Skinny Pro

Minimal Diameter Boom.

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Skinny Pro

Minimal Diameter Boom

Our top of the line ergonomic performance boom.

The Carbon Skinny Pro comes as a 100% prepreg carbon monocoque body and extension. Its 24.5 mm grip takes diameter reduction one step further. Comfort. Control. It’s hard to get the team on anything else these days.

New with a wider tail end & stiffer tubes.

This boom is about as stiff and strong as you can get in the market, nay in carbon technology at large. Double pin locking guarantees a firm fit and ample load distribution between the boom body and the boom extension. This boom is a no compromise high performance product and features modern wide and stiff tail ends. Built with 33msi pre-preg carbon.

Please note that any indicated diameters describe the boom tube without grip tape. The grip tape has an additional thickness of 1.5 mm (times two to calculate overall diameter).

Available in 125-175, 130-180, 140-190, and 150-200 centimeters.

Adaptor allows use with RDM and SDM masts.

New optimized lay-up.

Goya booms fit both RDM and SDM masts for added range and versatility. By using the RDM shim you need to add 2 cm in your boom length measurement. Example: To achieve a 156 cm boom length, on an RDM mast, with the RDM shim in place, the boom needs to be set to 158 cm.




The New Tail End.

Providing more space for your sail to move within the boom extension geometry. Resulting in a cleaner sail with better performance.


The New Tail End.

Providing more space for your sail to move within the boom extension geometry. Resulting in a cleaner sail with better performance.


The New Tail End.

Providing more space for your sail to move within the boom extension geometry. Resulting in a cleaner sail with better performance.


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Pascal, France  
Jul 03, 2024 

Title: ----------

Bonjour à toute l'équipe GOYAWINDSURF,
Bonjour Francisco, bonjour Keith,

Hello to the whole GOYAWINDSURF team,
Hi Francisco, Hi Keith,

Profil 57 ans - 92 kg – 1,78 - Spot NAXOS Glyfada (Greece - Cyclades) et LEUCATE (France).
Après une année de réflexion, c’est fait, tout mon matériel est devenu GOYAWINDSURF, pour mon plus grand bonheur.
Profile 57 years - 92 kg- 1,78 - Spot NAXOS Glyfada (Greece Cyclades) and LEUCATE (France).
After a year of reflection, it’s done, all my equipment has become GOYAWINDSURF, for my greatest happiness.

GOYA One 3 Carbon 95l – 115 l
GOYA Eclipse X Pro 3,7 - 4,2 - 4,7 - 5,3
GOYA Mast 90 Pro RDM 400 - Mast 80 Pro RDM 370
GOYA Carbon Pro 140-190

Sails :

Je pratique le windsurf depuis 35 années et j’ai toujours été très sensible à la qualité de construction du matériel et c’est mon côté technicien concepteur qui m’a fait choisir GOYAWINDSURF.
I have been practicing windsurfing for 35 years and I have always been very sensitive to the quality of construction of the equipment and it is my technical side designer who made me choose GOYAWINDSURF.

En premier, le nombre, la qualité et le positionnement des panneaux et des « vrais » renforts, le nombre de coutures, les voiles sont d’une grande qualité fabrication et pour un prix d’achat correct.
Ne changer rien car c’est le top du top ! Et les couleurs sont géniale.
First of all the number, the quality and the positioning of the panels and the «real» reinforcements, the number of seams, the sails are of a high manufacturing quality and for a correct purchase price.
Do not change anything because it is the top of the top! And colors are great.

Puis, la facilité de réglage au pied de mat et le double œillet à l’écoute offre une grande plage de réglage, tout est bien pensé.
L’Eclipse X Pro est douce et puissante, avec un bon réglage de boot de harnais on ressent le lit du vent, c’est une merveille.
Then, the ease of adjustment at the foot mast and the double eyelet offers a large range of adjustment, everything is well thought out.
The Eclipse X Pro is soft and powerful, with a good harness boot setting you can feel the wind, it is a wonder.

