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Trainer Single.

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Trainer Single

When you are learning to windsurf there are no signs to follow, just the wind which you can’t see but only feel, and how you channel and balance all those energies through your body is what moves you and creates your path. This experience changes your mind forever.

The Surf is a board that will get you through your first days, and that you will keep coming back to, even after you have mastered all the basics. The best part being, that the Surf is the only board allowing you to share that learning experience first hand, because its bigger sizes come with a Tandem Rig Insert, just like the previous model.

The Surf guarantees anyone a fun and fast entry into the windsurfing world. The bigger sizes feature a fully retractable Allgaier ® daggerboard for maximized stability, while the smaller sizes feature a regular center fin instead, for advanced learning.

The Surf covers a full beginner board range and the 260 is among the biggest beginner boards on the market. This entry level board is crafted to school requirements and your family’s needs alike.

The Surf features an extra thick full EVA deck, keeping your knees and your board in healthy shape for many seasons. Its bigger sizes feature EVA rails, while the smaller sizes come with clear rails.

All sizes come with an integrated nose protector. All sizes furthermore feature a color coded deck graphic layout, with dedicated pad grooving and EVA density zones tailored to multiple levels of rider skill.

The Surf comes with multiple straps, an integrated nose handle and an additional tail handle.

The new 190 and 220 sizes are shorter, fuller and more stable due to less nose rocker.

Fused Cell Core. Goya boards come with a Fused Cell Core made from EPS. Fused Cell Expanded Polystyrene is a high quality, low weight, rigid, closed cell foam used in advanced modern production boardmaking.

Wood Sandwich. Wood in combination with fiberglass can take heavy beatings over an extended period of time, for example in school or rental scenarios. On top it creates a very affordable construction.

The new Goya Windsurfing boards now come packed in recycled cardboard and paper tape only. No plastic bags. Keeping your planet, our planet, one step cleaner. We figured it’s a worthy trade off, as our love for windsurfing and the planet only grows.

Wood Sandwich Construction.

Available in 100, 120, 130, 145, 160, 190, 220, 260 liters.

Comes with the latest generation MFC footstraps.

Powerbox single & Powerbox stability finbox midship (smaller sizes).

Powerbox single & Allgaier ® daggerboard midship (bigger sizes).

Sizes 190, 220, 260 come with a nose handle and a tandem rig insert option.

In-board and out-board footstrap options.

Available in Light Gray & Bright Blue.

La Surf est une planche qui vous accompagnera lors de vos premiers pas en planche à voile, et sur laquelle vous reviendrez sans cesse, même après avoir maîtrisé toutes les bases.

La Surf garantit à tous une initiation rapide et plaisante au Windsurf. Les plus grandes tailles disposent d’une dérive Allgaier ® entièrement rétractable pour une stabilité maximale, tandis que les plus petites tailles disposent d’un aileron central anti-dérive normal pour un apprentissage plus poussé.

La Surf présente une gamme complète de planches pour débutants et la 260 fait partie des plus grosses planches de débutants du marché. Cette planche d’initiation répond aux exigences des écoles, de même qu’aux besoins des familles.

La Surf dispose d’un pont EVA extra épais, assurant la bonne santé de vos genoux et de la planche sur plusieurs saisons. Les plus grosses tailles disposent de rails EVA, tandis que les plus petites tailles sont dotées de rails dégagés, sans EVA.

Toutes les tailles ont un protège-nez intégré et un graphique de code couleur sur le pont, avec des rainures de pads délimitées et des zones de densité EVA adaptées aux différents niveaux des riders.

La Surf est livrée avec plusieurs straps, une poignée de nez intégrée et une poignée supplémentaire sur le tail.

Les nouvelles tailles 190 et 220 litres sont plus courtes, plus compactes et plus stables grâce à un rocker avant plus court.

Noyau de cellules fusionnées. Les planches Goya sont livrées avec un noyau de cellules fusionnées en EPS. Le polystyrène expansé à cellules fusionnées est une mousse rigide à cellules fermées de haute qualité, légère, utilisée dans la production de planches modernes avancées.

Sandwich bois. Le bois en combinaison avec la fibre de verre peut supporter des chocs lourds sur une longue période de temps, par exemple pour des scenarios d’écoles ou de location de planches. De plus, cela crée une construction très abordable.

Construction Sandwich Bois.

Résine Bio.

Disponible en 100, 120, 130, 145, 160, 190, 220, 260 litres.

Boîtier Simple Powerbox à l’arrière & boîtier d’aileron central de stabilité Powerbox (petites tailles).

Boîtier Simple Powerbox à l’arrière & dérive centrale Allgaier ® (grandes tailles)

Options de footstraps intérieur ou extérieur.

Disponible en Gris Clair & Bleu Vif.




Surf over Volar Carbon / Volar when looking for a full EVA deck pad, bigger sizes, daggerboard, tandem option, and carrying handles.

Surf over all other boards, when you want a board to ride or teach someone the most beautiful, safe, and dynamic sailing sport. A board that every family should have.


