Mono a more appropriate sail for me here in the Bay Area. Reading the 2012 brochure, it sounds like the 2012 sails are even lighter and more powerful than the 2011s??? Maybe do a 4.9 Banzai and then 5.0/4.5/4.0 Eclipse Mono?!

Answer: Basically with the Banzai sail- IF you have enough volume under your feet, then the Banzai power equals that of an Eclipse or Guru that is .5 meters larger. There is no way the Banzai 4.9 will replace the power of an Eclipse 5.7 for you.

But not to worry, the new Eclipse is a nice improvement over last year’s sail.
The construction is lighter, and the cut is a little different in that there is more lower leech release- this will help give the sails a lighter feeling, and an overall better better handling and high end speed.

The power level from 2011 to 2012 is not more, but is refined to create a lighter feeling better handling sail.

Regarding larger sizes Banzai- they are in the works, but at the moment I am only approving up to 4.9…
Stay tuned on that one, because as I work out those larger sizes, bigger guys like you will be top of the list for testing…!!!

Cheers Arnie!



How’s the Banzai for Jumping? More just a riding sail or would it be good for jumping weather as well?

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I definitely think that the 5 batten sails provide a more wing-like, “lifty” jumping experience. The 5 batten sails drive more forward in the air, and feel very stable.

But, the Banzai is so light that it is quick to respond to directional changes (looping) in jumps.

One more thing about the Banzai-
It’s not just for advanced riders.
I discovered in my last days of testing before I left for China that the sail is an excellent choice for lightweight sailors, particularly women- it is so light and easy to handle, and if the lady has a good floaty fast board, she can really enjoy the benefits of this super lightweight rig plus reduced sail size.

Sure the Banzai has a lot of monofilm (durability question), and it’s not the best if you’re totally overpowered, but other than those two things-

I actually think that the Banzai is a good choice for entry and mid level riders because of the lightweight and ease of use…

Cheers Guys!



How is Banzai positioned vis a vis Guru & Eclipse?

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Question: The new 2012 looks stunning, simple and nice. Just needs a little help to position the Banzai in relation to Guru and Eclipse. In my mind I have Guru as very controleable high wind sail, easy to depower, fast. Not so good at early planning and cross on conditions Eclipse is power wave sail, with early planning and good with cross on conditions. A very attractive euro wave sail. Not so good at speed and controle in owerpowered conditions. So now to – where is Banzai better than Guru / Eclipse and where is it less recomended?

Answer: Thanks for your mail and inquiry.

I would tend to disagree regarding your comment about GURU-

Not so good at early planning and cross on conditions”
GURU is a quickly neutral sail, that’s for sure, but the sail also has a a good low end punch.
Also, I never really classify the sails according to conditions, but rather by the feeling and power delivery you are looking for in any given condition.
GURU works well in onshore conditions, if you like a quickly neutral, flexible feeling sail.
Alternatively, ECLIPSE is a great sail for cross offshore down the line wave riding if your preference is a quick and direct feeling sail.

Moving on to the new 4 batten sail BANZAI 2012-

Here’s my basic summary of the sail-

Currently the size range is 3.3, 3.6, 3.9, 4.3, 4.6, 4.9.
The spacing between sizes is larger than standard because the range of the sail is larger than standard.
That larger range inhabits the low end performance of the sail.
This 4 batten sail is meant to be used about .5 smaller than you would normally choose in models Guru and Eclipse. For example 4.9 replaces 5.3, 4.6 replaces 5.0, 4.3 replaces 4.5/(4.7).
***These sails are NOT meant to be used over powered. If it gets windier, you size down.
***These 4 batten sails are best paired with a modern, high volume board that gets moving quickly.
The profile of these sails is relatively flat, but very “engaged” from the bottom to the top. The entire sail is cut to generate lift everywhere. This is why it’s possible to use a smaller size. Also, the extreme light weight of the sail amplifies the lift. The super light weight plus relatively flat profile of the sail contributes to an effortless handling characteristic in maneuvers and just sailing along…

This 4 batten sail features an aspect ratio very similar to the 5 batten sails (the 4 batten 4.6 is 162/413), but considering that you use a size smaller than a 5 batten sail, you end up with the benefit of the shorter boom and luff comparatively.
I don’t believe that 4 batten sails should be too short in the luff dimension. If you shorten the height too much, then you are forced to extend the boom, the leech outline, or both. A square meter is a square meter after all, no matter how you draw it.
By minimizing the trailing outline of the sail the 4 batten maintains a very quiet feeling in the hands at all points of sail.

