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Mark 2

Freerace 2 Cam 6 Batten.

Stock Model


Mark 2

Freerace 2 Cam 6 Batten

Francisco Goya has always had a heart for racing, so developing the new Mark 2 in collaboration with him came natural. If anything, the focus was on lightening the sail significantly.

Further emphasis was placed on a lighter handling feel and highwind control through refined luff curves and seam shapes as well as the Mark 2’s outline.

The boom lengths on all sizes are shorter compared to previous years.

All this said, the Mark 2 remains our throroughbred 2 Camber performance Freerace sail. A combination of excellent top-end speed, performance oriented bottom-end power, superior control and stability.

The Mark 2 offers white knuckle cam sail speed and cam sail stability without needing to rig “oversized”. You can enjoy the blistering speed and range of the sail without feeling like you are wrestling a dinosaur. The Mark 2 is best rigged in range, meaning not oversized. The design is cut to be super powerful, with the idea being to ride this sail as small as you can for the board you have. This means your sail is easier to handle because it’s smaller, there is greater efficiency overall and also less energy spent handling through maneuvers and transitions.

The Mark 2 is highly interactive, it can set a line and blaze, but it also likes quick changes of direction, upwind, deep off the wind, speed lines and carving turns. A high-performance sail based on flat out racing designs and specifically developed to perform on Hydrofoil and Slalom boards alike. Designed with real world racing and foiling in mind, it pairs best with the Proton Pro IV.

RDM or SDM compatible on all sizes, except 5.4, 5.8.

The new Goya Windsurfing sails now come packed in recycled cardboard and paper tape only. No redundant plastic bags. Your sail bag is that protective bag, keeping your planet, our planet, one step cleaner. We figured it’s a worthy trade off, as our love for windsurfing and the planet only grows.

Monofilm window, Bi-Ply and Scrim panels.

Available in 5,4, 5,8, 6,2, 6,6, 7,2, 7,8, 8,5, 9,2 square meters.

Available in FLuo Yellow & Pink or Fuchsia & Fluo Yellow.

Francisco Goya a toujours eu un penchant pour la course, c’est pourquoi le développement de la Mark 2 en sa collaboration s’est fait tout naturellement. Le but principal était de diminuer au maximum le poids de la voile.

De plus, l’affinement de la courbe du guindant, des coutures ainsi que de l’outline de la Mark 2 amènent à une sensation de maniabilité plus facile ainsi qu’à plus de contrôle dans le vent fort.

Les longueurs de wish sont plus courtes par rapport aux années précédentes.

Cela dit, la Mark 2 reste notre voile de Freerace à camber la plus performante. Une excellente vitesse de pointe, orientée performance, une bonne puissance à bas régime, du contrôle et plus de stabilité.

La Mark 2 offre la vitesse et la stabilité d’une voile à camber sans avoir besoin de sur toiler. Vous pouvez profiter de sa vitesse fulgurante et de son confort sans avoir l’impression de lutter. La Mark 2 est au top de ses performances gréée dans sa bonne gamme de vent, signifiant qu’il n’y a pas besoin de sur-toiler. Le design est coupé pour être sur puissant, l’idée étant de naviguer avec une voile aussi petite que possible pour la planche que vous avez afin qu’elle soit plus facile à manier, plus efficace, vous faisant perdre moins d’énergie lors des manœuvres et transitions.

La Mark 2 est très interactive. Elle est à l’aise autant sur une ligne droite que sur des changements rapides de direction, au près ou au vent arrière, sur des bords de speed ou dans les carving de jibe. C’est une voile de haute performance basée sur les design de pures voiles de course et spécifiquement conçue pour performer en Windfoil et en Slalom. Elle performe particulièrement bien associée à la Goya Proton et à la Bolt.

RDM / SDM compatible pour toutes les tailles, sauf la 5,4 et 5,8.

Fenêtre Monofilm, Panneaux Bi-Ply & Scrim.

Disponible en 5,4, 5,8, 6,2, 6,6, 7,2, 7,8, 8,5, 9,5 mètres carrés.

Disponible en Jaune Fluo & Rose ou Fuchsia & Jaune Fluo.




Mark 2.

5.8 Squaremeters.


How to get it right every time.

Rope alignment guide for Goya sails paired with Goya extensions.


What the magazines say

Unbiased praise and criticism straight from the press.

  • Surf, Germany, May 2023: […] lässt sich auch gut pumpen und es hat viel Zug. Das Segel lässt sich sehr gut auf dem Deck ablegen.
  • Planchemag, France, 2023: C’est l’une des voiles les plus Plug & Play dans ce groupe.
  • Wind Magazine, France, 2023: Dans une optique de longue distance, la Mark 2 a largement su plaire aux petits gabarits pour son aisance de comportement.


