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Ezzy Masts for Fringe?

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Looking at a switch
Going from ezzy taka 5 to the fringe X
How well will my ezzy mast quiver work with the fringe
Second thing I having trouble finding a 3.7 blue
I wave sail and freeride foil in northern California.
Current quiver 3.8, 4.1, 4.5, 5.0, 5.3


Aloha Jon,

Thank you for reaching over and for choosing our gear.

The Ezzy masts will work well with our sails, especially the older Ezzy masts made in the USA. The good thing about those is that you can interchange them, so you can try putting a shorter top with the longer bottom section. This will further alleviate the top of the sail, ideal for pure down-the-line wave sailing.

Still, if you have a chance, please try one of our new 80% or even 100% Goya Carbon masts. It will take your experience to the next level because of their lighter weights, reflex, and direct drive.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

All the best winds,

Francisco & Team


Mix & Match Mast Top & Bottom for Banzai?

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Hi Jason… just got my mini quiver of Banzais. They are beauties. I got 4.7. 4.2 and 3.7 and 370 & 400 80’s. Clearly I didn’t look hard enough at the specs cuz seems like I could have just got a couple 370’s. Anyway, with the 4.7, do you have any concerns about using 370 top with 400 bottom? The 400 doesn’t fit.. as you know. The 370 top is a very wee bit loose in the 400 bottom. Am I better off just using the 370 with a long extension?


Hi MIke!

Good to hear from you Man!

400 will work on 4.7- thing is you need a base that goes to zero extension.
What base are you using?
If it’s Chinook, then your minimum extension is about 6cm, which won’t work.

I abandoned trying to fit most base extensions on the market for the sake of the sail’s performance.
Now I utilize the full 30cm of range between mast lengths, whereas before I would go minimum 7, maximum 27 extension.

Goya carbon extension range is 0-32, and can be used with confidence at any of those extension lengths.

Extension Pro

400 bottom with 370 top is also a fine solution.

Most riders here on Maui are using 4.7 with 370.

Let me know how you go Mike!

Wishing you a great start to your season!


Sail Design

**** Follow-Up Question****
Thanks Jason –

That is helpful. I wish I paid more attention to the specs. My bad.

It may be time to rethink my bases/extensions. I have always liked the Chinook two-bolt bases but my US cups are all ageing so maybe it’s time to convert to pin/single-bolt with Goya extensions/bases.

Out of curiosity, do you not recommend mixing bases/tops anymore, with the 80 mast specifically? Generally speaking, the performance of the 4.7 with the 400? Just a bit tighter and powerful perhaps?


Hi Mike,

We’re finding we like the Banzai 4.7 on 370.
Even bigger riders.
The sail has a significant downhaul range- working quite well with lighter downhaul tensions to give more complete “flex feel” in the sail,,, on 370 it feels very light and lively.

On 400, the Banzai 4.7 will definitely feel more classic- locked down low, twisted up high and will want to be ridden on a higher downhaul tension setting overall. This is a great fit for a lock and load, point and shoot type of sailing…

Mixing masts is still a good option to bring a bit of both worlds, and also maybe creating the opportunity to have one less mast piece overall.

These models-
-are all interchangeable- any length to any length

Cheers Mike, please do let me know how you go!



Mix and Match Mast Lengths?

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Hi Jason,

is it possible to mix different length of masts for the new masts?

Or only for the 90% as in the past?

Best Regards,



Hi Mike!

Thanks for your message and kind words, nice to hear from you!

370 on Guru 3.5 is just fine.
340 will feel a bit softer, but it’s just the feeling, the overall performance on both masts is good.

Any questions, please let me know…

Do let me know how you go Mike!


sail design


Does a 370 Mast Work on 3.5 Guru?

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Question: Would a 370 work in the Guru 3.5?  Hoping to just get the 90% 400 and 370 and not have to invest in a 340.



Hi Mike!

Thanks for your message and kind words, nice to hear from you!

370 on Guru 3.5 is just fine.
340 will feel a bit softer, but it’s just the feeling, the overall performance on both masts is good.

Any questions, please let me know…

Do let me know how you go Mike!


sail design


Nexus B vs Nexus

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Question: What’s the difference between Nexus B & Nexus?

Im lookingat getting nexxus b 7.4 to go with my
new quiver of 202 bonzai 6.4 , 55 4.7
What is the difference in feel nexxus b vs normal nexxus.
I have a naish rdm would that work or should i get new mast . Im 220 lbs
and prefer rdm but if sdm is better then i could get


Answer: Both sails are virtually the same, weight wise, and also regarding performance and feel. Nexus B, the augmented Bi-Ply version, is more visual and colorful, as well as durable, due to its increased Bi-Ply UV resistance and longevity. Nexus, the regular Monofilm version, comes as the “less is more” option, visually, while its film should be handled with a touch more attention and care, especially over time. 