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Steve, California, USA  
Jul 17, 2023 

Picked up the board and rigging yesterday. My son thinks it’s a SUP. We’ll get it out on the lake Saturday. It should be 101 degrees, which will set up a nice afternoon breeze.


Jason Dose, USA  
May 20, 2022 

I picked up a brand new Volar Surf 150 (2016 model) in the Summer of 2021from a private seller with the intent of using it to teach my grandkids to windsurf while I'm waiting on my local shop (Big Winds in Hood River) to get a Surf 260 in (I can't wait to try out the tandem mode on the 260 with family and the Grand Kids!!!!). Needless to say, I really wasn't in the market for the board but the price was right and, as I said, it was brand new so I jumped on it to see if it would help fill the bill (while waiting on the board I REALLY want!). Fast forward a couple weeks and my local spot was blowing pretty good (15 with gusts around 30) so I decided to put a 34 cm (swept) race fin on the 150 a take my 5.4 Nexus out on it to see if those outboard strap positions are there for looks or for blasting. Welp, question answered.........the board kinda' blasts. The board actually scoots in higher wind (though you best be prepared to use your knees like you're a mogul skier because it pounds in any chop/swell over a foot or so!) and will do a proper planing jibe! That was the icing on the cake (the fact that big 'ol thing can be coaxed through a planing jibe)! I dare say I jumped the thing a few times even (though I'd not recommend it and it was pretty scary as it wagged like a wing.....). Point being, the 150 works okay in light air (with center fin plugged in) to tool around on light days for a guy my size (weighing in at 190 nowadays......) but is EXCELLENT for anyone, say, 160 and below in light air. It doubles as a legitimate learner board (for lighter folk). But, the MIND BLOWING thing is the board was really, really, fun in bigger winds. I just had to try it because it's such an odd shape (compared to what I normally ride) and I really didn't think it would do well at all. But, it did and I had a blast. Sailed the entire session on it. Not sure it would hold up to that regular type of pounding so I don't plan on doing it regularly (but it will do it!!). I wish this board was around when I was learning the sport (1986). Would have made the learning curve MUCH faster. Back in those days you had to really, REALLY, want to learn the sport because the equipment sucked (for learning). That's all changed with this board. Can't wait to get my 260 (due in at Big Winds in June).

Lucas, Argentina  
Mar 20, 2023 

Hi, I am looking for a board that can resist impacts of stones in the beach. We dont have sand in the lakes, and when getting in or out of the water, the sides get some hits.

Response: Aloha Lucas, thank you for reaching over. Our boards are built with Epoxy resins and over half a dozen layers on the rails, making them the most durable against rocky shores. Spots like Pozo Izquierdo in Gran Canaria carry mainly our boards in their rental fleet, allowing them to keep the gear in the water year-round and with a resale value after a two years cycle.

Johannes, Germany  
May 17, 2022 

Dear Goya staff,

I\'m wondering if the 130 l Trainer is adapted to the lesser weight of people who start with a 130 l board. Are the larger Trainers more ding resistant, more resistant to foot pressure than this board I assume is designed for light-weight beginners?

Kind regards

Aloha Johannes,

Thank you for reaching over and considering our VOLAR & SURF models.

Yes, we have the VOLAR/SURF shapes built in 3 different constructions.

VOLAR PRO is the lightest and tightest of all, with a full carbon deck lamination, top-of-the-line fin, sanded paint job, etc.

VOLAR is the middle ground, with a more ding-resistant shell. Still with the same components as the more high-end Volar Pro.

SURF is the school/trainer option with a center fin, full EVA deck pad, carrying handle, etc.

If you are an intermediate to advanced rider, I will go for the first two options.

The SURF option is ideal for people learning the sport, kids, schools, etc.

I hope that I was able to answer your question. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other.

All the best winds,

Francisco Goya

Sebastien, France  
Jul 29, 2019 

Bonjour, je m'appelle sebastien ,je suis un de vos plus grand fan de votre marque et j'ai déjà quelques objets de votre logo Et j'aimerais savoir si vous pouvez m'envoyer un petit colis avec des stickers et des objets publicitaires svp. en vous remerciant . Cordialement sebastien

Edgar, France  
Feb 16, 2019 

Hello I am a fan of your brand for many years.

I could have some stickers to complete my collection?

thank you in advance!

Address: 8 chemin de garipuy

postal code: 31670

city: Toulouse

country: France

Patrick Beggan, Canada  
Jun 13, 2018 

Glad to see your passion and hard work has paid off Fancisco. Congrats on Browne and Siver's wins last year on your equipment. The planets aligned well!
Hope your having a great season. Coming to you from Canada on the Ottawa River. Photo of my 6 year old daughter getting ready for a sail.

Niklas, Bavaria  
May 28, 2018 

I bought this board to have the possibility of feeling the spirit together with my daughter. Thank you for the unique idea of the tandem nose. We had so much fun. You know how to transport the spirit of windsurfing. Thank you.

Teo, USA  
Aug 14, 2015 

I really like this board. It is really fun to start with, I use it as a windsurf, SUP board. My favorite part is that is big enough that we can use it all together with my family and friends.

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