Francisco Goya

July 30th 2010

2 Responses to “Francisco Goya”

  1. james Arnell-smith says:

    Hi francisco thanks very much for the demo kit today at west wittering its was orsom to meet you and i was really stoked to sail the kit thanks again james arnell-smith age 13 

  2. Dgravenbeek says:

    hi francisco

    i quistion aloha  and wish you  happy new year 2013 wow

    i am ill and cold brrr
    i am very four day ill long ….. heavy
    but i know it netherland weather  is very hard wind and cold rain
    i find not a cold funny
    but i bike further  door  aobut 30 min to amsterdam a mcdonalds   work hard wind coldrain brrr…….
    have i three day work …..
    but i have none a driving license zero

    i test first a gear board build learn through  stay like
    afterwards,next i  a salis more like
     i have never a windsurfing zero ..
    now i leran  a rest and  windsurfing a water and high and jumps
     but i am never to be afraid  a water
    strong i really good

    i have almost one year a fitness hard traning more and weekend bussy strong heavy most
    and i like leran a  rest windsurfing
    greething danielle gravenbeek (deafear) ever and hear you ok


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