I can’t speak to the Naish mast, I haven’t verified the mast myself which would mean measuring the bend curve at least.

I will say that at 460, the required mast for Nexus models 7.4 most masts on the market are on the “constant curve” side of the bend range, and compatibility between brands (sails/masts) is mostly ok.

Not so much on the shorter masts- I design to a more flex top curve in those sizes. On the market generally there is more division on concept there.

Of course I would recommend a Goya mast, but particularly in this season- I have spent the last several years overhauling the range and this year we have introduced such a nice collection of products, they are working really well in the sails, I am stoked.
RDM 460 for Nexus models 7.4 is an excellent choice.
SDM is also a good choice, it has a bit more of a direct feel, and that tends to favor bigger riders who like to “lock and load, point and shoot”.
For you at 220 pounds, it’s up to you- some bigger riders like the more flex, active feeling rig because it supports a more active, maneuver oriented style of riding.
In the Goya mast range, there is a range of choices- generally the higher the carbon content, the lighter the mast, then it’s a matter of choosing the durability level that is right for you. All the models have the same bend curve and IMCS specs so they all fit and support the sail correctly.
Hope this info helps Jim.
Let me know how these new sails are working for you!
Jason Diffin
sail design

What are the differences between the various masts you offer?

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Question: Product Topic: Goya 90% RDM vs 85% RDM


I am plan to buy new Goya masts and cannot really find any info on the difference between them performance wise. The price difference between the two indicate there should be quite some difference (90% cirka 150 euro more expensive).

The 85% is supposed to be a little softer than the 90%, but how much… Is the 85% also softer than the 70% ?

I tried the banzai sails at Pozowinds and really love them for their direct feel and quick response and therefore want to keep that feel with the right mast.
I have also heard rumours that the 85% is made in Italy vs the 90% which is made i the US, which makes med wonder if there is a difference in the bend-curve between the two?

Is any og the pros using the 85%, if so how do they describe the mast? 

Really Hope you can help me decide on the right mast. Btw I mainly sail at Hanstholm and Klitmoeller in Denmark.

Cheers from a confused first time Goya buyer

Answer: Epic mail from you, hahaha thank you for the great questions!!!!

Appreciate your infos and perspective as well… 
All the mast lengths in the product rage share the same spec size for size.
For example, the 400 RDM mast spec is 64.5%/79%/18 on all models-
Yes there is some difference in feel between the models mostly due to the weight and carbon content both of these factors, even with the same spec will make masts feel a bit different.
90% is the choice for a very nice feeling mast that really has to get pounded, hard, to break.
This is the full confidence mast.
Made in USA
85% and 70% are both lighter than 90%, and great choices as well, but not as ultimately strong as the 90%.
85% and 70% made in Italy.
We developed the 85% recently to offer a lighter version of 90% for the Europe market mostly, made in Europe…
Ive been using 85%, also Levi Siver…
Nice price point.
100% is made in Italy, and offers the lightest practical weight for a wave mast,,,, amazing feeling in the hands…,,, but when you make a mast that light, there is a higher chance of breakage for sure, I’m not going to try tell you a different story here.
This is the mast Marcilio is using, and he’s had no trouble in the comps with durability,. but for sure the guy changes so hard that a lot of his masts end up exploding on huge impacts, but probably the 90% might have as well…
70% and 85% have a slightly softer feel than 90% and 100%…
This can be nice especially if you are a light guy, but even a heavier guy might appreciate the feel…,,, you can rig a lot of shape in to the sail and it still twists properly….
Hope this info helps Troels?
Let me know if you have any more questions….
Stoked that you come the Banzai sails!!! Thank you for kind words there and appreciating the work!
Jason Diffin
sail design

When I downhaul to spec the leach is loose almost to the clew and the wrinkles just about reach the “dot”. Is this correct?

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Question: I recently purchased Mark2 pro 6.6m and 5.8m sails. I rig them on Ezzy RDM masts. When I downhaul to spec the leach is loose almost to the clew and the wrinkles just about reach the “dot”. Is this correct?


Answer: Ezzy RDM mast is going to be perfectly OK with the Mark 2 6.6. Yes, there should be looseness all the way down to the clew. 

This lower leech twist gives a very clean and low drag release to the air off the trailing edge of the sail. The result is a very easy handling characteristic from the sail in a huge wind range.

Are the 90% or 99% Flextops?

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  1. Is Goya 99% and 90% masts are flex top mast?
  2. Is new Goya sail also works good with Chinook RDM 90 or 100% carbon mast?


Here is Goya mast bend specs-

64.5% / 79% is generally considered flex top.

I see that Chinook masts are described as flex top.

