One 3 Carbon

Freewave Thruster.

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One 3 Carbon

Freewave Thruster

Wave Outline, Slalom Rocker, Freeride Comfort. In the midst of all those perks, the One 3 Carbon is 100% dedicated. Zero compromise. The all new shapes melt together explosive speeds, range and ultimate comfort.

The new One 3 Carbon shapes are more stable and faster, with the deck more domed back under your feet and less in the front toward the mast track area.

Ride it with the center straps or outboard straps, as a single fin or as a thruster, comes ready to customize for you and for all conditions.

The new rail and deck flow improve its agility and comfort on the longer choppy runs, while the new compact outline improves stability and early planning. Our fastest rockers move the ONE to plane early and hit top speeds with minimum effort.

New Smaller size 77: With a narrower stance option added, this high-wind control shape is ideal for medium to smaller riders.

Medium Sizes 85 & 95: The mid-range shapes cater to a wider spectrum of conditions and styles.

Larger and XXL Sizes 105 & 115: These shapes are designed for the lighter wind days or the heavier riders with sharper rockers and rails and added volume to maximize your time in the water.

Francisco Goya: “I was surprised how all the raw & pure ingredients worked together. The boards came out fast and comfortable, but what really surprised me was all that happened in between, how easy these shapes transitioned from floating to planning, from comfortably sailing to blasting over chop and how easy they rolled into the jibe, that is where the magic came in and made me stay out for one more run.”

Two years in the making, the new five board range with new shapes spans from a small 77 to a large 115 liters, all offering outstanding construction qualities, akin to our professional wave lineup.
Sizes 85, 95, 105 & 115 come with Mini Tuttle sides and Power Box center fin for their lightness, simplicity of use, and compatibility with larger fins sizes.

Giving you the options of control and confort, this Freewave board features in-board and out-board inserts. Dual Density Pads complete the plush package.

The new Goya Windsurfing boards now come packed in recycled cardboard and paper tape only. No plastic bags. Keeping your planet, our planet, one step cleaner. We figured it’s a worthy trade off, as our love for windsurfing and the planet only grows.

Carbon Construction, Full Carbon & S-Glass Hull.

High Density Full Double Sandwich.

Available in 77, 85, 95, 105, 115 liters.

Dual Density Pads.

Inboard and outboard strap insert positions.

Comes with the latest generation MFC footstraps.

US center, Mini Tuttle sides (77) and Powerbox center, Mini Tuttle sides (85, 95, 105, 115), Mini Tuttle Covers.

Available in Fluo Blue & Bright Red.

Outline de Vague, Rocker de Slalom, Confort de Freeride. Parmi tous ces avantages, la One 3 Carbone est 100 % dévouée. Pas de compromis. Le tout nouveau shape combine une rapidité explosive, une large plage d’utilisation et un confort ultime.

Les nouveaux shapes One 3 Carbone sont plus stables et plus rapides, avec un pont plus bombé sous les pieds et moins à l’avant vers le rail de pied de mât.

Ridez la avec les straps centrés ou les straps excentrés, en single fin ou en thruster, elle est prête à s’adapter à vous et à toutes conditions.

La fluidité des nouveaux rails et du pont améliorent l’agilité et le confort de la planche sur les plus longs bords dans le clapot, alors que le nouvel outline améliore la stabilité et le départ au planning. Nos rockers les plus rapides encouragent la One à planer tôt et à atteindre de plus grandes vitesses avec un minimum d’efforts. Toutes les tailles de planches sont livrées avec des boîtiers Mini Tuttle sur les côtés et un boîtier Power Box central pour leur légèreté, leur simplicité d’utilisation et leur compatibilité avec de plus grandes tailles d’ailerons.

Nouvelle petite taille 77 litres : Avec une option de stance plus étroit, elle convient également aux plus petits riders et aux conditions plus ventées. Option de straps simples ou doubles à l’arrière.

Tailles Moyennes 85 & 95 litres : Avec une option de straps centrés ou excentrés à l’avant et à l’arrière.

Tailles plus grosses et tailles XXL 105 & 115 litres : Tout comme la 85 & 95 pour les inserts, mais avec du volume supplémentaire au niveau des pieds. Les rockers et les rails sont plus affutés pour les plus gros gabaries de riders et les vents moins forts.

