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Freeride Single

The Volar shares all shape and features with the Volar Carbon, except it comes in a rugged and more affordable build, ideal for schools, centers and families, while offering identical ride characteristics. A durable, tough, but still light board.

The Volar is our ultimate user-friendly Windsurfing board to grow, learn and enjoy the sport at all levels. The board is fast, stable and accelerates with each gust of wind.

On a straight line or gybing, the Volar rides naturally giving the rider all the confidence to push their level on every move. With its thinner profile on the water or in the air, the new Volar feels glued to your feet.

Each size was individually created to match the specific conditions giving the larger volumes a proportionally wider and longer outline, with added balance and the early planing needed for the lighter conditions. The smaller sizes have a smoother bottom curve for the added control needed on the rougher days.

Considerably more affordable, by using a wood sandwich build around its cubed fused cell foam core, the Volar guarantees for supreme durability, making it a favorite with windsurfing centers around the world.

The Volar features unidirectional glass reinforced rails for extra stiffness in surf conditions. High grade epoxy resin creates an impact resistant outer skin. All other features and inserts match the Carbon version.

Fused Cell Core. Goya boards come with a Fused Cell Core made from EPS. Fused Cell Expanded Polystyrene is a high quality, low weight, rigid, closed cell foam used in advanced modern production boardmaking.

Wood Sandwich. Wood in combination with fiberglass can take heavy beatings over an extended period of time, for example in school or rental scenarios. On top it creates a very affordable construction.

The new Goya Windsurfing boards now come packed in recycled cardboard and paper tape only. No plastic bags. Keeping your planet, our planet, one step cleaner. We figured it’s a worthy trade off, as our love for windsurfing and the planet only grows.

Wood Sandwich Construction.

Available in 110, 120, 130, 145, 160 liters.

Comes with the latest generation MFC footstraps.

In-board and out-board footstrap options.

Available in Bright Red & White.

La Volar partage les mêmes shapes et caractéristiques que la Volar Carbone, sauf qu’elle est disponible dans une construction robuste et plus abordable, idéale pour les écoles, les centres et les familles, tout en offrant les mêmes caractéristiques de navigation. Une planche durable, résistante et légère.

Beaucoup plus abordable, grâce à un sandwich bois autour de son pain de mousse en EPS, la Volar garantit une durabilité suprême, ce qui en fait une favorite des centres de planche à voile à travers le monde.

La Volar est dotée de rails unidirectionnels renforcés de verre pour une rigidité supplémentaire dans les conditions de surf. La résine époxy de haute qualité crée une peau extérieur résistante aux chocs. Toutes les autres caractéristiques et inserts sont similaires à la version Carbone.

Noyau de cellules fusionnées. Les planches Goya sont livrées avec un noyau de cellules fusionnées en EPS. Le polystyrène expansé à cellules fusionnées est une mousse rigide à cellules fermées de haute qualité, légère, utilisée dans la production de planches modernes avancées.

Sandwich bois. Le bois en combinaison avec la fibre de verre peut supporter des chocs lourds sur une longue période de temps, par exemple pour des scenarios d’écoles ou de location de planches. De plus, cela crée une construction très abordable.

Construction Sandwich Bois.

Résine Bio.

Disponible en 110, 120, 130, 145, 160 litres.

Options de footstraps intérieur ou extérieur.

Disponible en Rouge Vif & Blanc.




Volar Carbon / Volar over One 3 Carbon when you need a bit more width, stability, and larger volumes.

Volar Carbon / Volar over Carrera Carbon when you want a board for the whole family to learn and progress with three levels of straps options, from entry-level to intermediate and outer rail option.

Volar Carbon / Volar over Bolt Pro when you want a board for the whole family to learn and progress with three levels of straps options, from entry-level to intermediate and outer rail option.


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Alejandro, Argentina  
Feb 15, 2024 


I am teaching m children progress and was thinking on a Volar 160. They now sail in a windsurfer LT, ages 15 and 17. I am looking for a board in which they can learn to plane in the footstraps, learn water start and, importantly for us, they can use to sail in non-planning conditions which makes them feel safe. I saw the big Volar is relatively long, with a long flat section in the bottom, and seems to have a relatively low rocker, all of which I guess would help when non planning. I also appreciate the strong build option at a lower price point. We sail mostly in relatively light winds, the sails I used the most myself are 8.4 and 7.7 sqm.

Should I buy the biggest Volar or choose a size a bit smaller?

Response: Hola Alejandro,

Gracias por contactarnos.