370 and 400 works best as flex top, in my opinion, and also makes sails cut for constant curve work better overall in most cases…

Putting constant curve in to Goya sails, 370, and 400 particularly, , , -the sail will loose some shape down low, and the leech will be a bit tighter. OK for lighter wind, but a bit of overall range will be lost.

If there is no other choice, the sails will work OK on constant curve, but not as well overall.

Goya 340 mast is a bit more constant curve, also 430, and Goya 460 and 490 I would describe as basically constant curve.

Hope this info helps!


400 or 430 for my weight?

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shipped the 430 Goya 99 mast.  I note on the sail bag that the spec mast is 400.  Eddy (who’s great)

says the 430 should be better for me – at 185 pounds – than the 400.

I have the adjustable head extended out about as far as it can go (~13cm) and using the shortest setting on my extension (12cm).  Downhauled so that looseness in the leech is to the dot (or a shade past).  I could go another cm on the downhaul if needed but I’m trying to follow the specs.

How does this look to you –

Do you think the mast is forward enough in the sleeve?

Do you agree on Goya 430 99 RDM instead of 400?

Just getting my questions out of the way up front so I can enjoy the sail the way you intended.  Thanks.



Mega apologies for the delayed reply,,, I’ve been super swamped getting ready to leave for China (Sunday morning) and trying to get and keep all my ducks in a row….!!!

I believe Eddy did you right, and that you will be very stoked on the feel of that 430 99% mast.

At 185 pounds, you have the weight to load the mast properly and get the flex feel out of it, and also get really good low end drive and stability.

If you were 170 or under I would recommend 400 because the mast will flex a little more easily and give a lighter hand feel. The 5.4 Nexus on 430 for this weight rider will start to overpower a little more quickly than 400.

At 185, you will enjoy the low end drive, great flex feel, range and also usability in larger sail sizes.

Your rigging looks great.
Maybe a little more tension on the foot batten to clean the sail up a bit down there. Too much tension on that lowest batten will make it a little more difficult to rotate (a harder “pop”), so if you feel that, then you know you’ve gone too far.

I see you are downhauled to the dot which is perfect, then just control the power with the outhaul. +2-2.5cm of positive tension (after the downhaul is set) is a good starting point. If the sail feels too powerful or pitchy, just add outhaul in 1cm increments until it fells right. Never over-outhaul the sail because you will kill the power and make it difficult to handle in any wind condition.

The sail can be used with a bit less downhaul and outhaul in the lightest of winds to maximize the low end power.

Hope this info helps Nathan, and do keep in touch and let me know how you go!




Will Banzai work on Gaastra Mast?

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Question:  Will your banzai work on 100 per cent carbon gaastra  mast?  Is the Goya sail made for constant curve ?

Answer from Jason Diffin: Thanks for your message.

I can’t speak directly to how the Gaastra mast will behave,,, I think they tend to be constant curve, correct?

I design on more flex top (64.5%/79%) in sizes 370, 400, 430,,, although I tend towards constant curve on 340, 460 and 490.

I believe a more flex top in those keys control sizes droves draft low and stable, and also promotes a smooth progressive twist which brings range, rigging range, and a massive range of points of sail that the sail will feel really good in.

Hope this info helps!



SDM or RDM for 2016 Nexus?

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Question: I bought a Nexus 5.9 2016. Which mast is better for it, SDM or RDM?

Answer:  Thanks for your inquiry and thank you for choosing Nexus!

RDM and SDM are both good, they just offer different things-

RDM offers easy rigging, softer feel, nice hand contact when sailing, and potentially super strength.

SDM locks more power lower in the sail, which can be advantageous for heavier sailors,,, or sailors who prioritize speed over maneuverability… Also, the increased diameter means thinner wall mast to achieve the same stiffness. SDM masts can be very light and “race-ey”…

Our mast range as a point of reference-

We have a nice 70% SDM on offer for the first time this year- very nice blend of light and strong as our single SDM option at the moment.

Our 90% RDM offers excellent feel, nice weight with excellent strength.

Our 99% RDM is an awesome super lightweight option for flatwater/bump/jump use only- the mast is very light and not meant for breaking waves of any kind… The feel in the hands is electric though- for me this is the next level up feeling in a windsurfing rig,,,, just magical…,,, unless there are waves hunting you….!!! ha ha ha

Another option-
Our 70% RDM is actually lighter than the 90% RDM and offers a great blend of weight, feel and strength.

To find the best option, just have to describe your sailing (aspirations) and plug in the mast.

Hope this info helps!
Please let me know how you go with the mast you choose on the Nexus 5.9…
-and just let us know if there is anything more we can do to help.
Cheers LMLG!
jason diffin
sail design
Goya Windsurfing


Eclipse on NoLimitz Original Skinny or Simmer RDM10 OK?

