Eighty Pro


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Eighty Pro

RDM Reduced Diameter Mast

80% Carbon. This is a super light and super quick mast with an incredibly nice feeling. A mere split second softer than our Ninety Pro, and lighter, it is bound to be an instant best seller, worldwide.

80% carbon is the highest carbon content allowed in some key magazine tests, and we are confident it will excel in every single one. What‘s so attractive about the Eighty Pro is its lighter weight compared to the Ninety Pro. Less durable though? Virtually not. So if you‘re not sailing double mast high sets or doing double forwards, this just might be your dream mast.

It‘s Diagonal Flex™ that allows the Eighty Pro to both bend to amazing curves twist extremely lively while in such contortions. Working in direct synergy with Goya Windsurfing sail design.

Available in 310, 340, 370, 400, 430, 460, 490 centimeters.

Comes in Diagonal Flex™ technology.
Peel Ply anti-slip boom area prevents sliding.
Built with same length sections for easy handling.


Ultra Pro, Hundred Pro, Eighty Pro, Seventy, Fifty are interchangeable with each other, all lengths, all carbon contents, RDM only.

Ninety Pro is interchangeable within itself, all lengths.




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Deniz, Turkey  
Jan 22, 2023 

Hello Jason, I am very stoked with the new Banzai's, weight reduction is so significant and they have an amazing range. I will order new masts for my quiver, previosly I use both 2019 rdm pro 85 and 100, I am a light rider 66kg, so they have significance differences in feeling; with a 85 pro rdm felt a lot softer and forgiving when compared with 100, I feel more comfortable with 85.

Now with GOYA's new mast range, what do you suggest? can we have a similar approach when choosing a mast? lighter riders: 80 pro & heavier guys 100 pro ? We do not have a heavy shorebreak here in Turkey, so mostly riding small waves to bump'n jump conditions, and what about the "ULTRA"? Could it be an alternative?

Thank you...


Damen, USA  
Sep 16, 2022 

Hi Jason,

Thanks to Fransisco for the email below.

Jason, are my neilpryde rdm masts 100% 430 400 370 and 340 the same as the goya masts?

Wil the banzai sail the same with these masts or wil the goya masts be better?

Thank you very much!


Alex Damen

Hi Alex,

Thank you for the mail sorry for the delay in replying!

I don’t know about the NP masts, I can’t say anything directly about them unless I bend/test them myself, which I have not done.

In these “control” mast lengths- 340, 370, mast bend is important. If you use a mast that is too stiff in the top/soft in the bottom- the most common tendency on other brands’ masts, then a Goya sail will not perform its best- you will get 80% of the potential performance from our sails. Workable, but not ideal, and a lost opportunity.

Hope this info helps…

thank you



Martin, Germany  
Sep 08, 2022 

Hello Francisco,

my homespot is a lake in my hometown. I am also planning trips to Holland.

Yours Martin

Hello Martin,

For the lake, you could go with 100% or Ultra(this last one is very fragile to impact, so you have to be careful with it outside the water). To handle the Holland shorebreak, I would go with an 80%; this is the one that I use on Maui also.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you & All the best!


Andy, UK  
Jun 09, 2022 

Very please with these! I was surprised by how light they were and worked really well with the smaller rigs.

The smallest masts are often disappointing in range since they are often just a ‘sawn off’ version of the larger size but these are excellent!

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