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Hundred Pro

RDM Reduced Diameter Mast

100% Carbon. This all new all carbon mast is our pride and joy. We’ve put years of research into this mast, to deliver a product that surpasses our previous all carbon Flatwater mast in both performance and stability. The goal was to open the new product up to all disciplines. Where our previous mast was limited to Freestyle and Freeride, the new Hundred Pro feels equally at home in Wave and Race, and delivers insane dynamics. The reflex of this mast alone will transform your entire rig, both by the Direct Drive™ and Diagonal Flex™ technologies it incorporates, but also by it’s sheer difference in weight. This is our new lightest mast, and for many team riders it’s their new favorite.

Available in 340, 370, 400, 430 centimeters.

Comes in Diagonal Flex™ technology.
Peel Ply anti-slip boom area prevents sliding.
Built with same length sections for easy handling.


Ultra Pro, Hundred Pro, Eighty Pro, Seventy, Fifty are interchangeable with each other, all lengths, all carbon contents, RDM only.

Ninety Pro is interchangeable within itself, all lengths.




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Jonathan, USA  
Jul 06, 2024 

What harness lines do you use?
And do you approve of using masts from other manufacturers on your sails? I’m using neilpryde and Goya. I’m sure you would say best using a Goya mast but is it something you pride yourself on that you make kit that can be matched with most other brands? This surely would be a good thing for Goya as you show versatility.


Aloha Jonathan,

Good to hear from you. I use 32" harness lines and believe that for 80% of the people, 28" to 32" should be the range, S, M & L. In regards to your second question, Yes, most masts share a similar bend curve nowadays. Still, it is difficult to know everything that all brands do, especially on consistency, as not all carbon and prepreg are equal. We have been using Toray Prepreg Carbon for years, as nothing comes close to the consistency of the bend, reflex, and durability we have found since we switched over. We have riders from other brands (including NP) purchasing our masts, so we know they do make a difference for them. Our masts are versatile, and our sails are the same, but they do rig and feel even better when paired together. I hope that you can try them. Sometimes, I even tell people looking for new gear to upgrade their masts, and then when things come around, look for a used sail.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

All the best winds,


Wayne, San Francisco  
Jan 17, 2024 

Hi Francisco,
I\'m planning to pick up a 4.5 m Banzai this year, and I think it\'s time to get a Goya 370 mast. I seem to remember Derek at Delta Windsports telling me that Goya mast bend curve changed at some point. I have a couple older Banzai sails, so I\'m concerned that a new mast won\'t work well with the older sails.
Can you tell me if this information is correct and if it matters?


Hi Wayne,

It\'s great to hear from you and stoke on our gear.

Our mast construction changed, but not our bends. The new masts did get lighter and faster with the new prepreg Toray carbons, which we are really happy about, making our current, previous and other sails feel even better on them; I have been non-stop using our 100% Carbon sticking it on the reef, and you can see Braw’s wipeout in Fiji last year with the same mast staying in one piece.

The new masts are also interchangeable between sizes and carbon contents, allowing you to customize your bends for this in between sizes by either making the bottom stiffer with a bigger section or the top lighter with a smaller section. It’s your choice. A stiffer bottom will add stability and drive, while a smaller top will increase release and handling.

Please note that our new previous versions, 90% and 99% are not compatible with our newer 70, 80, 100% or Ultra.

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions or if there is anything that we can help you with.

Happy New Year!


Jonathan, USA  
Jan 02, 2023 

We have been enjoying riding the new gear this year. We took a trip to Bonaire for the 1st time, and rented gear from the Dunkerbeck center specifically to try the Goya stuff. First, that is a magical place for flat-water cruising! We had good wind the week there and got to sail everything from 5.3-7.4. I was duly impressed with the gear, and have to say one of the most memorable & surprising sessions was on the last day when the wind had dropped off. I decided to rig big and take a last sail before leaving the next day on a Carrera 130 & Nexus 7.4. I hadn't sailed gear that big in a long time, but had an absolute blast. I believe the larger 5 battened recreational sails to be one of the most challenging to design and build well given its natural constraints. Hats off to Jason & the team though, as that was a very impressive sail. I tried a couple of the other brands side by side against it just to see if all sails had become that good, but it really stood out with its balance, power, and stability. It was good coming home knowing we were getting into some great sails.

I ended up going all in with sails from 3.7-6.6, masts, and four boards. I figure no time like the present, right. Boards like the Quad 89 I assumed would just rip, which it does, & the Volar 110 virtually jibes itself, but the big stand-out is the One3 105. Hands down, one of the most fun boards I have ever sailed! I had tried one of the older versions in Bonaire, and honestly was not super impressed. It was decent, but felt very traditional in terms of planing up and quickness. The new version feels very updated & does everything amazingly well. I've sailed it lit 4.7 up to 5.9, and can't wipe the smile off after sailing it!

Here's a pic from our last sail of the year Dec 12th - water temp was in the 40's, air temp in the 30's, occasionally snowing, but blowing 20-30. I probably would not have gone, but my son was home from school & really wanted to get a session. Man, I am glad we went - super fun session with him & a friend on the water!

I hope you are well, and enjoying the holidays. I just wanted to say hello, and let you know all the hard work you & the Goya team have put in on the '22/'23 gear is appreciated.

Warm regards,

Alvin, USA  
Sep 08, 2022 

Hi Francisco,

Thanks for getting back to me, the mast is a gaastra 75% rdm, not sure what year, it's silver with gold colored reinforcements... it does seem to work pretty well on my Banzai, so shouldn't be too extremely hardtop right? Sending you a picture could be a good idea, you can judge the shape/tuning with this mast hopefully... again, thnaks for your answer,

Regards, Alwin.

Hi Alvin,

My pleasure. Yes, a picture is always helpful.

You don't want masts with a soft bottom, or stiff top. This makes the lower two battens disengaged. When you downhaul, the sail/mast folds in the middle, and the lower leech is the one that opens up. All the forward drive, reflex, and acceleration are removed from the profile, making it feel heavier at the top.

Please let me know when you are in the market for a new or used mast. We will be happy to provide you with some options. Here I also cc Pascal, who manages our shop on Maui.

All the best!


Andy, UK  
Jun 09, 2022 

Very please with these! I was surprised by how light they were and worked really well with the smaller rigs.

The smallest masts are often disappointing in range since they are often just a ‘sawn off’ version of the larger size but these are excellent!

George, Hood River, USA  
May 30, 2022 

I finally got out the gear yesterday at Doug's. I am blown away! The Banzai X 3.4 with the 100% 370 and skinny boom felt like a butterfly's wing in my hands! And the Cube 81 turned so radically I actually tripped over it when I carved hard upwind for a backside hit! Now I understand how MB makes those crazy turns.

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