Mil disculpas por la tardanza, tuvimos unos problemas con la pagina.

Creo que la Volar 160 siempre sera una tabla que permita el aprendisaje y desarrollo de los chicos y cualquier invitado, es como una bicicleta que siempre funciona. Por supuesto que mas pequeña ayudara a que sea mas maniobrable y pueda controlarse mejor con vientos mas fuertes que cuando estas con la 7.7

Aca te pongo en contacto con mis socios Nico y Marian. Avisame cualquier cosa que te podamos ayudar.

Todo los mejores vientos ahi,


Carlos, Spain  
Aug 27, 2023 


Me llamo Carlos, he comprado esta mañana una Goya Volar 145.
Me gustaría saber cuál es la mejor posición para poner los footstraps. Mido 1.80cm y peso 90kg. Mi nivel es básico, me he comprado la tabla para retomar el windsurf. Cuando era un adolescente planeaba con los pies en los straps, pero hace muchos años de esto. La principal vela que utilizaré será una 7.8m.

Un cordial saludo y muchas gracias.


Hola Carlos,

Muchas gracias por escribir y elegir nuestra tabla.

El strap de atras mas atras reducirán el area mojada del fondo de la tabla, pero también requiere un poco mas de técnica mantener el planeo cuando el viento baja. Lo mismo para el pie de mastil. Cuando mas atras, menos superficie tocando el agua, pero se requiere un poco mas de técnica para mantener el planeo y tabla balanceada cuando baja el viento.
El strap de adelante lo podes poner en el tercero de acuerdo a tu altura. Esto te dará mejor posición y control.

Para tu altura, te recomiendo mínimo 30 de Harness Lines.

Cualquier pregunta no dejes de avisar.

Muy buenos vientos,


Pascal, France  
Jun 26, 2023 

Hi, second Goya after one 2021 105. Last year à try Volar 120 wood and this year I buy 120 Carbon . Sunday first try on Britanny ( France ) .. 12/14 knots and … good easy with 7.8 and 43cm fin to landing, jibe easy and tack nice! easy balance at the end of the tack possible to stay upwind in the swell without problems.
Very enjoy one more!

Pascal, France  
Jun 26, 2023 

Hi, second Goya after one 2021 105. Last year à try Volar 120 wood and this year I buy 120 Carbon . Sunday first try on Britanny ( France ) .. 12/14 knots and … good easy with 7.8 and 43cm fin to landing, jibe easy and tack nice! easy balance at the end of the tack possible to stay upwind in the swell without problems.
Very enjoy one more!

Jonathan, USA  
Jan 02, 2023 

We have been enjoying riding the new gear this year. We took a trip to Bonaire for the 1st time, and rented gear from the Dunkerbeck center specifically to try the Goya stuff. First, that is a magical place for flat-water cruising! We had good wind the week there and got to sail everything from 5.3-7.4. I was duly impressed with the gear, and have to say one of the most memorable & surprising sessions was on the last day when the wind had dropped off. I decided to rig big and take a last sail before leaving the next day on a Carrera 130 & Nexus 7.4. I hadn't sailed gear that big in a long time, but had an absolute blast. I believe the larger 5 battened recreational sails to be one of the most challenging to design and build well given its natural constraints. Hats off to Jason & the team though, as that was a very impressive sail. I tried a couple of the other brands side by side against it just to see if all sails had become that good, but it really stood out with its balance, power, and stability. It was good coming home knowing we were getting into some great sails.

I ended up going all in with sails from 3.7-6.6, masts, and four boards. I figure no time like the present, right. Boards like the Quad 89 I assumed would just rip, which it does, & the Volar 110 virtually jibes itself, but the big stand-out is the One3 105. Hands down, one of the most fun boards I have ever sailed! I had tried one of the older versions in Bonaire, and honestly was not super impressed. It was decent, but felt very traditional in terms of planing up and quickness. The new version feels very updated & does everything amazingly well. I've sailed it lit 4.7 up to 5.9, and can't wipe the smile off after sailing it!

Here's a pic from our last sail of the year Dec 12th - water temp was in the 40's, air temp in the 30's, occasionally snowing, but blowing 20-30. I probably would not have gone, but my son was home from school & really wanted to get a session. Man, I am glad we went - super fun session with him & a friend on the water!

I hope you are well, and enjoying the holidays. I just wanted to say hello, and let you know all the hard work you & the Goya team have put in on the '22/'23 gear is appreciated.

