Looking for the Wind

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August 23rd 2011
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Summer time is not always enough windy as I’d wish … if you want to sail, you have to look for the wind!

I had checked the forecast and it seemed that a beautiful and strong Tramuntana (wind from North) was coming. The closest spot to my home (Southern Barcelona, Spain) to sail with this wind is 2 hours driving far, it needs a really strong Tramuntana. The wind never appeared. We spent the whole day driving at the road looking for the best spot… Finally we decide to go to Southern France, if the wind wasn’t enough strong, we would go to get it.

French sunset.

We arrive at night, the wind was softly blowing.

Views from the van.

A new day was starting, and the wind was there…

The wind picking up early in the morning.

… enough strong to enjoy our toys.

My toys.

Nothing special, nothing radical but sailing is always a pleasure enjoying that different and beautiful environtment.

Gear used in this session: Goya Quad 92 and Goya Eclipse 4.7

Spanish version at: http://www.mardelcoral.com/2011/08/tramuntanas-de-verano/


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August 11th 2011

Last July Tom Hartmann flew from Austria to go windsurfing in mauritius. He needed decent conditions to challenge  his new gear… OneEye offer plenty to schred  and even though the wind didn’t kick in as it’s suppose to to, Tom  shared with use some evidence his doesn’t only rip on Austrian  lakes!

Suffering Cape

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August 8th 2011

In Summer the Spanish Mediterranean beaches are crowded and it’s much difficult to sail close to the shore.

Lifeguards and police are there with their “authority” to throw us out from the water… It’s well known, in Summer the beach is for the tourists, not for us (windsurfers and surfers) that we spend the whole year on the sand, waiting for the wind and the waves.

It’s time to escape from there and discover new spots far from the crowds…

Nice to discover new spots and enjoy alone with your friends!

Spanish version at: http://www.mardelcoral.com/2011/08/cala-sufrimiento/

Denmark Windsurfing Express Trip

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August 5th 2011
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Caro aka the pink surfer and Claudius are some passionate windsurfers. They trip around northern Europe chasing storms to get the best conditions! Check their latest windsurfing mini-trip to denmark!

We just came back from a short trip to northern Denmark.

On Friday, we had really good conditions in Hanstholm for the 4.2 Gurus and the One 72 / Quad 78. We were really stoked to see, how many people were on Goya.
The waves were logo-high and perfect to train new tricks. So we spent about 8 hours on the water and enjoyed the nice conditions.
All the best from northern Germany
Claudius and Caro

When you see this

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May 12th 2011
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1. Do not panic.

2. Pack your windsurf gear in a calm and orderly fashion.

3. Drive straight to the beach and help others on their way to get there.

South of Spain

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March 24th 2011
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Warmer weather, solid wind conditions, friendly people and beautiful surroundings are the characteristics that you can find in the Spanish south coast during the winter.

EOLO’s windsurf shop Goya team share with us some good winter sessions around Almería and Tarifa.

As riders: Fran Pérez E-444 and Jose -owner of EOLO shop-.

Photos by Jose Ramos.

Fran Perez and Jose sharing a wave.

Fran Perez, Almería

Fran Perez, Almería

Fran Perez, Almería

Fran Perez, Almería

Fran Perez, Almería

Fran Perez, Almería

Fran Perez, Almería

Francisco Perez

Francisco Perez, Tarifa

Francisco Perez

Pascal Got His Kona Fix

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March 15th 2011
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Since a week Pascal was slightly more stressed than usual… Ouhhh yeah you know when Kona wind is coming when you are around him; he pupil dilates, his patience span goes from 30seconds to 5,…You know something’s happening…It’s like a 6th sense he has..He developped it as the Kona sessions can be counted on 1,2,3 fingers at the most every year and he looooves portack! That day was stormy and no one thought it would even happen, but Pascal knew better and his instinct got it right, he enjoyed a clean, logo high, lonely (in this case that’s good) session! All good for Pascal till next year! 🙂

Western Australia

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February 9th 2011
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The new year has started great here in Australia!

In the westcoast you can experience some fantastic moments and therefore it has become a frequent part of my winter travels. One of my favorite spots here is Margaret River and thanks to the support of Goya, Quatro and shop WINDSHACK which imports the brand, I can enjoy this awesome place and get the most out of every condition it presents to itself.

These are some of the most beautiful shots made in Australia!

Ivan Zecca

Alberto and Ivan holding a KT76 in the Windshack shop board rack

Ivan enjoying the LS75


Ivan getting deep

Ivan getting deep

Bolonia, Spain

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December 11th 2010

I traveled to Tarifa, in the South of Spain, for some days. The Winter is the best season to enjoy the more authentic Tarifa, not crowded beaches, quite and calm town, warm weather, amazing seafood, nice and very different conditions for windsurfing and surfing. Perfect if you want to escape from your cold home spot.

Bolonia Beach.

For this time I found strong winds and small waves, just enough to have fun 😉

Always enjoying travelling and windsurfing 😉

Enjoying small waves…

Amazing sunset!

Castelldefels, Spain

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December 5th 2010
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After my short trip to Maui, this is the coming back to reality… Sailing at my homespot, as usual light and gusty wind, micro waves and cold …
At least I enjoyed the nice sunset at Kastas Beach 😉

Gear used:
Goya Quad 92 & Goya Eclypse 5.3

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