Ever wondered where these sails come from?

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May 4th 2011

Ever wondered where these sails come from? Not where they are built, but how they are originated, how they are designed, cut and sewn out of imagination and creativity… How  materials become one unique handcrafted sail? Jason  works in his loft and infuses the passion of the team, his sensitivity to building great sails to birth this one sail that will go in production.. Bjoern wraps it up with a unique graphic design ; every aspect, color, material, has it’s importance to reflect as closely as possible what we are about!

Feel the passion behind every sail when you hit the water!

Emotion, passion and development unwrapping in front of your eyes,..

Some 4 batten sail testing going on…

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January 6th 2011

We are excited to be testing some new 4 batten sails prototypes! Some are good some not so good .. Definitely interesting things about this, and we’ll keep it cooking till it’s ready for you to enjoy ! That’s all part of developing a great sail for production! Interesting things to come for

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Welcome Vincent

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October 6th 2010

We’re proud to welcome Vincent Scheffer as an intern here at our Haiku headquarters. He will be working on some of our up and coming products together with us, so keep your eyes open for his footprint in next year’s range.

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