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Question:  I have a Simmer x-flex (5.0) and Goya Eclipse (5.3) that rig on 400 cm mast. Any input on Simmer RDM10 vs. Goya Direct Drive for these sails? Am I missing something sailing them on my old NoLimitz “original” skinny? I’m 165’s.

Answer: Thanks for your mail and question. Simmer mast should be OK.

Nolimitz original skinny 400 is stiffer in the top, softer in the bottom than the Goya mast. This will make your sails a bit tighter in the head, and softer (flatter) in the bottom.

At your weight (165) the sail will feel ok, in light to normal wind, but will start to feel overpowered more quickly in strong wind compared to how it feels on a more flex top mast.

Flex top promotes low stable draft and progressive leech twist- this allows you to rig the sail fuller in light wind (low stable draft for power, open head for control) and allows you to add a bit of outhaul as the wind increases giving easy control when powered up (open head helps here also).

Stiff top/Soft bottom masts don’t have as much range as a flex top mast.

I am not alone with my mast bend strategy- Naish, North Sails, Ezzy, Simmer (at least when I was designing them- now I’m not sure) among others all tend towards flex top.

Hope this info helps!

Please let me know how you go.



What IMCS/ Bend Do you Recommend for Guru?

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Question: I have just got a 2014 3.7, and 2015 4.2 and 4.7 Guru’s. Which IMCS and bend characteristics do you recommend for masts?

Answer: Thanks for your email, and congratulations on your new Goya Guru sails!

On the general market these masts would be considered “flex top”.

If you use Goya masts, you could interchange a 370 top on to a 400 bottom achieving a 385 mast length, and then require a mast base extension of 28cm. This would allow you to cover the whole range with one and a half masts. If you are a heavier rider I would warn against it because the combo mast will be a touch softer and you will lose a bit of low end drive by extending a shorter mast and making it softer. If you are average or light weight, you might actually prefer the 4.7 this way because it is a bit lighter rig overall, and will have a slightly softer and more forgiving feel.

Hope this info helps!

Please let me know of you have any more questions.

Thanks Benjamin

cheers, and Happy Holidays!

Jason Diffin
Sail Design
Goya Windsurfing


Banzai on SDM?

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Question: For my 5.3 BANZAI PRO 2013, can I use a SDM or must the mast be RDM? I have bought today a sail Goya Banzaï pro 2013 (new). I have a mast 4.3m SDM. Can I use this mast for this sail?

Answer: Try rigging the sail. If the lower 2 battens, particularly the lowest batten does not clear the mast easily when rotating from tack to tack, then the mast diameter is too large. Please let me know how it goes!


How do I reduce travel weight with Eclipse Quiver?

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Question: At the moment i’m very happy with my 4.2/4.7/5.3 Eclipse Mod. 2012 and the Goya-Masts 3.70 / 4.00m.
One main reason for buying the sails (besides that they look great, are well built and are a pleasure to ride) was that i could use a 4.00m mast for all 3 sails, meaning that i could travel with 3 sails and two masts and still have a spare mast to safe my surfing day just in case one breaks…
reducing the weight of the gear is very important, as the airlines are very strict with the 30 kg max weight. On my last trip to Capetown i had to pay 200€ on overweight (on the way back we were very successful in discussing it to zero 🙂
so i’m a bit sad that i can’t just change to the 2014 sails, because the 5.3 (Eclipse ode Banzai) needs a 4.30 m Mast and the 4.2 needs a 3.70m. And maybe you forgot to put a vario-top in there, so i have to take 3 (!) masts (or the mix & match as recommend in your FAQ) and still don’t have a spare mast in the quiver. at the moment this keeps me from buying new 2014 eclipse or banzais…
are you maybe planning to reduce the luff of the 5.3 a bit and put a vario-top in the 4.2? (or maybe a ‘loop’ of this belt-material to achieve either 4.00m for travelling and 3.70m for the home spots when i got the mast in the van. As far a i know, the NP Sails have this kind of loop with an extra mast-pin that you can exchange quite easy. I’d prefer that solution, because it can’t change the length and is very light compared to a normal variop-top.)
what do you think?

Answer: 2014 Banzai/Eclipse sails-

4.2 to 5.3 can be covered with 4 Goya mast parts- 370 top, 400 complete, 430 bottom. 

4.2 – 400 bottom, 370 top

5.3- 430 bottom, 400 top

The 5.3 needs to be taller than 427 (maximum 400 mast + extension) for best performance. Myself, and my competitive riders don’t want to compromise performance in this critical size, and we sell what we ride and believe in.

The quality and consistency of our USA made masts allows us to mix and match length sections with confidence, and also to enhance performance characteristics of the sails.

Any more questions or comments, please let me know.


Goya Nexus Compatible with NoLimitz or Powerex?

