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How will the new Banzai perform with a new 84 Liter Goya Thruster?

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Question: Last year you recomended to sail Qd 84 with Banzai 4,9, due to the unique early planning high pressure point. Now I have got the new Banzai 5.0.

How will the new Banzai perform with a new 84 Liter Goya Thruster? (or is Qd the best choise for Banzai’s?)


Answer:  2013 Banzai 5.0 + 84ltr Goya Thruster = Excellent combination!

Banzai 2013 (your 5.0) is a different sail than Banzai 2012.

Banzai 2013 has more emphasis on overall range- still excellent low end power (like 2012) but a massively increased high wind control and overall range. The power delivery in the new Banzai is lower, more forward and locked which is how the high wind control of the sail has improved so much.

This pairs with a thruster set up very well, nicely matching the quickness, drive and maneuverability you will find in that board.


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