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Freeride 5 Batten.

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Freeride 5 Batten

The Nexus is the most economical build within the Nexus line of sails. Utilizing Monofilm for its main window and panels, brings down the material cost yet makes for a superbly light sail build.

All other performance features of the Nexus are identical to the Nexus B.

RDM or SDM compatible on all sizes, except 4.9

The new Goya Windsurfing sails now come packed in recycled cardboard and paper tape only. No redundant plastic bags. Your sail bag is that protective bag, keeping your planet, our planet, one step cleaner. We figured it’s a worthy trade off, as our love for windsurfing and the planet only grows.

Monofilm window, Monofilm and Scrim panels.

Available in 4,9, 5,4, 5,9, 6,4, 6,9, 7,4 square meters.

Available in Bluo & Fluo Yellow.

Dans la gamme de voiles Nexus, cette voile présente la construction la plus économique grâce à l’utilisation de Monofilm sur la fenêtre principale et les panneaux, entraînant une baisse du coût des matériaux tout en permettant une construction de voile ultra légère.

Toutes les autres caractéristiques de performance de la voile sont similaires à la Nexus B.

RDM / SDM compatible sur toutes les tailles, sauf pour la 4,9.

Fenêtre Monofilm, Panneaux Monofilm & Scrim.

Disponible en 4,9, 5,4, 5,9, 6,4, 6,9, 7,4 mètres carrés.

Disponible en Bleu & Jaune Fluo.





5.4 Squaremeters.


Nexus B vs. Nexus

Both sails are virtually the same, weight wise, and also regarding performance and feel. Nexus B, the augmented Bi-Ply version, is more visual and colorful, as well as durable, due to its increased Bi-Ply UV resistance and longevity. Nexus, the regular Monofilm version, comes as the “less is more” option, visually, while its film should be handled with a touch more attention and care, especially over time.


How to get it right every time.

Rope alignment guide for Goya sails paired with Goya extensions.


What the magazines say

Unbiased praise and criticism straight from the press.

  • Planchemag, France, 2023: Programmer pour des long bords avec des jumps et des jibes.
  • Wind Magazine, France, 2023: La Nexus penche clairement du côté Bump & Jump /Freeride pour son cote stable, sa motricité et le confort offert quand ça tabasse.


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Nils, Germany  
Oct 09, 2022 

Goya Nexus 5,9 and Goya Bolt 127

I love my new combo from goya. The Nexus gives me the feeling of good old freeride. And the Bolt pleasures my race ambitions. Optical a touch of Maui on Fehmarn Germany 🙂 Regards Nils

Jim Bick, Canada  
May 08, 2022 

Got my 7.4 nexus B to complete my new goya quiver. I matched the sail with 100per 460 ultra mast. The sail and mast are a great match for a light weight low wind option. Lots of low end and wind range .
Perfect match for my bonzai 6.3, 5.5 and 4.7

Mika, Finland  
Aug 14, 2017 

Absolutely great sail for various conditions! It works perfectly with Volar Pro.

Tez, UK  
Feb 19, 2015 

Goya Nexus 5.9m and Carrera 130L review

Posted on February 18, 2015 by Tez Plavenieks

During a recent trip to Lanazarote I got the opportunity to check out some top drawer Goya freeride windsurfing kit. As the NEly Trade Wind began to fill in a window of opportunity was gifted to me for trying out Goya’s 5.9m Nexus and Carrera 130L combo – here’s how they stacked up.

On the beach
Goya windsurf sails have a very distinct look and the Nexus is no different. With its high aspect cut and six batten configuration the 5.9mn looked ready for action and raring to go. Its perfect partner (for this particular session) a 2015 Goya Carrera 130L freeride sled was also itching to get wet and you could feel the need for speed crackling like electricity in the air.

Both sail and board are well built and super light offering the best balance of performance and robust versatility. Although on the day in question there was minimal (infamous) Costa Teguise shorebreak, we’re no doubt both bits of kit will stand up to a fair bit of abuse – although care should still be taken.

Rigging and tuning the Nexus 5.9m is a doddle and we found the sail set with middle of the road downhaul and outhaul. The Carrera 130L offered a variety of footstrap options meaning everyone from casual blasters to hungry speed demons will be satisfied.

On the water
Costa Teguise’s predominant wind direction is slightly side offshore and therefore very gusty in the bay. Add to the mix an annoyingly placed hotel complexand a couple of breakwaters, further faffing up the breeze, and a bit of extra float is always going to be welcome.

Getting out to the upwind reef, and main Costa Teguise sailing spot, was super easy with the Carrera 130L’s flat deck providing a stable and composed platform that progressing intermediates will find most welcome. The Nexus 5.9m’s reaction to buffeting gusts was also easy going and in the ‘on/off’ bay wind it remained stable in the hands without reacting unexpectedly.

