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Difference between 2014 Nexus and 2017 Mark?

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Question:  I have ordered a 2017 Goya Bolt Pro 115 and a  Goya  Mark 8.5 2017.

I already have the 2014 Goya Nexus 6.4m2, 6.9m2 and 7.5m2. I think the sails are still in excellent condition and are very good.

What difference would there be between the 2014 Goya Nexus 7.5m2 and the 2017 Goya Mark 7.2m2 or 2017 Goya Mark 7.8 m2 Mark, apart from one batten and the sizing differences ?

Would a Goya Nexus from 2014 (assuming it is in mint condition) still have the same power delivery and speed (using the same board) as the equivalent or near to sized  Mark ?

Thanks for your assistance.

Answer by Jason Diffin: Thanks for your mail and inquiry!

Main difference between ’14 Nexus 7.5 (7 batten) and ’18 Mark (6 batten all sizes) is yes, batten count, and also general cut and performance.

Less battens equals less weight, and as I was developing the 3 batten wave concept I realized that my carbon stretch control system was doing so so much to stabilize the drafts int he sails that I basically dropped a batten off every model in the line up.

The sails got lighter, quick on the low end, easier to pump, and easier to handle because of it.
I addition, the ’17 sails have a bit shorter boom (easy handling), they are a bit shorter overall (bit more head roach makes the sails a bit softer and more flexible feeling) and the foot outline are revised to be a bit higher- they close the gap properly, but also stay out of the way a bit more. There is more profile and more twist overall in the ’17 Mark compared to ’14 nexus, and this means there is more outhaul range (more range overall) and better high wind control.
I believe with the lighter weight, and overall fuller profiles, the ’17 Mark will power up at least as well as ’14 Nexus, plus have more range.
Jeez, sounds like a sales pitch,,, but it’s true! We’ve been working hard on the sails…
Hope this info helps Richard.
Any more questions, please let me know.
Let me know how you go!

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