QS 211


Time for a new quad setup for the Custom. One that incorporates the precious input of Marcilio Browne, Francisco Goya and the entire Goya team into a thoroughly fresh design. The foil, the thickness, the outline, everything has been reimagined. G10 CNC was chosen to guarantee for the strongest and most consistent construction, lastig you for years even at Pozo or Ho’okipa.

The front fins remain the same throughout the Goya Custom range at 8cm. This smaller fin concept works like magic in the front, supplying just the right amount of grip while at the same time putting little resistance in your way when collecting speed. The back fins range from 14cm to 19cm and come with a consistent outline that has a narrower base and more tip area compared to the regular QS, so as to make the transition from riding flat to carving the rails a more natural one. Increased tip coverage also gives you the power needed to excell in provocative conditions you may encounter around the globe.

Available from 15cm to 18cm



ONE 85

The TF model brings the surfing style into windsurfing, with a slightly fuller profile than the Quad sets, these fins offer continuos grip through the tightest turns but with all the drive and durability you can expect from G10. The fins are CNC designed and machined.

In general a larger center fin and smaller side fins will add earlier planning and top speed and larger sides fins and smaller center will add more turning and easier slides.

For a Thruster setup we recommend:

85   21cm Center & Sides 10cm
95   23cm Center & Sides 10cm
105   24cm Center & Sides 10cm



ONE 95 & 105

This fin offers a new concept in design developed by MFC and Francisco Goya.

The foil thickness is only 9.6mm and positioned at 38% forward. We found this is the best balance for wave riding, early planing and upwind performance. The outline and angles naturally evolve on the bigger sizes for increased power and top end speed. The material chosen is G10. The fins are CNC designed and machined.

Available from 20,5cm to 31cm

FS Pro


This new generation of Freestyle fins features a slightly curvier tip outline to allow easier sliding maneuvers, as well as a new profile to accelerate as quickly as possible, allowing to reach top speeds within 50-80 meters.

Available from 15cm to 24cm



MFC’s new Racing bullet was developed with Kevin Pritchard and tested for all PWA events. This fin boasts a new faster profile for great early planing and racing bigger sized gear. MFC racing fins are CNC shaped and also available to be Custom made.

Sizes from 28cm to 50cm



The Goya Surf comes with its own fin that is specifically tailord to work at its best with the Allgaier® dagger board in supplying supreme stability and ease of use for all beginner and fun applications. Should a more dynamic board be aspired, this fin can of course easily be replaced with any Powerbox fin.

We recommend using performance fins by MFC.

Fixed size 34cm