Francisco Goya : « J ‘ai été surpris de la façon dont tous les ingrédients bruts et purs ont fusionnés. Les planches étaient rapides et confortables, et ce qui m’a vraiment étonné c’est tout ce qui s’est passé entre temps, la facilité avec laquelle ces shapes partent au planning, d’une navigation confortable à une navigation rapide sur le clapot et la facilité avec laquelle ils tournent au jibe, c’est là que la magie s’est passée, me poussant à rester à l’eau pour un bord de plus. »

En deux ans de développement, cette nouvelle gamme de 5 planches avec de nouveaux shapes s’étend de 77 a 115 litres, avec une qualité de construction exceptionnelle, tout comme notre gamme professionnelle de vague. La bio-résine est utilisée sur toutes les planches Goya, et la One ne fait pas exception.

Nous optons pour un boîtier d’aileron central Power Box sur la One 3 Pro pour plus de simplicité et de solidité. Pour les ailerons nous avons choisi les MFC TF pour les 77 & 85 et les FW 95 pour les 105 & 115.

Cette planche de Freewave pousse au confort et au contrôle et comporte des inserts centrés et excentrés.
Des pads double épaisseur complètent le pack confort.

Construction Pro, Full Carbone & Protection S-Glass.

Bio Résine.

Disponible en 77, 85, 95, 105, 115 litres.

Boîtier d’aileron central Powerbox, boîtiers Slot Boxes 3eme Gen. de 10cm sur les côtés.

Disponible en Bleu Fluo & Rouge Vif.

Full Double Sandwich Haute Densité.




One 3 Carbon.

95 liters.


One 3 Carbon over Custom 3 Pro, when your conditions are more bump and jump than side/on-shore like to ride powered up on the fin or you, are needing bigger sizes than 99 liters, as well as when you will be needing the inboard and outboard straps and simplicity of fitting all your board from the deck.

One 3 Carbon over Nitro 3 Pro when your conditions are more bump and jump than side/on-shore, you like to ride powered up on the fin, or you need bigger sizes than 106 liters, as well as when you will be needing the inboard and outboard straps and simplicity of fitting all your board from the deck .

One 3 Carbon over Carrera Carbon when you are ready to start transitioning into the waves, jumping, and riding smaller sizes.

One 3 Carbon over Volar Carbon / Volar when your level is more advanced and ready for smaller volumes.


What the magazines say

Unbiased praise and criticism straight from the press.

  • Planchemag, France, 2023: Qualites de glisse et de carving, sportive et saine en comportement avec plus de temps de planing que ses rivals.
  • Wind Magazine, France, 2023: Une Reference en freewave avec de gros atouts en surf.


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Borge, Norway  
Sep 27, 2023 

Hello how is it to replace the 23 center freewave fin with the mfc tf 21 will it turn better in waves



Hello Borge,

Yes, smaller fins are faster and easier to move around. On our stock sizes we usually over fin them a bit to be safe, so if you are in the lighter, more advance end of things and even riding on a place with less currents, you will usually feel better on a smaller size fin than the one that comes with the board.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or if there is anything that I can help you with.

All the best,


Nick, Canarias, Spain  
Sep 11, 2023 

Hola Francisco,

I came back from my vacation last Friday and first thing I did was going to Godzilla to pick up my new one 105 ?
Sailed it twice already in marginal conditions (5.6 and 5.2), I just love it, so similar to my custom 3 92 just a bit more volume and super-fast planning. The volume exactly where I need it.
Very small waves and both times out at high tide, so not a lot of waveriding. Floating, planning, gybes, tacks…. Everything great! And what’s even more amazing is the speed it generates; I was just flying.
I think I will get a smaller centre fin (21-20) for sails 5.2 and down

Vitus, Austria  
Aug 19, 2023 

Dear Goya Team!

Im a 16 year old surfer from Austria and I\'ve just come back from a surfing holiday on Karpathos, where I surfed the Goya One 3 Pro 86 l board from the Meltemi station and I would be most interested in the offer found on the internet to buy a used board from you after the season buy. Please add me to the list and send me the conditions. Thank you and hang loose,

Ps: I actually fell in love with your boards.


Doron, USA  
May 21, 2023 

Dear sir, miss
Im riding the one pro 105 l and im loving it!
After my last session I've noticed a small dent/ hole at the bottom of the board.
( 3mm diameter wide 2 mm deep)
Which fixing material is good to use?
Can i use epoxy filler?
Thanks from advance

Dear Doron,

Thank you for reaching over and for your trust in our gear.