Once at the wind line the true nature of this setup emerged. As soon as clean air filled the sail the acceleration of the Nexus 5.9m was instantaneous. Driving power down in to the 42cm fin and propelling the Carrera 130L up onto the plane in a flash I was off and redlining quick smart.Tez Plavenieks Goy Windsurfing kit testing Costa Teguise

At full chat it’s easy to locate outboard footstraps and in the blink of an eye the rider is skimming along at a fair rate of knots. Although the breeze was still filling in the Goya setup slid through lulls efficiently and accelerated as a new puff of wind hit.

The water state across the reef is quite choppy with Atlantic rolling swell pulsing along the fringes of the island. Potentially confused water states need composed windsurfing kit to make the rider comfortable and the Nexus 5.9m and Carrera 130L stayed flat and locked in at all times. Hurtling over chop and waves board and sail sailed straight and true, never once tail walking or feeling skittish.

As the first corner approached I was apprehensive about the wide (70.2”) Carrera and how it would cope with such a choppy sea – especially on the outside. I needn’t have feared though as once a rail is engaged the Goya cuts through the flotsam like a knife through butter. All the time the Nexus 5.9m drives the nose of the board flat and pushes it round the bend.

To replicate a more intermediate gybe I backed off the throttle a few times but the Goya’s sail and board combo still had me railing round the corner with ease.

Flying back towards shore in Costa Teguise delivers the opportunity of heading down slopey swells – thereby increasing your speed further. Although this set up isn’t full on slalom kit it still keeps on accelerating and experienced sailors will enjoy testing where the boundaries are.

Locking down the Nexus and Carrera is really achievable for most levels of rider, even when smashing through chop – before you know it you’ll be preparing for your next turn.

The Goya Nexus 5.9m and Carrera 130L is an extremely efficient freeride combo that delivers an exciting experience for a whole host of rider skill levels. Mid-intermediates will find it a great tutor for consolidating footsrap technique while advanced windsurfers will love unlocking the kit’s freerace potential. The only slight niggle was the high aspect nature of the Nexus sail which made it feel a tad bigger than 5.9m. That said it really is only a minor point and the pure joy of riding this gear far out ways anything else.

David Maller, Spain  
Jul 22, 2014 

Nexus 7'5, genial! Dependiendo de los ajustes la vela tiene un rango enorme y es siempre cómoda en las manos. El manejo es como una vela de olas grande pero con las prestaciones de las mejores freerace. Me encanta, ahora quiero la 6'4....

Nexus 7'5' great! The different rigging options give the sail a huge range. Always comfortable, the handling is like a big wave sail but with the performance of the best freerace. I love it, now I want the 6'4...

Nathan, USA  
Jun 02, 2014 

Beautiful construction. Rigged perfectly on my Fiberspar 4200 SDM the first time according to the rigging guides on the sail. I purchased this sail to get a more maneuverable sail compared to the 7.5M 2 cam sail I have for flat water. This sail is very flickable for maneuvers but has good low end for getting onto the plane and is very stable lit up. Gives better acceleration than I was expecting in this size. Excellent so far.

Eduardo Matas, Spain  
May 15, 2014 

Toda una sorpresa la Nexus 8,2 , No confiaba en una marca más dedicada a velas pequeñas y habíendo tenido otras marcas , al probar la Nexus me quedé impresionado ,. Se siente ligerísima y parece que llevas una medida mucho más pequeña. , buena combinación de freeride / Speed , otras marcas están más orientadas al Speed sacrificando el freeride.
Recientemente la he comprado también en 6,9.
Todo un acierto

Quite a surprise the Nexus 8.2, did not trust a brand more dedicated to small sails and having had other brands to test the Nexus was impressed,. It feels very light and seems to take a much smaller extent. , Good combination of freeride / Speed??, other brands are more oriented freeride Speed ??sacrificing you.
I also recently bought 6.9.
All a success

Stephen, Australia  
Jul 08, 2012 

Aloha Francisco,

We are having a great time, we are having heaps of fun at the beach, I have been back to the store to get smaller kit, ( 3 times) , I am trying out some wave kit and love it, ( your gear is so well made, and the Nexus sails are the most solid stable no cam sails I have ever used ) It was cranking yesterday and I was fully lit up on a 5.3 guru and a one 106. ( although I need to get a handle on gybing the smaller kit with the more "on - off" of the smaller sails )



Hans, Germany  
Jul 06, 2012 

Thanks for your email and your unbelieveable great service and support all the way to Germany, another reason to ride Goya gear

Response: Hi Hans... thanks for the feedback. We\'re so happy your experience was a great one!

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