doing Kai things.

On the Banzai Pro.



Proton Pro IV.


Engadinwind 2020.

EFPT Tow in Championships.

La La Loop

Starring Maria.

On Banzai Pro


Sliced by Robin Goffinet.

Photo by Jp Fléchet


Twentyfourseven Goya Windsurfing.

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Latest footage by riders and friends.

There's always some new video surfacing sooner or later. It'll get posted right here.


Constant growth.

We’re honored to be adding folks to the team on a constant basis. Be they international riders or national riders, we take pride and joy in giving them a home and we make time to ensure they have the best brand and family experience possible. It’s not all about numbers in the end. It’s about the experience, the feeling, the session.

Team Gear

Preowned. By professionals. On Maui.

We are stocking some exceptional quality used gear in our Flagship Store.
Gear that was ridden by our team riders. Gear that is Goya certified. Gear that can now be yours.

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