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Marino by Paul




2022/23 Windsurfing Boards.

Engineered by Francsico Goya
Shaped by Keith Teboul
Developed by Marcilio Browne, Antoine Albert, Marino Gil Gherardi, Maria Morales
Designed by Bjoern Zedlick

We’re striving for lighter and faster boards 365. But there’s a more important agenda.

Building a more sustainable ride. So while this presentation focusses on the technological altitudes we have attained, let me touch on something else we are proud of, because it is important.

With 25 years of experience building ultra competitive boards for the top league of pro windsurfers, we have developed our very own lay-ups and materials.

Proprietary Bio-Resins, Uni- and Biaxial Carbons, S-Glass, Double & Triple Sandwich, Vacuum Laminations, Epoxy Paints, Dual Density Pads, and much more.

Why? Because not only does it add performance to our products, it also add lifetime to each and every board.

A product that is built, packaged (in recycle paper, recycle cardboard and recycle paper tape) and shipped only once, because it doesn’t break, is a greener product and even more when it has the life and value to get passed on to the next rider eventually.

The life expectancy and prolonged relevance of a quality product factor into its sustainability.

We make such quality products.


Francisco Goya

New Models.

The range.

Custom 4 Pro Surfwave Quad
Custom 3 Pro Surfwave Truster
Nitro 3 Pro Compact Thruster
One 3 Carbon Freewave Thruster
Air Pro Freestyle Single
Airbolt Carbon Wind/Wing Foilboard
Proton Pro Race Single
Bolt Pro Freerace Single
Carrera Carbon Freecarve Single
Volar Carbon Freeride Single
Volar Freeride Single
Surf Trainer Single

New Look.

The design.

Less but better. With this new range we are taking yet another step away from the wild and crazy artwork of Goya Windsurfing’s yesteryear. We are proud of our roots, but the time has come for more a mature look. Less craze. Less paint. Less print.

Reflecting our heritage, yet stepping into the modern and last but not least working in harmonized unison with our beautifully matured 2022/23 sail range.

Get out and ride,

Bjoern Zedlick

Wave boards.

Radical wave boards for surfing and jumping, as well as accessible maneuver oriented freewave sailing.

Freewave boards.

Dedicated no-compromise show-stopping freewave, and nothing else.

Freestyle boards.

Dedicated no-compromise show-stopping freestyle, and nothing else.

Foil boards.

Uncompromised foiling with a focus on maneuverability and responsiveness.

Race boards.

Pure bred racing, as well as accessible freeracing.

Freerace boards.

Pure bred racing, as well as accessible freeracing.

Freeride boards.

From agile freecarve to stable freeride, this range covers all the bases.

Trainer boards.

First time uphauling, first time in the straps, first time planing, first time jibing.



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