There's a new Stone in town.
May 18th 2012

Let’s face it: Josh Stone has been one of the biggest ambassadors of the sport of windsurfing. Instantly recognized for his good vibes, big smile and massive talent on the water, very few have done as much to advance the sport, bring it in to the public eye and of course progress it to new heights with new moves and smooth flare.

What might not be as widely known, but soon will, is that there’s another Stone out there turning heads up and down the Maui North Shore. Harley Stone is now 13 years old and pounds out moves on big Hookipa days that leave you scratching your head and dropping your jaw…

It wasn’t too long ago that Harley was learning to navigate the famous Hookipa shore break, taking his licks while mom and dad watched and encouraged him to reboot and try again. And here we are today, a bona fide Hookipa ripper.

Here are photos that tell the tale…

Harley Stone Windsurfing Hookipa
Harley Stone Topturn
Harley Stone Bottomturn
Harley Stone Cutback Hookipa
Takin' it to the Top


  1. Amymaui says:

    I am a very proud mom!! I can not believe it has only been 2 years that he has been windsurfing!!! Thanks you Francisco and team for believing in him!

  2. Stone says:

    Yeah!  That’s my boy!!!

  3. Nik Baker says:

    Brilliant to see the next generation. I got two boys a few years behind 🙂

  4. Kevin Trejo says:

    The first and only time I met Harley was in Punta San Carlos! He was only 1 1/2 years old and watching Elmo all day long! Looks like you’ve come a long way Harley! Can’t wait to see you rip the Punta!!! KT~

  5. Alidiaz44 says:

    Harley , Savanna and yourself a quite the inspiration for you Florida couisin s Brandon and Brooklyn!

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