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Save some precious gear, save yourself some cash.

When you buy used gear from us, you keep a quality product from a premature fate and you help lessen the production of new stuff. Also, you save cash. We inspect gently used items, returned by trusted riders, and select only the best. We put it up for sale, so that it can get back on the water, with you, where it belongs.

Goya Super Skinny Carbon Boom 150-200

Price: $500.00

Size: 150-200


Condition: Good


Product: Boom


Goya 30cm Carbon Extension

Price: $80.00

Size: 30cm


Condition: Used

Year: 2017

Product: Extension


Used Store Reviews SKU UPC Model
Jim, USA  
Jun 20, 2021 

Thank you for being so helpful and getting the sails to me. Glad I changed to Goya

Brian, Usa  
Dec 22, 2018 

If you haven't tried the bonzai you're missing out - rotates perfectly, light in the hands, stable always-on power that depowers when you need, and the biggest window to the action in the universe.

B-rad, USA  
Sep 13, 2014 

Goya wow you guys make some real deal right on sails!!! first use of your sails 2013 PSC August, loved it! August '14 was drooling looking forward to so more Bonzai 5m time! No need to futz around pondering which sail size is right; each day grab the 5m and go. Bonzai & Eclipse feel spot on comfy, lots of control, power, user friendly and tough as nails for aspiring/progressing wave sailors, keep making great sails!!

5.0 5.0 3 3 Thank you for being so helpful and getting the sails to me. Glad I changed to Goya Used Store Reviews


Everybody's darling for a reason.

The Banzai is a PWA World Cup winning wave sail that's equally suited to double loop training as it is to casual weekend sailing. Take the new one for a spin.