Yes, epoxy resin will work best, tape the area to work on, sand to remove the paint, let it dry, and with a block, sand again with the nose-to-tail motion. This will leave the old hole watertight and without friction. You can choose to spray to same Pantone color on top. You can find all the codes for all of the products on our website.
Please don’t hesitate to reach back if anything.

All the best winds,

Francisco Goya

Ralf, Germany  
Jan 15, 2023 

Aloha Francisco,

I weigh 68kg and am 176cm tall and use the ONE 95 for flat water, bump & jump and waves, it always works an impressive way.

I've been surfing almost exclusively with Goya equipment since 2017. CARERRA 116, ONE 95, (Quatro Cube 82) 5 90% masts. 5 Banzais, 2 Nexus, 2 carbon booms....etc.
No part has ever let me down. Even in the shorebreak, where some surfers destroyed their masts and sails, my equipment always held up. I love my equipment.

The ONE 95 / 2022/2023. I felt madly in love from one second to the other.
This board is the ultimate fun machine and by far the best Goya One ever, and the best Freewave board on the market.
And many thanks to Björn for the new colorful design of the whole line-up.
Everything finally fits together perfectly. Early planing, fast acceleration, super top speed and agile with first-class control.
A dream when jibing. The edge grips, I can determine the radius. The driving experience is the perfect blend of comfort and directness.
driving experience. Jumps ? Always and everywhere. Wind for 5.5 in mast rolling waves in Lanzarote: So much fun !

I love it, I love it, I love it.

Ralf from Germany

Dario, Italy  
Jan 12, 2023 

Hi guys,
I am interest to buy another Goja Board to plan earlier with light wind in choppy condition.
In 2022 I have already bought a One 95 and a Quatro Power 115 and are fantastics.
I am an intermediate Windsurfer which board do you suggest?



Jonathan, USA  
Jan 02, 2023 

We have been enjoying riding the new gear this year. We took a trip to Bonaire for the 1st time, and rented gear from the Dunkerbeck center specifically to try the Goya stuff. First, that is a magical place for flat-water cruising! We had good wind the week there and got to sail everything from 5.3-7.4. I was duly impressed with the gear, and have to say one of the most memorable & surprising sessions was on the last day when the wind had dropped off. I decided to rig big and take a last sail before leaving the next day on a Carrera 130 & Nexus 7.4. I hadn't sailed gear that big in a long time, but had an absolute blast. I believe the larger 5 battened recreational sails to be one of the most challenging to design and build well given its natural constraints. Hats off to Jason & the team though, as that was a very impressive sail. I tried a couple of the other brands side by side against it just to see if all sails had become that good, but it really stood out with its balance, power, and stability. It was good coming home knowing we were getting into some great sails.

I ended up going all in with sails from 3.7-6.6, masts, and four boards. I figure no time like the present, right. Boards like the Quad 89 I assumed would just rip, which it does, & the Volar 110 virtually jibes itself, but the big stand-out is the One3 105. Hands down, one of the most fun boards I have ever sailed! I had tried one of the older versions in Bonaire, and honestly was not super impressed. It was decent, but felt very traditional in terms of planing up and quickness. The new version feels very updated & does everything amazingly well. I've sailed it lit 4.7 up to 5.9, and can't wipe the smile off after sailing it!

Here's a pic from our last sail of the year Dec 12th - water temp was in the 40's, air temp in the 30's, occasionally snowing, but blowing 20-30. I probably would not have gone, but my son was home from school & really wanted to get a session. Man, I am glad we went - super fun session with him & a friend on the water!

I hope you are well, and enjoying the holidays. I just wanted to say hello, and let you know all the hard work you & the Goya team have put in on the '22/'23 gear is appreciated.

Warm regards,

John, England uk  
Dec 10, 2022 

Just bought my 1st hard board goya volar eco 145ltr cannot wait to try her out but am wanting a red nose protector

Kjartan, Norway  
Oct 26, 2022 

I just tried my friends 2019 Goya One 96L and it is a great board. I mostly ride bump&jump and some small waves, but hope to do more wave sailing in the years to come.

