Some 4 batten sail testing going on…

We are excited to be testing some new 4 batten sails prototypes,...
January 6th 2011

We are excited to be testing some new 4 batten sails prototypes! Some are good some not so good .. Definitely interesting things about this, and we’ll keep it cooking till it’s ready for you to enjoy ! That’s all part of developing a great sail for production! Interesting things to come for

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5 Responses to “Some 4 batten sail testing going on…”

  1. Tony Murray says:

    Hey Laurent, what colour combos will the Mutant (4 batten sail) be available in. The white looks awesome in contrast to the crap colours others are offering. Looking forward to seeing Alberto at Windshack in Oz for a quiver of these babies!

    • Laurent says:

      Hey Tony, we are working on the 012 design and can’t tell you to much…But we like contrast, so from your post you are on the right track 🙂
      Bjoern is cooking and steaming the new design, and I feel it’s going to be worth the wait!

    • Laurent says:

      Hey Tony, white will be part of it, and happy to let you know we will have the full white version on all wave sails!

  2. Jimmie Hepp says:

    Nice photos!!!!!!! Lol! It’s been fun watching you guys try to tear those thing up!!

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