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The new CUSTOM Quads bring dedicated surfing experience into wavesailing, with a wider wind range, more drive, added upwind and all around faster riding. From hard core down the line conditions to onshore chop, these boards are built to go beyond what you though it was possible.

The Goya Quad concept allows you to increase the volume of the board about 5 liters above what you would normally ride, with absolutely no loss of control in the high end. The result is a board with a massively expanded wind range- that extra volume will keep you moving through lulls that a lower volume board might slow down in.

The Custom PRO features generous carbon patching from in front of the mast track all the way into the tail, as well as beneath and around the padded areas.

The 2012 Range of the Custom is seriously extended in both directions small and large, by adding a 68 liter high wind board that will suit smaller riders like a magic glove, and by a whopping 104 liter model that redefines how we will approach light wind days. Imagine taking all of it’s agility and volume into one of those days where waves are beyond mast high, but winds used to only allow you to reach for non-bottom-turnable Freerides, Freestyles or even SUPs in the past. Now your epic Quad light wind match is here. Go for it.

The Custom is available in PRO Construction

PRO is our most advanced built, combining light weight, a crisp feel and excellent durability all into one lay-up. Driven by the worldwide, year round research and passion of our team and customers, The Pro Construction evolves and improves constantly. The result is the best weight s with the least warranty issues in the industry. All Pro boards come in distinct colors and a lightly sanded finish.

Range Of Use

Intermediate to professional riders. The Custom Quad is the board we use and recommend for all your wavesailing needs.


The Custom comes with an MFC™ Quad fin set. Learn more >

The MFC™ straps are extremely comfortable, with a thick and high quality neoprene and a soft inner sole. Learn more >

The 10mm Dual Density Deck pads combine better traction and padding for the big landings. Learn more >



More Drive. More Speed.
More Airtime.

MFC QS 211


MFC, in conjunction with Kauli Seadi and Keith Teboul, developed the new Quad set up for wave boards. It was always in our minds to seek something that could be approachable for the everyday sailor, and it looks like we reached our target with the QUAD fins set-up. The board has drive. The different foil sections on the center and side fins drastically reduce the drag, which make upwind performances superior. This in turn makes riding waves easier for everyone. The board feels looser yet drives harder at the same time without compromising speed. It makes wave riding more forgiving. The board can be pushed with the front or back foot and the board and fins will continue to hold your style. We do not choose Quad fins looking at the size/length, but at the surface area we are using.

Available for US Box and Minituttle

Francisco Goya on
90+ LITER QUAD wave boardS

What does a 90+ liter wave board offer that a comparably sized freewave doesn’t? A single fin ONE 104 or 94 will be used for the most part with larger sails and around bump and jump conditions so it will have a slightly wider tail and nose with a slightly faster rocker where the rider that is looking for one of our CUSTOM QUAD 104 or 92 is wanting more performance and focus on the turnability and fitting in the waves, still keeping all the speed and freedom you would expect from a board that size in light and marginal conditions. Do you think that in general most riders are still better off choosing a Freewave board in this size? It all depends what the rider is looking for, I was in Europe last week as we released the new Quad 104 and there was this guy that has been riding a freewave board for the last 5 years. He demoed the Quad 104 and didn’t want to return it, he was just stoked to feel a surfing feeling on a board that size while he never stoped planning on his 6.2 with pretty light onshore winds. Are these 90+ liter wave boards targeted only at heavy weight riders? Not at all, I weight 78kg and if I had to choose two boards to ride on it will be the 72 and 104 Quad, that way I would know that I will be having a blast no matter what the wind is doing. We have Quads, Thrusters and Twin fins within this test group, please explain why you have chosen the fin configuration that you have. I love my thruster set up on my surfboards but on windsurfing, riding a wave is only a part of the experience, I need to have a fast and lively ride heading out. With thrusters to me it is either one or the other, if you run a smaller/equal fin on the back you start sliding and if you put a bigger fin it gets slow and I start questioning why I have the side fins. Do you think that multi-fin set-ups have generally increased the size of wave board that people ride? Yes, multi fins not only allow you to ride bigger, they allow you to ride faster rockers without loosing the control. Still if you are looking for utmost lift and power they are no substitute to a One single fin.



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rafael, Greece  
Oct 06, 2015 

This board is awesome(72) ...great handling, great Performance and speed. It makes very much fun and you feel like a pro Surfer with it. Thank u goya for that great board

Tetsuya, Southern California  
Nov 04, 2012 

68 litters. I have never had such high performance board before. So easy to handle, planing fast, turning sharp, jumping high, and fun to ride waves...endless.