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Dan, USA  
Jun 26, 2023 


I have the latest model Mark 2 6.2 sail and I recently purchased the Goya Hundred Pro RDM 400 and Goya Carbon Pro RDM Extension – 40cm. Are there any concerns with using this combination? I am currently using the Mark 2 with a 430 cm Ezzy 60% carbon mast, but I know the curve on the Ezzy mast is not optimal.

By the way, I purchased the 400 Hundred Pro to pair with a new Mark X 5.4 I purchased so I was hoping to use the same mast for both sails.

Thanks for your advice,

Hi Dan,

Sorry for the delayed reply here!

Mark 2 6.2 luff length is 435…,,, at 180 lbs you are walking a fine line here- 400 mast extended up to 435 will be a bit soft compared to the recommended mast, and 180 pounds is just a touch heavy for riding a softer mast like that.

I would feel better about extending the 400 off you were, say, 160 lbs…

My best advice would be to test the sail on both the 400 extended and the 430 Ezzy mast to find out which feels better.

I have not bend checked an Ezzy 430 mast for some time, so I can’t speak with certainty, but my guess would be that the bend curve between the Goya 430 and the Ezzy 430 is not so different…, probably it is an OK mast in the sail.

Hope this info helps, and please do let me know how you go, Dan!


Jason Diffin

Bru, France  
Jun 26, 2023 


I have a Goya Bolt Pro 137L, + Mark 2 pro

What can you advise me as a foil for this type of board?

I have an average level in Windfoil
Thank you!!


Hello Bru,
I\'m Alex from Goya Europe. What size sail are you using? The bigger your sail, the smaller the front and back wings of the foil need to be.
On the Goya Bolt 137, you’ll need a deep Tutlle box foil mast. In my opinion between 85 and 100cm is a good length.
Then the fuselage, the longer it is, the more stable it will be, and more effective upwind also, so something between 75 to 110cm can be good.

Then for the front and back wing, let us know the size of your sail, and in what conditions you\'re looking to sail with this gear first.

Keep in touch


Steve, USA  
Feb 27, 2023 

Hope your OK and having a good day Francisco.
I have bought the 5.4 mark 2 and sailed it yesterday in strong 30 gusting 40knot winds .
It was brilliant.

Stephen, USA  
Jan 10, 2023 

GOOD Morning hope your all ok
I use GOYA Mark 2s on my Proton Slalom boards as they are the best free race sail I ever used .
Just love them.
I was just wondering if I have a 5.4 what should the next size up be ?
Is going to 5.8 to small a gap ?
Would 5.4 to 6.2 be a better option ?


Aloha Stephen,

So great to hear from you and your experience with our gear.

Yes, 6.2 would be a better option, giving you a wider range. What are your weight and board size? You might even consider the 6.6 if you want to ride on lighter days.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything that we can help you with.

All the best winds!


Greg, Michigan, USA  
May 18, 2022 

Hello Francisco and Jason,

Just a quick note to say how happy I am with my new Mark-2 sails. Just the perfect engine for fast freeriding. I noticed a boost in performance compared to my older 2-cam from another brand. I like the increase in maneuverability that the shorter boom length offers and the effortless cam rotation (no tug needed!). I sail mostly on inland lakes in very gusty conditions and the generous sail twist is just super effective to offer a passive power control. Whether the 8.5 or the 5.4, the Mark-2 has been the best windsurfing purchase I’ve made in years!

A local windsurfing friend was impressed with it and recently purchased 2 new 2022 Marks as well!

Here’s a short vid I put together that demonstrates how your average windsurfer can have fun with Goya gear! Hope you’ll enjoy it!


Laszlo Schilling, Portugal  
Apr 27, 2022 

Just planning a new quiver and wondering whats the low end of the 2022 6.6 Mark2 on a 70 or 80 RDM mast.
Targeting Windfoiling:(Frontwing size 1800cm2) starting at ~7-8knts
Windsurfing: staring at ~11+ knts

Hi Laszlo,

The 80% is a great mast, not only it is strong, it has a good reflex. I use it at Hookipa regularly.

For sure the 100% will add some lightness and reflex, especially for this larger sail, so if you can I would advise this option.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

Thank you once again for considering our gear.


Aug 23, 2021 

I have not long ago purchased a 6.6 and 7,8 mark2
having sailed them a good few times now in very marginal conditions and maxed out also I have to say they are AMAZING!
So easy to use yet so FAST!! even in big choppy conditions
gybe like a dream and so straight forward to rig.
I am defiantly going to add a few more to my quiver .
not buying race sails any more no need.


Juan Manuel Severino, Argentina  
Mar 21, 2019 

Amazing evolution from the Mark!!!
It is a super stable sail and all the wind it receives makes it push forward.
I bought a 6.6 and together with my Bolt 105 goes to the plane with the slightest breeze.
It is the perfect equipment for my 77Kg and light wind.
Thanks Lalo and Jason for helping me to choose correctly.

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