Fringe X Pro

Surfwave 3 Batten.

Stock Model


Fringe X Pro

Surfwave 3 Batten

Featuring the same quality window film as the Fringe Pro, with the addition of ultra-strong Spectra yarns for added tear resistance. An entire window area full wide spaced X-Ply.

The Fringe X Pro is a super lightweight, smooth power delivering and effortless handling sail in our wave range, yet it packs some hefty armor, and this is why it is big wave team rider Levi Siver’s top pick, as well as his personal Pro Model.

All other performance features of the Fringe X Pro are identical to the Fringe Pro.

The new Goya Windsurfing sails now come packed in recycled cardboard and paper tape only. No redundant plastic bags. Your sail bag is that protective bag, keeping your planet, our planet, one step cleaner. We figured it’s a worthy trade off, as our love for windsurfing and the planet only grows.

Pro Construction, X-Ply window, Scrim panels.

Available in 2,8, 3,0, 3,3, 3,5, 3,7, 4,0, 4,2, 4,5, 4,7, 5,0, 5,3, 5,5, 5,7, 6,3 square meters.

Available in Blue & Fluo Yellow.

Dotée du même film de qualité sur la fenêtre que la Fringe Pro et renforcée par des fils Spectra pour plus de résistance aux déchirures. Un panneau central entièrement transparent en X-Ply.

La Fringe X Pro est la plus légère de la gamme de voiles de vague Goya, elle délivre une puissance douce pour un maniement sans efforts tout en permettant de charger du très lourd, c’est pourquoi elle est la voile favorite ainsi que le Pro Model de Levi Siver, notre rider de grosses vagues.

Toutes les autres caractéristiques de performance de la Fringe X Pro sont similaires à la Fringe Pro.

Construction Pro, Fenêtre X-Ply, Panneaux Scrim.

Disponible en 2,8, 3,0, 3,3, 3,5, 3,7, 4,0, 4,2, 4,5, 4,7, 5,0, 5,3, 5,5, 5,7, 6,3 mètres carrés.

Disponible en Bleu & Jaune Fluo.




Fringe X Pro.

5.0 Squaremeters.


Cypher Pro vs. Fringe Pro

Cypher with 4 battens brings more stability to the sail, compared to Fringe’s 3, expanding the range and control particularly in stronger wind, while weights between comparable sizes of those 2 models are nearly identical at Fringe 3.7 = 2.69 kg and Cypher 3.8 = 2.68 kg.

Cypher power is “lifiting”. “Up” force compared to “neutral”. This lifting power makes the sail go well for both freestyle tricks and also foiling, where lift helps get you up out of the water and on foil more quickly. A lifting power delivery also works well for any rider in lighter wind, to help initiate early planing and easy handling.

Fringe power is “neutral” to “slightly down”. This power delivery really helps keep the rider settled in wave sailing where you really want to focus on driving your rail through turns without being lifted or digging the nose in too much. Fringe really allows you to feel the board on the water without too much input from the sail. Nevertheless, Fringe also goes well for foiling, because of its neutral lift, which makes the ride very predictable.

For maneuver oriented windsurf foiling, we recommend moving toward Cypher, compared to Fringe.


How to get it right every time.

Rope alignment guide for Goya sails paired with Goya extensions.


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Juan, Spain  
Aug 17, 2022 

On Aug 17, 2022, at 12:02 AM

Hi, I am using the Fringe 5.5 for foiling. Manufacturer recommend a 430 mast+ 2cm. I am using a 400 + 32 cm, and the performance seems ok. Does it really change the performance of the sail using the 430?


Hello Juan,

Great to hear that you are thinking outside the box Absolutely, you nail it on the head. For foiling, lightness is key, and a 400mast will reduce you a few hundred grams.
On regular riding, the 5.5 might need a bit more support, but that will also depend on your type of sailing. If you like to sail and explore the low ends, riding waves with min winds might still work, but if you are wanting a bit more forward drive for jumping and riding powered up, maybe a 430 bottom might just do it. As you know, our mast is interchangeable, the beauty that allows you to personalize the mast performance to your needs.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, thank you for your trust in our gear!

Francisco Goya

Avinash Bikha, Estonia  
Jul 31, 2020 

I love the Fringe X 5.0 for freeride foiling. Now one year and a bit into foiling, my journey started with learning and figuring out what works and not. Big sail, small sail, freeride sail. In the end bought last autumn a 6.7m2 'foil specific sail' that was advertised to do the job designed by renowned Maui-based sailmaker. Never felt quite happy with it. I cannot align with his vision. Regular back pains trying to go upwind.

My main concern for not going smaller was that I could never get going and take off on the foil. I hate pumping the sail.

Anyway, three months ago I decided to take the plunge with a 5.0m2 Fringe X, 85 carbon mast, and Carbon Pro Skinny boom. Huge investment. BUT... omg.. everything just *CLICKED* from the first hour on the water. The rig is so light, so nimble in the hands, the Fringe X has unbelievable low end grunt to get going (it basically covers my 6.7 sail), and is forgiving in high winds, just open the sail a bit while foiling. The Fringe X is my 'go-to' sail now for foiling. You guys advertised correctly when saying that foiling is a bliss with the Fringe X. I don't get tired anymore foiling, no back pain, easy upwind, nice light rig for learning foil jibes. The thing I now start to enjoy is foiling downwind with it, just hold at the top of the boom, sail open, so much fun! I love how this sail is super predictable, and its direct feel, it basically has an on-off button for power/grunt. Another huge plus is the fab design that stands out on the water, against all boring looking sails. Thanks Goya team!