Hubert, Germany  
Oct 13, 2012 

Thank you so much for the Goya Custom Quad 104!
I`m living in the southern part of germany, far away from the sea, but surfing the waves in sardegna/Italy as often as possible. Like so many (not only the heaviest - I weight about 80+ kgs) windsurfers I always have been looking for a waveboard about 100 ls to ride the different waves in very different conditions. After having tried some kinds of different freewaveboards and 92ers in january 2011 I recognized, that you had developed a 104 Quad. Bought it (thank you "freestyleworld"-ralph) without having tried, took it to sardegna, used it - and was so stoked from the first ride on. (At home I immediately sold my 92 JP Quad, whitch I before had thought I would ride for years.) This Goya Quad 104 is not only the "big-board" for lightwind days or 100 kgs- wavesurfers! It works so very/very good with sails from 4,7 to 6,5, strong and light or extremely gusty wind-conditions, turns so easy on every kind of (even non-perfect) wave as I never thought or even dreamed about before!! Thank you so much!
PS: I now even put away my 84 JP-Twinser (which I had loved very much) and bought a 2013 Custom Quad 84 (as my second board) too (after having tried the 2012), - by the way the most beautiful looking waveboard I ever had!

brian, USA  
Oct 08, 2012 

Aloha, sailed the 68 L Goya Quad for several days and then the 68 L thruster. Love the Thruster! It has the speed and upwind ability of a single fin and can jibe on a dime. It also tracks really well in rough or choppy conditions. As much as I like the boards I like the new 2013 Bonzai even better! Saiiled a 4.5 almost every day for 4 weeks in August and September at Kanaha Uppers. The Bonzai is very light , powerfull when needed and handles the gusts with ease. Fun and performance. Great stuff 🙂

Hubert, Germany  
Oct 08, 2012 

Hello goya-people,

I`m German, living in Bavaria - far away from the sea, - only surfing in sardegna, Italy. The conditions there are very different, from masthigh to small good or bad waves side/onshore, very often choppy water, strong and light winds.
I`m not too fat (about 82 kgs), but due to the different conditions and because I like windsurfing in waves very much (even in lightwind conditions), I always have been looking for a real waveboard about 100 l volume.
Bought the custom quad 104 in january 2012, and since than almost used it as "one-board-only", although I had a 84 JP Twin, which I had liked very much.
After four journies to and (totally) 7 weeks in sardegna I must say, that the 104 Goya Quad works better than I ever had dreamed of. Used it from 4,7 (strong but gusty winds) to 6,5 (changing light wind), and always felt secure and able to ride the waves better than I thought or even dreamed a 100l-board could do. I also had fun in no-wave conditions, easy to jibe even in extremely choppy waters, going upwind better than any waveboard I had before.
So thank you, Goya-people, for having enabled me to have so much fun and easyness by producing this board.
By the way, due to my experiences with the 104 I`ve sold my 84 twin and have ordered an 84 Goya Custom Quad 2013 as my second board.

Julia, USA  
Aug 06, 2012 

Love my 72 liter Goya Quad! I've had it out in everything from mast-high waves to bump and jump condtions, and this board does it all: planes quickly, shoots upwind, and turns on a dime for killer top and bottom turns. You will never spin out in front of a wave again! The shorter, wider shape makes it very responsive to foot pressure and easy to ride. Off the water, this board wants to jump--High! The specs are spot-on. I've had the board out in light 4.7 wave days and in overpowered 3.2 conditions, and it was simply perfect.

Response: Great Julia! Stoked you love the board. When are you coming back to Maui? - Stephan

roger, Sweden  
Aug 05, 2012 

Hello dudes! Hope you have a good Sesong 🙂
Here in Sweden i has been lived completely omkej.
I was in Pozo exuerdo (however it is spelled) and surf this summer.
It was rely good!!!
I testate goya custum quad 78 84 92, love those boards!
Just wanted to say that clearly they sweetest boards I've tested!
So what happens to them in 2013?
dare to go and buy a 2012?

or should I wait?

84 custum quad: was may kler favirit! wort a board!!!!!!!!
perfekt in sweden

joe, U.S.A.  
Jul 18, 2012 


Pascal, Normandy  
Jul 06, 2012 

Salut team Goya

I promised you in our last exchange that I would give you my feed back on my Goya equipment.

I decided this year to change all my quiver for Goya sails (4.2+4.7 in guru + 5.3+5.7+6.2 in eclipse) + 2 goya boards quad 84+104L.

First of all, the sails. They are nice for sure but does correspond exactly to what I was expected: eclipse are powerfull and dynamic sails and the guru, good sails for strong winds. They seem to be very strong and when I rigg them, the material does not get "folded" as it was with my previous brand. So the sails after few trials stay in the same condition. When I fall down, the sails does not mark.It gives me confidence to try moves that I wouldn't have consider before....Jason has done a great job

I am looking forward to test the new 4.6 Banzaï as the program will more correspond to my weight (90kgs) compared to the former one.

Secondly the boards: ok the 84 L is what I expected, soft but nervous. My main surprise is the 104 L. Very stable but if you want to push it, it is very manoeuvrable for such a large board, It is still a wave board. The best combination is the 5.7 Eclipse with 104L or 4.7 guru and 84L for me.

I am convinced that Goya will become one of the most successfull brands in the coming years.

Keep in touch !

Pascal / Normandy

Marty, USA  
Jul 05, 2012 

Man, I am totally loving the Goya 104 quad. This thing would fly of your board rack! Fist fights could occur on a regular basis. I don’t know how I ever got by without out it. A couple guys at Waddell have asked me about it and are thinking about getting one. I even sailed it in 30 knots with a 4.7 yesterday in head high waves at Waddell, and it was great. Though I was able to do better on the wave with my 92 liter when it filled in on the inside, it was a lot more work to sail the 92. So for your non-expert clientele, I think anyone over 175 lbs would want to use the 104. In < 25 knots and head high or less, 200+ pound sailors will want it. In

4.9 5.0 10 10 This board is awesome(72) ...great handling, great Performance and speed. It makes very much fun and you feel like a pro Surfer with it. Thank u goya for that great board Custom

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