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Question: Does the Goya Nexus rig satisfactorily on No Limitz Skinnys or Powerex RDMs in the appropriate length? Are your masts considered constant curve or flex-top?

Answer: Goya masts are  considered flex top in lengths 370, 400, 430, and more of a constant curve bend in the lengths 310, 340, 460 and 490. Nolimitz masts tend towards constant curve in every length listed here. So, to answer your question- Nexus requiring 460 or 490 will rig OK on NL, 430 is not as good but basically OK.  Nexus 4.3 and 4.9 really do much better on a Goya mast.


Mix and Match New and Old Goya Masts?

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Question: I am ordering a 430 bottom and 340 top to partner with my full 400 and 370.  However, I am wondering for which year’s masts is this switcheroo possible?  I have a Goya 400 from last year, but my Goya 370 is probably 2010.  I’ll check when I get home, but is it a good bet if the 400 top fits on the 370 bottom, that all else will be compatible too?  You might know which year’s masts are interchangeable off the top of your head…

Answer: Nice to see you taking advantage of the mix and match lengths- I spent June in Europe doing promotion and this was one of my top topics of discussion with people… When they get it, they are stoked. Any black or grey mast with “Made in the USA” on the label is interchangeable between lengths.


Are Neil Pryde or Ezzy Masts OK?

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Question: Can you give us an advice for buying sails please? First of all, my weight is about  80 kg, my boards are 2 three fin wave, 80 and 95 l ,conditions are side,side-on and onshorewind and waves of max 2 meters. I want to have 3 sails ranging from 15-37 knots. Can i use other mast than goya for example neil pryde or ezzy mast?

Answer: Ezzy mast is the closest to the Goya mast in bend. NP mast I don’t know so well.

Regarding the sails- choose according to the desired power and feel, not the conditions. All of our wave sails are suitable for any wave condition- the difference is how the sail delivers power and the feeling in your hands.

Banzai- 4 battens, light weight, direct power
Guru G4- (new for ’14) 4 battens, light weight- softer power delivery and feel
Eclipse- 5 battens, (quiet in the hands)  power and excellent overall range

Hope this info helps!


KA Sails Mast for Goya Sail?

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Question: I have a Ka sails rdm mast and I want to know if it is able to be used in goya guru 2013.Also an epic super skinny mast would be ok?

Answer: They will work, the question is how well. If I could bend the masts, I could tell you more precisely. The thing is, I don’t know how those masts are supposed to bend, and it’s often difficult to get that info out of the manufacturers.

Generally speaking, the Goya masts tend to be a more flex top type bend, particularly in the lengths 370, 400, 430.The bend spec is bottom- 64.5%, top- 79% for those lengths. This bend curve helps keep the draft locked low and forward, and keeps the leech twisting smoothly and progressively through the top. I hope this info helps.


Save Money on Masts – Will One Work for my 4.0 and 4.5 Banzai?

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Question: I have 2013 Banzai 4.0 and 4.5 and would like to avoid buying 2 masts. Can I get by with just one? Would a 370 mast and 39 cm extention work for the 4.5? Would a 370 base and 400 extention be better for the 4,5? Would 400 base and 370 work for the 4.0 – and be a better total compromise than the above?

Answer:  A 370 for the 4.5 will make the sail soft and probably a bit unstable. Best choice would be a complete 370 for the 4.0, and then a 400 bottom (plus 370 top) for the 4.5. That will work very well. When mixing mast lengths, make sure that the longer section is always on the bottom.

For the complete story about mast mixing options- check out-

Scroll down to the “Pro sails mast guide” and all the info you need is right there.


Rigging with Shorter than Recommended Mast?

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Question: What can happen if you rig a 5.0 with a 3.70 m mast or a 4.2 with a 4.0m mast?

Answer: Rigging a sail with a shorter mast (plus longer extension) will result in a softer rig overall, and rigging a sail with a longer mast will result in a stiffer rig overall.

This can work to your advantage if you want to enhance a certain handling characteristic in the sail- for example lighter sailors tend to like softer rigs and heavier sailors tend to like stiffer, more direct rigs.

Also- with the Goya mast program you can mix and match different mast length sections to achieve a certain feel (always the short section on top), and to reduce the number of masts you need to cover a sail range. For example- 4.2, 4.7, 5.3 can be covered with 4 mast parts- 400 complete, 430 bottom, 370 top.

4.2- 400 bottom, 370 top

4.7- 400 complete

5.3- 430 bottom, 400 top

Pretty nice, eh?!



Powerex OK for Goya Sails?

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QUESTION: I use Powerex masts either 85 or 100% carbon depending on the length. Are these suitable for use with your sails?

ANSWER: Powerex mast should be OK for the sail…
I’m very familiar with the older US produced masts, but when they moved the production to China, and then also when the company sold and production moved again, I lost touch with the finer details, quality and consistency of the mast… I can’t comment on those masts with any certainty.