Here my setup in the lightest of winds

Taavi, Estonia  
Feb 16, 2019 

Have had the 2019 Fringes for 6 months already, but wasn't able to use them for a long long time because of an injury. Now slowly getting the hang of wave sailing again. Absolutely loving all the sizes I have tried so far (4.5, 5.0, 4.0, and 3.5). With 4.0 I found the Mix & Match concept works well for me - the base of a 340 mast and top piece of the 370 gives me a bit flexier sail that I tend to like.

Here's a short clip showcasing the Fringe's freedom and maneuverability and the effortless power that is always there if needed

Hubert Schlumprecht, Germany  
Oct 09, 2018 

Hello Goya-team, I have to express my enthusiasm about five years of awesome experiences with Custom Quads, Fringe sails and recently Custom Thruster 105 by more than a few words, - sorry!!

On the search of a bigger waveboard for light wind days in my favorite windsurfing destination Sardegna I found and risked to buy untested the first Goya Custom Quad 104 in 2012, - loved it very very much from the first second!! One year later, after having tested an 84 Quad and a 5.0 Banzai (thanks to Ralph!!) I sold all my NP and JP stuff and replaced it by Goya, - best decision in 30 years of practicing our wonderful sport.

In 2015 I luckily could test the first Fringe 5.0 and compare it with my own Banzai 5.0. I was a little surprised on the lively feeling (straight ahead), but - wow!!! - with the first jibe and especially on the first wave I could feel, that these shapes would be exactly those who would allow even an old guy like me more and better turns than ever, being much less exhausting and tiring, because in the turns Fringes are so smooth, you can make them to nothing in your hand. Pure fun in every kind of wave and, - what no one had guessed before - even in freeride conditions with simple turns.

So: Since 2013 I go with Goya, and even though my body is 65 years old now, I must say, that in these years I´ve had (still have) more fun on the water than ever before, and, - despite the natural age-related less of power and some very, very bad diseases, - I even felt getting better in surfing the waves. Whenever I was healthy and fit enough to surf seriously, in Sardegna I was envied for having the most flexibel and best turning (and - by the way - best-looking!!!) boards and sails on the water, which allowed an old (> 80 kgs-) man like me to surf all conditions (from freeride choppy water to small waves side-on up to mast-high sideshore dreams), always handling the biggest wind- and wave- range with the smallest range of material!

This year´s experiences with my actual gear, - 2018 Custom Quad 94 + 2018 Custom Thruster 105 + some Fringes now have motivated me to express my compliments and many thanks to the „makers“ of Goya for the outstanding work you do year after year in always developing boards and sails, that are not only good for „pros“ and world cup competitors, but in at least the same way for normal, but enthusiastic windsurfers like me, who do not live at the sea, but try to spend as much time as possible there, taking all the different conditions they get.

2018 Custom Quad 94 is an amazing shape: With ten more liters it is even quicker, more agile and snappier than my (be-loved) CQ 84 I had before, - and the new Custom Thruster 105 is an unbelievable versatile board!! The last few weeks I had to test it in almost all conditions Sardegna has to offer, - what a fun!! Light-wind conditions with 28 freewave-middle-fin and big Fringe, very stable, when not gliding, starting to plane like a freeride-board, much earlier than expected; small waves with 5.7/5.0 and 23 freewave-fin; fast, high and choppy Mistral-wave down-the-line along with very gusty wind (5.0 Fringe + freewave 23) and (the last two days) stormy wind and short side-onshore wind-waves with Fringe 3,7 and 21 K-One, - this board (with those different middle-fin options) fits all (lake-surfing of course, too)!! Because of the volume and the „easy-going“ shape the Custom Thruster gives so much safety and confidence, but also maneuverability in every condition, - in Germany we call this „eierlegende Wollmilchsau“ (=> „oviparous wool-milk-pig“), which is one of the best compliments a board can get in Europe.

OK, for stormy 3.7 - 5.0 wind and/or down-the-line wave conditions normally I´d go with my Custom Quad, but it was interesting and exciting to try even those conditions (just for fun) with the CT 105, too. And, - wow - it worked, unbelievable! A few years ago no-one would have expected, that an as versatile board like this Custom Thruster would be possible to shape.

And - again and again - Fringes (2016 and 2018) are unbelievable, too!! Soo easy and light to handle!! I´m looking forward to the new 2019 Fringe!!

So, - many many thanks to the Goya - Team, to KT and the Goya-brothers for developing unbelievable versatile waveboards, to JD for those perfekt matching Fringes, - and thanks so much to Ralph, the German distributor, for his advices and support!!!

Debbie Krineski, USA  
Apr 15, 2018 

My new Fringe X 2.8 is the best damn 2.8 I,ve owned in 35 years of windsurfing!i,ve had many 2.8,s in my years of sailing!

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