Banzai X Pro

Powerwave 4 Batten.

Stock Model


Banzai X Pro

Powerwave 4 Batten

The Banzai X Pro has the same quality window film as the regular Banzai Pro, equally UV protected and highly resistant to hard creases, with the addition of ultra strong Spectra yarns for added tear resistance in the rare occasion you pinch its outstanding base film. The Banzai X Pro is the go-to worldwide wave sail for our top riders Levi Siver in the Pacific Ocean and Loick Lesauvage in the Mediterranean Sea, demanding ultimate strength in challenging conditions.

All other performance features of the Banzai X Pro are identical to the Banzai Pro.

The blue sail is Levi Siver’s personal Pro Model.

The new Goya Windsurfing sails now come packed in recycled cardboard and paper tape only. No redundant plastic bags. Your sail bag is that protective bag, keeping your planet, our planet, one step cleaner. We figured it’s a worthy trade off, as our love for windsurfing and the planet only grows.

Pro Construction, X-Ply window, Scrim panels.

Available in 3,15, 3,4, 3,7, 4,0, 4,2, 4,5, 4,7, 5,0, 5,3, 5,5, 5,7, 6,0, 6,3 square meters.

Available in Blue & Fluo Yellow or Fuchsia & Fluo Yellow.

La Banzai X Pro a la même qualité de film de fenêtre que la Banzai Pro ordinaire, également protégée contre les rayons UV et très résistante aux plis, avec l’ajout de fils Spectra résistants afin d’éviter les déchirures en cas d’improbable accrochement du film.
La Banzai X Pro est la voile de vagues universelle par excellence pour nos meilleurs riders, Levi Siver dans l’Océan Pacifique et Loick Lesauvage en Mer Méditerranée, exigeant une solidité ultime dans des conditions difficiles.

Toutes les autres caractéristiques de performance de la Banzai X Pro sont similaires à la Banzai Pro.

La voile bleue est le Pro Model de Levi Siver.

Construction Pro, Fenêtre X-Ply, Panneaux Scrim.

Disponible en 3,15, 3,4, 3,7, 4,0, 4,2, 4,5, 4,7, 5,0, 5,3, 5,5, 5,7, 6,0, 6,3 mètre carrés.

Disponible en Bleu & Jaune Fluo ou Fuchsia & Jaune Fluo.




Banzai X Pro.

5.0 Squaremeters.


How to get it right every time.

Rope alignment guide for Goya sails paired with Goya extensions.


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Brad, Canada  
Apr 16, 2024 

wanted to share two things worth mentioning as continuation of our conversation while on the water the other day about gear that doesn\'t break ?

The batten tensioners with the hooks on the side is a really nice feature for simplicity of removing the rope and batten vs the half moon shape other brands use, those half moon things force you to crinkle the monofilm to remove and replace the darn thing, these hook type with Goya are really nice ? big win boom shaka

Also the Goya battens are different and feel light, I was told by other brand they (battens) are all the same that is hogwash, y un monton grande de mierda, not true at all. I can see with the Goya battens looking in the center area where the batten is cut to size it\'s solid throughout the diameter, vs other brand is a white flaky dusty almost chalky with visible glass fiber splinters

Lovin those Banzai\'s thank you.

Corey, Australia  
Jan 16, 2023 

Great work guys.
The 2022/23 Banzai X sails are amazing.
You seem to have made a softer and lighter sail which feels really good.
It also feels a little more forgiving when you are loaded up coming off the top and when you land aerials too.
Plus its much easier to unrig with the slightly larger luff pocket which will mean less creases in the window and therefore a longer life.
My sails have are super tough and this gives me the confidence to ride the waves I want.
Love your work.

Brook, USA  
Aug 08, 2022 

Wow! You guys nailed it. The new 2022 Banzai is the best one yet. Massive range and super light. I used it with the 100% mast and the combo is amazing!