Warm regards,

Alex, Canada  
Aug 30, 2022 

On Aug 30, 2022

Hello! I'm deciding between a Volar 145L vs 160L wood construction, to work with my 8.7m2 out here on Okanagan lake.
I'm 6'1 and 175 lbs, and intermediate (can water start in big winds, planing in harness is great but i dont use footstraps yet). I think both of these boards would work well with this large sail, but heard in an interview that the 160L model received a graphics update but did not have the same shaping updates as the 145L, that the 160L is unchanged from the 2019 board. I cant find pictures of this model online, could you comment on if it has the new squash tail, and which board you would recommend overall, I have a feeling that the 145L will be a good size that I won't grow out of, but maybe the 160L is better for such a large sail and would plane earlier. I do already have a PB 52cm fin to try to match with the big sail, so that difference between models may not matter so much for me.

Thank you so much,

Aloha Alex,

Thank you for writing over and considering our boards.

Based on your build, I would go for the Volar 145. This new shape is a bit bigger in volume.

I’m sure that you will be using the straps in no time; just start by opening them up big and placing them further forward & inside option, this will make it easier to access them at first, and then you can move them back, and closer to the rail as your confidence builds up.

You can adjust the washers to make the strap wider (to start and with shoes) or narrower for added grip as you feel more comfortable in them.

Like everything, enjoy the whole process as there will always be something to improve.

Try setting the mast foot as far back as possible unless the tail is sinking in too much.

I’m also pretty sure you will benefit from a smaller sail eventually. This will allow you to ride a smaller, lighter mast that I believe will get you planning just as quickly or sooner.

Please don’t hesitate to reach back if you have any questions.


Johannes, Germany  
May 17, 2022 

Dear Goya staff,

I\'m wondering if the 130 l Trainer is adapted to the lesser weight of people who start with a 130 l board. Are the larger Trainers more ding resistant, more resistant to foot pressure than this board I assume is designed for light-weight beginners?

Kind regards

Aloha Johannes,

Thank you for reaching over and considering our VOLAR & SURF models.

Yes, we have the VOLAR/SURF shapes in 3 different constructions.

VOLAR PRO is the lightest and tightest of all, with a full carbon deck lamination, top-of-the-line fin, sanded paint job, Carbon Fin, etc.

VOLAR is the middle ground, with a more ding-resistant shell, and fiberglass fin.

SURF is the school/trainer option with a center plastic fin, full EVA deck pad, carrying handle, etc.

If you are an intermediate to advanced rider, I will go for the first two options.

The SURF option is ideal for people learning the sport, kids, schools, etc.

I hope that I was able to answer your question. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other.

All the best winds,

Francisco Goya

Tobias, USA  
Apr 22, 2022 

Hi Pascal,

I just realized I never got back to you last year when you helped me locate a Volar - I just wanted to let you know that I found what was probably the last 160 for sale on the mainland and I have been using it since last September. What an awesome board! I had my best session ever on it the first time I took it out and it just keeps putting big smiles on my face every time I ride it. I just ordered an Airbolt Pro 155 to try out foiling this year and cannot wait to give it a go. Saving for a foil now... 🙂

Thanks again for helping me with my switch to a modern board last fall!

Best wishes,


Thomas Nahrgang, USA  
Feb 20, 2022 

I like the look, can you email a image of both colors ? Red & Orange/Peach?

Matthias, Deutschland  
Oct 17, 2021 

Das Board habe ich mir neu angeschafft und als Aufsteiger kann ich es nur empfehlen. Gerade bei Kabbeligen Gebieten steht man sicher drauf und gleitet schön über die Wellen.
Die Testberichte im S. Magazin sind da sehr treffend!

Billy Zeballos, Argentina  
Feb 11, 2020 

de niño trataba de navegar en rio gallegos, muuuy complicado, luego en mis viajes alquilaba o pedia prestado equipo, finalmente retome seriamente el deporte y compre VOLAR para encontrarme nuevamente con el windsurf, me siento comodo y acompañado por la marca y sus representantes, seguire con GOYA, y seguire navegando, frente a los Glaciares, GRACIAS

Windsurf.Co.UK, The Volar takes the honours for providing maximum enjoyment and return for minimal effort required.  
Dec 09, 2018 


Aryien, US  
Jun 03, 2018 

Light, fast, carves easily, and handles the chop with no problems. An all round great freeride board that'll last me many many years, and you can't beat the price of these for what you get compared to other manufacturers.

Dave, Canada  
Jan 31, 2018 

When are you going to make this board foil compatible?
I’ve been drooling over it since the last colourful design but sadly I can’t buy one until it’s a foil board.

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