Please keep Goya Masts in mind of you every are thinking of updating your masts. All goya masts are produced in the US (5 minutes from where I spent the summer in the gorge actually) and they are bar none the strongest, most consistent bend, best feeling masts I have ever used. My previous favorite was the old US produced powerex masts. I don’t mean to sound like a salesman here, but I am super fired up on these masts.


Goya RDM 400 Mast for Tushingham or North?

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QUESTION: Got a mail from one of our customers who wondered if a Goya RDM 400cm mast would work on sails from Thusingham or North.

ANSWER: I believe that the Goya mast with it’s progressive bend curve is very adaptable to pretty much any sail on the market, and even better, because it emphasizes low locked power and a smooth progressive twist through the head of the sail.

Also, time has proven the Goya mast to be incredibly strong.
With a team like Josh Stone, Brawzinho, Levi, Keith, Bernd all hitting every lip in sight and sometimes going down hard- and we are nearly break-free through this winter season. The only exceptions were masts broken on the rocks, or if another part of the gear failed first. I believe these USA made Goya masts are maybe the strongest masts ever…


Does My Banzai Need a Softer Mast?

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Question: Thanks for all the info,I think for 5.3 Banzai  [my low end sail]I need a softer Mast [since I am relatively light] in order to pump better and get a bit more back hand pressure[softer bottom section;] that i need in Low winds.

This will decrease the range of my sail I think ,but  my priority is just to accelerate and claim waves [from kiters…;and other wave sailors] .

What is better; 430Bottom/400TOP  OR WHAT;;

While testing so far The 5.0 banzai on 400 Goya mast  felt a bit stiff and not as breath-able[pump-able] as the 4.2 banzai on a 370 Goya mast ,which is my favorite…perfect combination (for my weight and power)

Answer: For your 5.3 Banzai-

I would recommend trying 430 bottom/400 top first. This will give you a mast length of 415. The luff length on 5.3 Banzai 437 = 22cm of extension.

This will give a little more openness in the head section of the sail which will lighten the feelings in the hands, and also I believe, improve the pumping characteristics of the sail as well, for someone of your weight.

The problem with 400 bottom/430 top is it will close the head of the sails and then soften the bottom section of the sail- in my experience, that combo never felt good- the sail starts to feel top heavy because the head is too tight, and the bottom section of the sail feels unstable because the mast is too soft.

Regarding the 5.0-There is no option to use a smaller mast length here because if you use a 370 top then you would end up with a mast length of 385, and the luff length on 5.0 is 427 which means you would need 42cm of extension- too much…

My recommendation for lightening the feeling of the 5.0 is to increase the outhaul.

There really is a big range of outhaul on these sails- in particular the mid 4m+ sizes.

Increased outhaul will flatten out the transitional area (between the full bottom and open head) of the sail and induce more flex in to that area.

It’s also important to make sure your lower two battens are nice and tight to drive the profile in to the sail body- this increases the  quick feeling and draft stability a lot in the sails.

The upper battens should also be tightened, but not so much as to create an “s” bend in he sail profile.

Glad to hear the 4.2 is working well for you!


Can Nexus & Freesurf be used with SDM masts?

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Question: Nexus and Freesurf Eco can be used with SDM masts? (approx. 5,3 + 6,3 sizes). What is approx. weight of these models and do you have them on stock?

Answer: Freesurf and Nexus are SDM compatible in lengths 430, 460 and 490 only.


Is my non-Goya Mast right for my 2010 Guru?

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Question: I have a 2010 Goya Guru 4,7 since some weeks. I bought this sail, because you recommanded it for highwind windsurfing for lighter guys. I´m 73 Kg an so i thought it would be a good choice for me. Now I tested it in higher winds at the canaries an I was a bit unsatisfied. Compared with my North Ice 4,7 from 2009 it was less pressure stabil in a medium trimset (not trimmed it full power, because it was only 6 Beaoufort). Because it´s a reason of a wrong mastchoice!?? I used an 100% Carbon North Sails Skinny Mast in 400. What Masts are you recommanding. Please give me some advices more than only the Goya mast itself, because I would buy a second hand one! Thanks for your help.

Answer: Thanks for your mail and inquiry.

