Another beautiful day in Paradise

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November 18th 2010

Curious to know how is the life in the paradise?

Enjoying how is another beautiful day in Maui …
A short footage trying to explain the experience of living in the beautiful Hawaii by a Spaniard.


A Spaniard in Maui

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November 16th 2010
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Amazing pictures from Franck Berthuot (Maui Water Shoot)

Thanks to
This trip has been possible thanks to:

Café Mambo (
Goya Windsurfing (  
Quatro International (
Tactic SurfShop Barcelona ( (

Thanks to everyone for your fiendship and hospitality!

Port Ginesta, Spain

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October 14th 2010
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When the Fall arrives our only hope is to wait for the Storms.

There aren’t trade winds at home, only Chocolate waters, violent and gusty winds, weird and mutant waves, cold and rainy weather. This is Europe!

At least, we are lucky cause we can enjoy it meanwhile the other people lock themself in their houses waiting for better weather.

Gear used: Goya Quad Pro 92 board and Goya Eclipse 4.7 sail.

Thanks to Ignasi ( who always has a moment to take nice pictures.

Saint Cyprien, France

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October 8th 2010
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Nice windsurfing session in Saint Cyprien, Southern France Coast.

Gear used: Goya Quad Pro 92 board and Goya Eclipse 4.7 sail.
saint cyprien, france
Views from spot.

saint cyprien, france
My “car-van” …

saint cyprien, france
Blurry jump.

Pics by Flecha / Dani –

Keith Welcomes winter!

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September 27th 2010
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The last couple of days the north shore got couple of good swells, they were getting better day after day… Sunday a winter class swell came in and after towing in the morning Keith pilled up some sailing to his busy day!

Baby Steps into the Wave Season

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September 24th 2010
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You ever get out on the water after a long hiatus, perhaps with nukin’ conditions or large waves or offshore winds, etc… and just sort of need to dial it in, feeling vulnerable and tentative?

That was my day yesterday until…

11:15AM, lighter winds, underpowered 4.7, 4 guys out, trying to get through the large sets coming in. Chicken jibing. Getting out. Dialing in the first wave ride with a quick, tentative single cutback. Repeat several times.

The wind started filling in perfectly and my confidence blossomed. Felt good all day long, just playing in the largish surf. The Fall wave season is back and I feel great.

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