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Best Strong Wind Foil Sail?

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Hi Goya Team,

I’m looking for a strong wind Foil sail.
Just have discussed with the shop freestyle world for a scion 2,25 + Goya 265 epoxy mast.
It should be in use for 30 knots plus for mysef (80 kg weight).
The shop owner had doubts that nothing breaks.
Usage is only for foiling in flat water. As foiling reduces the weight compared to fin surfing regarding the pressure in the sails for about 50%.
Can I buy that combination or is the high danger of breaking mast or damaged sail?
What is your experience?
Or os it better to ise a 340 mast? Or is that to stiff?
Can you let me at how many cm I can mount the boom at the 2,25?
At a 3.0 the boom gap at the mast sleeve ends at 130 cm measure from the polley.
Is there also warranty for that usage?
Thanks a very lot in advance!!

WR and hang loose Michael


Hi Michael,

Thanks for the mail!
Where do you sail?

Yes, I have some experience with your scenario-
Scion is a great choice, and the sail of choice for quite a few riders in your situation that I know around the gorge and a bit on Maui.
The sail is built to the same strength standard as all the others, there is no compromise there it is a legit wave sail just as reference.
Of course we stand by the sail – if it blows up for no obvious reason, I surely want to know about it !

Boom cut out height-
Top limit of the Scion boom position – measuring from the bottom edge of the sail tack pulley is about 115cm

To help here, you can also ride the sail high off the tack pulley- like 5-7cm high- but then you have to make sure to use your excess downhaul line to lash and pull the tack of your sail in to maintain shape and tension on the tack foot of the sail. The Scion works pretty well this way actually with a bit more clear

Last idea here, and a few people have done this, is to have the boom cut out modified up at your local sailmaker if you have one in your area.

Looking to the future, I have had many requests for Cypher 2.3,,, and I believe I could be ready with something there by mid/later summer meaning available in the market around late summer fall this year.

I don’t believe there is enough adjustable head webbing on the Scion 2.25 for a 340 mast. I suppose you could have the sail modified, but I’ve not tested it that way. Would probably work.

310 is a great mast for that sail…

I actually worry that the 265 might be a bit soft for you…

Let me know how you go Michael, and do let me know if you need any more info!


Jason Diffin
Sail Design


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