Let’s get you sorted out here…

The first and most common mistake for people coming from other
sail brands is that they don’t put enough downhaul. My sails
probably have the loosest heads of any sails on the market so
don’t be afraid to get plenty of downhaul on there. You should
downhaul the sail until the leech goes loose a full 2/3 of the way
in to the sail body between batten #1 and #2. It’s a lot. This is
a good setting for pretty much any condition.
Then you use the outhaul to control the power.
Start with about 3cm of positive outhaul (after the downhaul is
set), see how it feels, and reduce the outhaul for more power or
increase it to reduce power and create a more neutral feeling sail.
Also, make sure that all battens are properly tensioned until all
vertical wrinkles around the pocket are gone. The lower battens
require the most tension because they are longer and support more
profile, the upper battens require less because they are shorter
and flatter. This is an important step to make the sail feel crisp
and responsive.
Please try the techniques above and let me know how it goes…

A word about masts-

I don’t know the North mast bend spec exactly. Carbon content is
not as important as bend curve- the Goya 400 rdm is 64.5% bottom,
79% top, imcs about 18.5.

If your mast has a stiffer tip, then it can contribute to a less
stable feeling…

If you have further questions, please pair them with photos of
your sail rigged from different angles so that I can see what you
are working with. Having a visual reference really helps take the
conversation out of the realm of theory and in to practical

Good luck Mike!

Let me know how you go…


Jason Diffin

Hi Jason, hi Francisco,
last weekend I could test the 4,7 Guru in reallly strong winds and great waves in Netherland. Your setting tipps were great. Now I love the sail. I put the downhaul like you said and I could control the sail even in heavy gusts between 7 to 8 Beoufort. Some other guys were already on 3,7! The handling was perfect and stays like in 5/6 Beaufort. With my 73 kg bodyweight now I have a perfect sail from beginning of 5 up to high 7 beaufort, a sail with a really wide windrange and a great handling, thats perfect! Great sails, good job boys!!! Thanks a lot for your help. I will recommand your sails to everybody I will meat!
Know I have to test your boards too maybe….


Ezzy Hookipa Skinny on 2011 Eclipse?

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Questions: Hope all is well. I just received my 2011 Goya Eclipses-5.7 / 5.3 / 4.7 4.2 sooo stoked I currently have 2 masts, Ezzy Hookipa skinny, 1 is 430-21 and the other is 400-19 Just a few questions. Does the 5.3 Eclipse take 400-19 ? And can I get by with my Ezzy Hookipa skinnies? 2010 / 2009 models I guess I could sell the Ezzy-400-19 and buy a Goya 400-19, since the Goya 400- will cover me for 5.3 & 4.7 , but I saw in Boardseeker sail test that you recommended Ezzy as best alternative mast Most likely I will buy a Goya 370 /17 for 4.2 Mahalo for feedback / advice

Answer: Stoked to hear you got the new gear.

The 5.3 Eclipse requires a 400 mast.
Your Ezzy 400/19 should be OK!

The difference with the new Goya masts is that we have modified the lay-up of the masts to increase the durability, and the layup change also improved the feel of the masts.

Please feel free to contact me any time with feedback or questions John!

Happy Holidays



Do the old Goya masts have a different flex than 2010 and after?

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Question: Last year I bought a 370, C75%, IMCS 17, used it with a Naish 4.0 Session sail. The Combination was superb. This year I tried to use a 2010 370 Goya Mast (same IMCS,same Carbon%) and the result was rather disappointed. So I believe the New Goya Masts have a completely different Flex, they must be much More SoftTop than in the past. My question is about the old Goya Mast and especially the one I still own: What is the % flex of the Bottom, Top of this mast? It must be very close to the Naish Masts which have (64.5% Bottom, 74.5% Top).

Answer: Your guess about the bend of the older Goya mast is correct. The older Goya masts (pre-2009 production) have a stiffer tip compared to the newer masts.

The newer 370’s and 400 Goya RDM’s (the USA produced masts) have a base/tip curve of 65%/79%. This is a better fit for the modern Goya sails (2009 and onwards).

The bend curve is around 65%/76-77%.



Are these alternative masts OK for my Guru?

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Question: I will try again. It seem impossible to get a goya mast at a reasonable price in Denmark. I am thinking of amex, maverix or thusingham instead. What would you recommend for the Guru 4.5 and 5.0? Will a 4.0 Guru rig on a 400 mast?

Answer: 400 mast for 4.5 and 5.0. 400 mast on 4.0 will extend 20cm above the sail. This will make the sail feel a bit stiffer and more direct compared to having a 370 mast. For a heavier rider, it can be more OK. A lighter rider will suffer faster for that compromise.

The key to getting a good 400 is that you find a mast with a flex top bending characteristic- you want the tip to bend about 79-80% of the max bend amount.

Goya masts bend like this. North, Pryde, Simmer, Naish tend to bend like this.

The companies you listed tend to have stiffer tips, and you compromise the range of the sail.

Try to get the bend info from the masts you are considering, and then decide from there.

– JD


How do I get the most out of my 2007 FXR?

