Pablo Ramírez Bolaños

17 year old Pozo ripper joins team Goya. Checkout his ambitions and pics.
March 31st 2012
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It’s always a pleasure meeting someone as stoked about windsurfing as Pablo is. Just 17 years old, he’s been ripping in the heavy Pozo winds since he was ten.

Just taking a look at his new profile page and what he’s working on for 2012, makes you just wish you were 17 again with no fear. What ambition:

This year I will be focusing on improving my waveriding and getting 100% the shakas, takas, goyters and frontside 360′s down, also all the jump, tweak push loops, backs, stalled forwards and if all goes well go on with the doubles.

Welcome to the team, Pablo! We look forward to many sessions together…

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