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Will an NP RDM or Fiberspar RDM work with my W3D?

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Question: I bought a Goya W3D 5.3 2008 and was wondering if the Neil Pryde RDM or Fiberspar Tidal wave RDM would match your sail curves (or does the gaastra type mast would fit better).

Answer: Although it’s tough to say exactly- mast bends from different companies are subject to change. What I want to see for that mast are specs like-
400 length19 imcs65%/79%- tip/base curve percentage.Carbon content 85% or higher.  I think the fiberspar would be OK, as well as the pryde, the Gaastra, I’m not so sure about. I hope this info helps. I also hope you enjoy your 5.3 W3D!



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