Boards :

Merci à Keith, la GOYA One 3 Carbon 95 ce n’est que du bonheur, j’ai la sensation de voler en douceur sur l’eau que ce soit dans la houle ou dans un clapot compliqué. Cette planche demande un réglage au pied de mat soigné.
La GOYA One 3 Carbon 115 est utilisé par mon fils de 16 ans qui est débutant et qui en est très content.
Thanks to Keith, the GOYA One 3 Carbon 95 is only happiness, I have the sensation of flying smoothly on the water whether in the swell or in a complicated choppy. This board requires a careful adjustment to the mast foot.
The GOYA One 3 Carbon 115 is used by my 16 year old son who is a beginner and is very happy with it.

Bravo pour l’esprit GOYAWINDSURF : qualité de construction, sobriété écologique (pas de nouveau modèle de voile ou de planche chaque année) mais une production réfléchie … Et un plaisir infini en navigation.

Merci à vous tous, big up Francisco, big up Keith !

Congratulations for the GOYAWINDSURF spirit: quality of construction, ecological sobriety (no new model of sail or board every year) but a thoughtful production … And infinite pleasure in navigation.

Thank you all, big up Francisco, big up Keith!

Response: Merci Pascal!

You are the one that keeps making it all possible for us to keep giving it our best.


Charlie, EU  
Jul 20, 2023 

I'm very happy with my new Boom (Carbon Super Skinny 140-190). The extra power, that you have in your backhand is amazing. It feels that a new sail with it, more powerful but only when you want. Thank you for your dedication to making our sport even more exciting than it is.


Fernando, Argentina  
Aug 24, 2022 

I did my research at the beach and had the opportunity to hold most of the booms on the market, and I found the Goya Carbon Skinny Pro to have the most comfortable and stiffest frame I need as I weigh 95Kg. Also, the wider tail ends mean that I can rig my sails fuller now without having them touch the boom. The clips could be softer, but I prefer this over my previous boom that kept on opening up. Great job team Goya!!

Kamila, Poland  
Jul 06, 2020 

Got the super skinny boom with the fringe sail 1 year ago. This gear changed my windsurfing. Struggled with waterstart before with my heavy aluminium boom, now I can effortlessly waterstart in now time. So glad to use the boom with my SDM and RDM mast. The thin grip foam is a bit delicate however and prone to scratches.

Denis, Canada  
Jun 27, 2020 

Unbelievable feeling in the hands with such a small grip. Only drawback is the push pins. They are hard to pull out, especially when you're not standing on firm ground. As I frequently adjust in the water, I find those pins are much harder to pull out than the Chinook style. Only tried it once yet; may be the clips will soften a bit.

Rem, California  
Oct 16, 2018 

I bought a Fringe 5.0 & 5.3 and super skinny boom two years ago, and few months ago I added two Custom Quads (84 and 104) as well

Just wanted to let you know that I'm amazed by the gear. What's best is that I've progressed my windsurfing more in the last 3 months than I've done in the 3 years prior. I am getting better every day on the water, which is something I've never felt before. It's truly amazing how much more quickly I am learning new stuff, especially on the waves. And it helps everything looks beautiful as well 🙂

Thank you for making amazing gear and keep up the good work!


Corey, Australia  
Mar 27, 2017 

My new super skinny boom is unbelievable.
It is without a doubt the best boom I have ever had.
It is super stiff and light and feels great in the hand.
I even sold my old 211 booms and got a second super skinny as a spare.

Jan, Poland  
Oct 10, 2016 

Best boom I've ever had! Super Skinny makes the rig feel like a toy no matter if it is 5.3 or 3.7. What is more- I finally stopped having issues with destroying skin on the inside of my hands! I can windsurf everyday for 3-4 hours in a row and the only thing I have to think about is fun 🙂

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