Alvin, Holland  
Sep 08, 2022 

Hi Francisco,

Thanks for getting back at me... so after a summer with a extreme lack of wind , hereby a picture of the guru with the suggested adjustments...sail felt good on the water... although it is quite hard to downhaul to proper loose leech.. I have extenden my Goya quiver with a Goya One 105 2015 model... For sofar i can judge ( because of lack of wind) i\'m impressed; smooth and easy on the knees on horrible choppy water... What is the recommended sailrange? ( i\'m 93 kgs). Unfortunatly i lost one of the screws of the sidefins, where could i get a new one ( and spare one)? About the boom, it has a build in suspension system...but i havent had the chance to try it out yet... really curious myself too, but because it\'s older and secondhand i don\'t want to use it on sea.. only on lakes... maybe with the autumnstorms... Thanks again for your impeccable customer support! Much appreciated..

Regards, Alwin.

Hi Alvin,

Loose leech at the top
From what I can see in your picture, you have one of the older, stiffer top/masts; this might not be the best mast for you, especially with 93kg. Having a stiffer top makes it difficult to achieve a loose leech and maximum forward drive as the looseness of the leech moves down to the middle of the sail. The bottom battens should have more shape and be closer to the mast if the bottom section is stiffer. Being this a 400 mast, it is clear that you need to start planning to do an upgrade when possible. It doesn’t need to be a new mast, but at least one that has more of a flex top bend.

The trick to make a mast like this(stiff top) work is to use minimal outhaul, just .5cm positive, and the right downhaul, not too much or too little. Having too much will make the sail gutless, and having too little will fold the sail inside out. You know that feeling when the sail breaks in the middle and the wind just flushes the sail but without the forward drive? Yes, the sail doesn’t have much range, but I prefer this over having a sail that is damped.

Side fins screw.
This would be a mini Tuttle screw, right?

Range of the ONE 105 for 93 KG.

I would say that you can ride it up to 5.3 comfortably. Holland has strong currents/shorebreak, and I ride more volume when sailing under these conditions.

On side-shore or places without strong currents/shorebreak, you could comfortably go up to 5.5 or 5.7.

I hope that I was able to answer your questions.

You might also consider not having side fins to maximize the low end of this board. Just get side covers. This reduces the drag and lets you release into a plane much quicker.

Jim, USA  
Jul 13, 2022 

Got out on my 115 Goya one3 2022 . I sail in the great lakes in mostly bump& jump and great lake swells. Im 220 -230 lbs 6’3” so on the big side.
I replaced an rrd 116 fsw that I really enjoyed but it was time to update my main board . The one is 5cm narrower then the rrd so big change . The boards volume is hidden with thickness not extra width . Well this board is amazing and is so smooth and jibes awesome . Perfect for riding great lakes swell where you need a balance of speed and wave riding . So for a big guy like me it gives me the float but not the bulky width. The ideal sail range for me is 6.3 -5.0 but took my 7.4 nexxus np and my 6.3 Bonzai was a perfect match .
Great board goya team and thanks to boom windsurfing review that made it easy to pick this board over others


Denis, Canada  
Jun 24, 2022 

Tested the 2022 Goya one 86 on a 3.4 day. Dead onshore, big lake surf ranging from one to two meters. Pure thruster fun.
Upwind power like a single fin board and turning agility like a pure wave board.
In those conditions, at 68 kg, I used to ride a tiny 66 l) board but the ONE 86 felt just right.
It never drags on the wave face, it just keeps accelerating.
So happy!

Eduardo, Argentina  
May 31, 2022 

Hola estuve probando la One 3 de 95 con 4,5 y me parecio increible , es muy comoda en el chop , dobla muy bien, planea muy facil , liviana para saltar, realmente el mejor producto que use. Vengo de una One 106, y noto mejor rendimiento con la 95. Es perfecta


P.Marchal, France  
Apr 26, 2022 

82kg /183 cm/60 years old, windsurd since 1981, funboard 1984...
Purchase 105 liters in 2021 after a few years of uncertainty on a freewave board, this board is fabulous with a shape close to what I was able to shape in the 1990s, quite typical wave. Very easy, easy jibing in freeride or in the waves, excellent start and planing hold, nothing but happiness.