The power delivery of this sail is smooth and accelerating, and the feeling is a comfortable combination of direct and flexible.

Our 5 batten models GURU and ECLIPSE are a better choice for sailors looking for more high end range, and a lower locked and forward driving power delivery.
A couple of words regarding GURU and ECLIPSE-

ECLIPSE 2012 will still be a full power direct wave sail, but with a lighter, stronger construction, combined with a more forward driving, light feeling handling characteristic.

GURU 2012 also will be lighter and stronger. GURU 2012 will have great low end power and improved maneuverability in wave riding and transitions due to increased lower leech twist and a modified foot outline.

I hope this info helps Lars!
Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any more questions…




What is right quiver range for the Banzai?

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Banzai for sure 4.9 and/or 4.6 to start, see how you like them and then you will know what you need. Keith and Pascal only ride 4.3 and 3.9 and they use to ride 4.7 to 4.2 so a safe bet is about .5 mts down.

What I can tell you is that they offer a much larger power zone on the sail, making them super efficient in the light air turning slogging conditions into fun & planning with something light on your hands AND one of the biggest differences you will feel is the reduced pressure in the mast track on your board, that to me is the reason so many people are loving it, it basically frees up their noses, rails as if they were surfing without a sail.



What Banzai range do you recommend to replace my 3.7m-5.2m Ezzy Wave Panther range??

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Considering what you’ve told me, I think you should have a 4.9 for sure. It’s such a great light wind motor sail. As you get down in to the smaller sizes of Banzai, they still have excellent power, but you will find excellent top end control as well. One reason for this- and the reason that the larger sizes feel light- is that I don’t let the sails get too short because a short sail is a roach sail (lots of leech outline) and roach sails tend to feel heavier, and be more difficult to control in the high end of their wind range.

The Banzai is probably the tallest 4 batten sail on the market, and that height creates a nicer, lighter feeling outline.

So the sails have a great low end power- as you’ve experienced- and great high end control as well due to the outline as well as the carbon finer stretch control and lightweight construction.

That’s why the spacing on the Banzai sizes are farther apart- they have more range.

I think a Banzai 3.6 would compare well with your current 3.7.

So- I would say- 3.6, 4.3, 4.6 and 4.9.

– Jason D


Do you know when the Banzai might be available in the UK?

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I’m not sure when the sails will be available in the UK, but you can ask Zero Gravity distribution in the UK-


– Jason D.


What are the Specs on the Banzai?

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The development of Banzai has really happened in tandem with the board development- the new style floaty, fast and loose boards really create a lot of opportunity to re-think the way the sail delivers it’s power and also how the sail can handle throughout a wide wind range.

Here are the specs for Banzai 2012-

– Jason D.


What’s the deal with the 4.9 Banzai and its feel?

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Corey wrote in with this question. He usually rides Guru and loves it.

IF you have enough board volume, the Banzai sail’s power compares to a 5 batten sail (guru or eclipse) of about .3 or so higher.

So, 4.6 replaces 5.0 and 4.9 replaces 5.3- if, and I can’t stress this enough- if you have a quick board. he Banzai isn’t meant to power up a sticky board.

The profile of Banzai is flatter, but more engaged overall, so the pull comes from slightly higher and more back than a 5 batten sail.

The feeling of Banzai is soft because it is all scrim (and a huge 7 mil monofilm window- great for down the line visibility) but it’s a different kind of softness than guru- it’s soft but still really quick and lively. The guru tends to have just a touch more delay.

My recommendation is to just start with 1 or two key sizes of Banzai and see how they go for you- maybe start with a 4.3 for strong wind and a 4.9 for light wind. After trying those sizes I’m sure you will be able to tell how the sail fits in for you.

The construction of the Banzai is super lightweight, but I tell you man, the boys just beat those sails all winter on Maui, in the marshall islands, and except for  major explosions on the rocks or something like that, they just didn’t really break. I was very surprised how tough they are.

For sure the big monofilm window will tear easily once punctured, but I haven’t seen it happen yet…

– Jason D.


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