George, Hood River, Oregon  
May 30, 2022 

I finally got out the gear yesterday at Doug's. I am blown away! The Banzai X 3.4 with the 100% 370 and skinny boom felt like a butterfly's wing in my hands! And the Cube 81 turned so radically I actually tripped over it when I carved hard upwind for a backside hit! Now I understand how MB makes those crazy turns.

Matias, Argentina  
May 12, 2022 

I went for the banzai pro 4.0 and 4.7, year 2021. A sweet and nice dream! They got power, but at the same time you feel like you are holding such a light sail on your hand….they come with two holes for rigging them, depending on stronger or lighter wind condition (so the are versatile too).

Apr 23, 2022 

I got my new quiver of Banzai . The sails are amazing. The biggest improvement from 20 version is the light weight , amazing colours and rigging range . The sails respond very well to downhaul adjustments . Awesome job on the 22/23 sails goya team


Robin, The Netherlands  
Jul 19, 2021 

I got Banzai X Pro's 2021 3.4, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 and 5.5, with 85kg I can pick the best sail at any windy condition starting from 17 kts. They are very smooth and good to control, yet powerful enough for early planing. Also for safety, in grey Noth Sea conditions the new bright colors work well so you get notified. Great combination with the Custom 4 Pro 2021

Corey Jones, Western Australia  
Oct 25, 2019 

I got this little vid from my friend from Wales which is a good testament to the strength of your rigs. It was a light onshore day so it wasn't easy once you were locked in to the wave and very difficult to get back out once you got caught inside. At least a 30 min exerçise. I lost momentum when I kicked off and got caught out by the next one. Everyone thought all the gear was going to be totally destroyed but only a busted batten and a tiny rip in the window. Pretty amazing I say. This is exactly why I love using your gear.
Cheers Corey.

Alex, France  
May 03, 2019 

I'd like to add one more question regarding the rigging of the bigger sails (5.0 and 5.3): I'm a bit confused with the outhaul tension. When I try to rig the sail according to the specs, I found the sail quite 'deep'. The sail is touching the boom as far as to the harness lines.

I don't feel it to be much of a behaviour issue, but I'm wondering what's the nominal setting.

Is it ok ? Or should I apply more tension at the outhaul ? Would the sail feel lighter this way ?

Have a nice hawaiian day.

Regards from Marseille.


Ofir, Israel  
Aug 13, 2018 

I got the Banzai X pro 5.5, it's an amazing sail with great performance but few things are not clear to me when it came to tuning:
The boom size according to the chart (also on the sail and the bag) is 170/157 but when I tuned my sail I needed to make the boom 176 (with mast ezzy skinny 400 and extension of 30), is it a mistake? should it be 175/170?

Hugo, England  
Aug 15, 2017 

I have banzai for many years. And they still perform incredibly well. Would like to have seen the yellow and blue more for sale.

Corey, Auatralia  
Mar 27, 2017 

Our season is almost over now and we have had lots of great sailing all summer at Margaret River.
I am truly loving the Banzai X 5.7.
It is without a doubt the best sail I have ever used.
So good in fact I haven't even tried the brand new 5.7 Fringe I got at the same time yet.
Well done crew.

Corey, Australia  
Oct 31, 2016 

Sailed again yesterday in pretty solid wind with the 5.7 Banzai X (90kg kiters were out with 7m2 kites, no other windsurfers).

I really liked the stability at the top end of the and it was probably a real solid 22 knots which is quite a bit for a 5.7.

I am yet to see how it performs in the super-light wind but I'm sure it gunna be great given the performance of the previous ones.

And its truly good to see less pink in the sail mate.

I think adding the X-ply to the window is the one smart move.

Another one of the greatest things with the banzai is changing the clews while sailing.

This allows you go out through the current with the sail really full and then depower to ride or simply adjust the sail to changes in the wind.

Just like reefing down the sail of a yacht.

One thing that seems apparent on using the sails twice is that the X-ply window seem less likely to crease when rigging and un-rigging which will definitely help extend the life of the window and the sail.

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