Nico, Italy  
Nov 30, 2022 

Great video! Showing the ONE 115 & 105

D. Boulanger, Canada  
Aug 22, 2021 

Own a 2917 Goya one 105.
At 68 kg, it’s my big board.
Last timeI sailed it, I used a 4.0 and was too lazy to switch to a smaller board.
I was amazed by how this big board handle the chop and was still responsive in the onshore surf. In a word: I am amazed with the RANGE of this board!
I just ordered it’s smaller sister the 2020 one 86. Can’t wait to test it.

dj, Netherlands  
Jul 15, 2021 

i'm sooo happy with my 2021 goya one 3 pro 95L. i sail on the north sea, lots of shore break, current and messy waves. it was very difficult to get going with the fanatic grip 89, and was not possible to go upwind much with it either... Changed to the goya one, and all problems have been solved. planes in 1 second, is fast yet has a complete wave board feeling. keep up the good work, Thanks from netherlands.

Don, New Zealand  
Aug 22, 2020 

I like the GOYA One Pro Freewave Thruster 86,I weigh 65kg what two sails would be ideal on this board

Stephane, France  
Aug 01, 2020 


Having a Custom 86 2020 for established winds and good waves, I added in my quiver the One 105 2020 for lighter/gustier/mushier-waves/free ride days and the combo works great. The One 105 has all the float I need for my 85kg when off the plane; however, when planing, it is never cumbersome under foot and it transitions/surfs remarkably. If I had to go for a one-board quiver, the One 95 would definitely my pick.

Great gear, great graphics, great toy!

marc, France  
Jun 30, 2020 

hi goya team
how happy I am with the new goya one 95;since 8 years I used only in flat water a very good fsw 95 board;now with the new one every thing is better:so smooth,so easy and each gybe is a dream.
congratulations for the shape.

Thanasis, Greece  
Apr 22, 2020 


I am looking to replace the 2018 ONE Pro 96 with the new 2020 95.
I would appreciate if you can include a video presentation of the New model in English.

Back in 2018 Francisco presented all boards in English, now for the ONE the video is in German,

Thank you

Jose Delgado, Uruguay  
Feb 07, 2020 

La empecé a usar en Punta del Este y me encantó, es muy ágil en la ola y además sale a planeo muy rápido.

Yves, Canada  
Dec 17, 2019 

Tried my new Goya One 86 at Kanaha last week. Sailed in steady 30 knot winds on a 4.7 in great waves and wow, what a feeling ! This board almost reads your mind and executes whatever maneuver you're about to throw at it with ease. It is comfortable in chop and turbulent water. It's also fast and jibes effortlessly ! Being an intermediate 60 yo sailor who is just getting comfortable sailing winter conditions here on Maui, i have a feeling this board will take me to the next level with confidence . A fantastic discovery !

Stephane, France  
Dec 11, 2019 

Used my new One pro 95 2020 in B&J condition for 2 times. with 5.0sqm (20 knots) and 4.5sqm (25 knots). Loved the easyness of the board, very nice control in jump, surf very nicelly. Very quick planning. Feet early in the straps And most of all very smooth feeling.

dominique, France  
Sep 22, 2019 

Simply the best board I had !
(I've been windsurfing for 30 years, I've had countless boards ..) ..
very fast, very manageable etc. .. ...

Raymund, Canada  
Nov 14, 2019 

Got this board for my local spots on east Vancouver Island. And it did not disappoint. Can handle way more wind than I expected for my big board that feels small and really shines for me in the 20-25 kt range. Smooths out the chop beautifully. We don't always have good waves (sometimes 5-8') here but when it gets bigger this board is soo much fun. "One" of the best, or should I say The best Freewave board I've owned! It is exactly as advertised.

Windsurf.Co.Uk, A stunning go-anywhere board  
Dec 09, 2018

Manlio, Uruguay  
May 17, 2018 

I bought the One 95 lts from 2017 and after some days adapting to this compact rocket, I absolutely love it every day. It's really "one for all". Awesome range, sailing from 4.5 to 6.5 (with a bigger fin 26 cm). Planes fast, turns sharp, seems smaller in the jumps.

Joe, USA  
Mar 23, 2018 

Bought the 2018 96L. A couple of 5.6 days and a couple of 4.8 days. The board sails small, and the suggestion to go one size up is correct. I love this board, but it feels more like a "magic" 85L board that planes fast and turns extremely well. For flat water, I also tried replacing the thrusters with inserts and going with a 28cm BP Kraken. This totally changes the board. Makes the board much more lively and fast and adds upwind ability without compromising too much on the turning experience. I'll always prefer a thruster setup when the swell/wind is up, but this simple mod makes it feel like I have two boards.

Love your products, and thanks for innovating for us windsurfers.

