KT testing some new sail concepts at the Gorge.
July 4th 2012

We thought we’d shoot you all a few photos of Keith Teboul and Jason Diffin at the Gorge, testing some sail ideas we just put together. The conditions were perfect for testing, and the sails were pretty tasty (sorry we won’t reveal any more at this point, hahaha), but what’s most important, it was a great fun day for everyone. Have yours too, go out today, get some water up your nose. Aloha.

P.S. No, Keith is not riding Goya boards. We’d sure wish to add a “yet” to that statement, however.

  • Mike Keller

    Dude, it’s freaking still cold here…..not much wind yet….big sails, no swells, and full wet suits…..the gorge is just no lit yet!  Happy Independence day, hope it’s puffing where you are sailing…….Love Buttface!

  • ixiixi

    Which one is it? Green or pink one? (jus kidding). Keep it up!

  • Ben Jones

    For the record. I’m thinking the Goya One tri fin is going to be a killer gorge board.  Just need to get some out here.

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