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Keith by Paul


Weight Reduction.

2022/23 Windsurfing Sails.

Engineered by Jason Diffin
Developed by Francisco Goya, Marcilio Browne, Levi Siver, Keith Teboul, Antoine Albert
Designed by Bjoern Zedlick

The biggest overriding improvement on all 2022/23 sails is a massive weight reduction.

Half a kilogram per sail, often more, has been shed across the majority of the range.

Our focus has always been on making the lightest feeling sails, sails that fly in the hands, silky across a huge range of use, due to superbly refined weight distribution.

What’s all new for this year is that we were able to significantly drop the actual product weight more than ever before, resulting in the lightest Goya Windsurfing sails yet. Big news.

Less material in the batten pockets, the top and around the edges – losing swing weight, providing more lift – what it all comes down to is that stronger materials, and the evolution of how they are deployed, is enabling us to achieve the same level of build quality, at a fraction of the layers required.

All opportunities were seized to drop weight, and yet the 2022/23 range delivers the same durability you have come to expect, paired with all new levels of drive and dynamics. Bi-Ply, X-Ply, Scrim, made in the USA, like all our films, Dual Pass Lamination and UV Inhibitor, combine to provide the strongest and longest lasting films in sailmaking.

All 2022/23 sails feature tailored CNC battens for a superior profile.

Along with our new mast range, including the freshly launched Ultra Pro, these new sails ride in a different league of feather weight.


Jason Diffin

New Models.

The range.

Banzai Pro Powerwave
Banzai X Pro Powerwave
Fringe Pro Surfwave
Fringe X Pro Surfwave
Eclipse Pro Variowave
Eclipse X Pro Variowave
Guru X Controlwave
Cypher Pro Freestyle
Mark 2 Freerace 2 Cam
Mark B Freerace
Mark Freerace
Mark X Freerace
Nexus B Freeride
Nexus Freeride
Scion X Youth
Surf Trainer

New Look.

The design.

The 2022/23 range marks the departure of our sails from their trademark helix theme, introduced over a decade ago.

The new design is a leap toward the modern and the mature. Cleaner and leaner, both in appearance and the amount of materials used to build each sail.

Engineering and design, function and form, going hand in hand, with the overarching goal of reducing weight and creating sails of unparalleled performance.

Get out and ride,

Bjoern Zedlick

Freestyle sails.

Dedicated no-compromise show-stopping Freestyle, and nothing else.

Freerace sails.

Ludicrous speed and easy rigging do not have to be antagonist.

Freeride sails.

Blazing a trail and being all at ease about it.

Youth & Trainer sails.

First steps and young steps.






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