Stig, Norway  
Jun 09, 2014 

I have the 78L, im about 95 kg, and use the board for 5.0 down to 3.7 sails.
The board is fantastic, for riding waves and make big jumps, very fast, turny and easy too sail.
Strange that the 78 and 72 are not in the 2014 line up,!!!!
Love the narrow design, about 55cm wide, a super board for high wind ,cant feel the chop, and on the wave its super turny, the bottom turn and cut back is fantastic, holds the speed really well, grippy and loose at the same time.
Love the board for high wind jumping,, the other day it was gusting 45knp had no problem in the air,full controll!!

Fantastic board!!

Windsurf UK Magazine, UK  
Jul 17, 2013 


The Goya One is a complete ‘one board concept’ range designed to cover all styles and conditions appropriate to each size. It comes in eight different models spanning 72 – 144 litres. The smaller boards in the range are pretty much full-on wave shapes, the middle sizes freestyle wave styles and the larger models are pure and simple fast freeriders. All of them are available in either Pro or Eco constructions to suit your budget.

Rounded pintail, with round nose and classic freeride outline

MFC footstraps

MFC Liquid Pro 44cm Powerbox Fin

Double concave hull with vee in the tail

Domed deck

Dual density deck pads

Multiple footstrap position options

Despite being one of the lowest volume boards on test the One 116 was stable underfoot and surprisingly quick to plane, with excellent acceleration and an unexpected level of speed – especially off the wind. The straps and pad and stance give a nice ride but we did find ourselves wanting for a further outboard back strap for added control. The double concave hull soaked up the chop in rough conditions and really gave extra confidence to push it. But it was through the corners where the One really shone, being a very versatile board to gybe, fast and wide or hard and tight, it’s capable of rewarding all abilities of rider.

The Goya is a great manoeuvre-orientated freeride board that has a surprisingly rapid top speed when you push it downwind. It feels like a large turbo-charged freestyle wave board that’s very easy to sail and comfortable in all conditions. The One 116 delivers an easily accessible level of performance that any level of rider will enjoy and handles well in a wide range of environments.

Scott, Canada  
Jul 12, 2013 

Hi Francisco and Pascal,

I hope you are both doing well and having a great summer.

Wanted to let you know that I bought an 86 litre Goya one and am beyond stoked on it, it is amazing. It is a 2012 board that I bought from Margaret at Avon Sail House in Cape Hatteras and had it shipped to Calgary. Sailed it today for the first time on a 4.8 sail and the board is awesome, turns like a dream and so responsive. I have never sailed this small a board before, it's a game changer for me and am so, so stoked. Just wanted to say thanks as it is an unbelievable board.
Hope you guys are doing well,


Vinicio, Italy  
Jun 27, 2013 

First ride on my Goya One Pro 104.
My weight is 87 kg I'm an intermediate windsurfer 39 old.
Today in Brindisi the wind was 3 to 4 Bft small waves to choppy water.
The board is amazing, really incredible how early and easy starts planning in this limit condition with a 6.9 sqm sail (NS Duke).
Really smooth ride, it is like I didn't have chop but flat water, so I could go as fast as possible. The high nose it is perfect to pass easy and fast small waves and chop . Jibes are easy to turn planning at full speed.
On my previous board (Tabou 3S 97) after 2 hours I was tired.
On the One, today, after 3 hours in the water I was still well.
It is the best board I ever ride.
Thank You

Dino Sanchez, Canada  
Jun 23, 2013 

Amazing board could you please let me know if you have any dealer in Ontario Canada.

Response: Hi Dino, thanks for your feedback! Contact us at and Pascal will help ypou find the closest dealer to you.
Have a great day!

Vinicio, Italy  
Oct 20, 2012 

First ride on my Goya One Pro 104.
My weight is 87 kg I\'m an intermediate windsurfer 39 old.
Today in Brindisi the wind was 3 to 4 Bft small waves to choppy water.
The board is amazing, really incredible how early and easy starts planning in this limit condition with a 6.9 sqm sail (NS Duke).
Really smooth ride, it is like I didn\'t have chop but flat water, so I could go as fast as possible. The high nose it is perfect to pass easy and fast small waves and chop . Jibes are easy to turn planning at full speed.
On my previous board (Tabou 3S 97) after 2 hours I was tired.
On the One, today, after 3 hours in the water I was still well.
It is the best board I ever ride.
Thank You

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