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Question: I recently acquired a (previously unused) 2007 FXR 7.5m sail. I have a feeling that I’m not perhaps getting the best out of it, possibly down to using an old mast (over 10 years old – having only recently got back into windsurfing). I was wondering what sort of mast you would recommend, for freeride conditions – often on quite bumpy water as I live in Guernsey – a small island in th English Channel. My board is a Bic 270 Vivace 96 litre, again over 10 years old but in good condition.

Answer: Are you sure the model year is 2007? The mast for the sail should be 460, I believe…

The most important thing is to get enough downhaul on the sail.You should downhaul the sail until the leech goes nice and loose in the head. Control the power with the outhaul. After downhauling, neutral outhaul will give you max power. 4cm of positive outhaul will make the sail less full and easier to handle in higher wind.Make sure your battens are tight- lots of tension on the lower battens because they are long and deep, and just a little on the top battens because they are short and flat.

It’s hard to give you much more specific information because I don’t know exactly what sail you have (your sail is from before my time designing Goya Sails), and I don’t know exactly what mast you have. Just because your mast is old doesn’t mean it’s obsolete.


Are the bend curves for masts unchanged from 2010?

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Question: We are just waiting for the 2011 shipment next week so we are really exited to test new sails in the already cold waters of the Adriatic Sea. Are the bend curves for masts unchanged from 2010?

Answer: Mast bend curves are unchanged for 2010.



Does the 2011 5.3 Eclipse work with a 430?

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Question: Does the 2011 5.3 Eclipse run on the 430 mast as well or does it require a 400 mast? Also wondering how the 2011 Eclispe works on the no limitz (91% carbom rdm wave mast (particularly interested in the low wind aspect)?

Answer: 5.3 Eclipse requires 400 mast, or 400/430 combo- preferably 400 bottom, 430 top.

I don’t recommend any of the stock Nolimitz masts for our sails, except for 340 in very rare cases.

The quality of the Nolimitz mast is unquestionable, it’s just the stiff tip that kills the compatibility with our sails.


For my 5.3 W3D, can I use a SDM or must the mast be RDM (I found an NP X9 on sale)?

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RDM is best.

The sail may work on SDM, but it would have to be rigged with the mast to be sure.

The thing to look for if you do check it on SDM is the foot batten (lowest batten) roatation around the mast. If the batten doesn’t clear the mast easily when you rotate the sail from tack to tack then it’s not compatible.

Please note- you are taking a risk on that NP mast- I wouldn’t advise committing to it- if the rotation doesn’t work than you will be stuck with non functioning mast.

The only way I recommend SDM for the W3D sails is if the mast can be checked in the sail- every company’s (SDM) masts bend differently, so compatibility has to be considered on a case by case basis.



Will an NP RDM or Fiberspar RDM work with my W3D?

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Question: I bought a Goya W3D 5.3 2008 and was wondering if the Neil Pryde RDM or Fiberspar Tidal wave RDM would match your sail curves (or does the gaastra type mast would fit better).

Answer: Although it’s tough to say exactly- mast bends from different companies are subject to change. What I want to see for that mast are specs like-
400 length19 imcs65%/79%- tip/base curve percentage.Carbon content 85% or higher.  I think the fiberspar would be OK, as well as the pryde, the Gaastra, I’m not so sure about. I hope this info helps. I also hope you enjoy your 5.3 W3D!



How far can I go from that ideal bend curve ?

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Rig the sail with the recommend mast and with the optional you are considering, pump it on both masts, even with no wind inside a shop you will be able to see right there if the draft moves up/back, if the outhaul range gets reduced and the looseness of the leech gets lower while the top doesn’t.

Also keep in mind that although most masts in the market say similar %s as ours but their consistency may vary considerably, so please rig the mast you are considering as this will have the biggest effect on your early planning, range and control.

– Francisco


What’s the ideal bend curve?

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Question: What is the ideal bend curve ? (I see your 2011 90% RDMs have base deflection of 64% and a top of 78%)

Answer: For us the ideal bend curve for a windsurfing mast that also seems to work in most sails is for a 400 64.5/79 with 18imcs, but also have to keep in consideration the carbon content, if you increase the carbon depending on the layup the imcs might need come down.

– Francisco


Which of the 90%-100% carbon masts would you recommend?

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Our masts have a unique bias lay up that makes them almost unbreakable as they can bend and twist at the same time while still maintaining stiffer bottom section and fast flex top, that difference is what allows the power on the sail to remain lower and forward and the right top is what makes the sail faster and feel lighter, easier to fly.

– Francisco


Are today’s Goya masts compatible with the older sails?

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Yes, today Goya masts are compatible with older Goya sails.

– Francisco


Are the goya 2012 masts changing in any way?

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The Goya masts are staying the same for 2012- the only difference is that we are switching to black color.

We worked really hard on the mast development in the last 2 years- many many prototypes and much much testing and I feel confident that we have the strongest, and best feeling masts on the market right now.

– Jason D.


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