Let’s TwistAgain


Diagonal Flex™
The main difference between Goya masts and those of all competition is Diagonal Flex™. No other mast brand offers this technology.

Diagonal Flex™ does not only allow Goya masts to bend to amazing curves, just like all those laboratory photos you know, but while in that shape, they are also enabled to twist extremely lively, working in close synergy with the Goya sails.

The difference resulting from this feature is expressed by a very simple number: Last winter, also known as the big wave season, between all Goya Team Riders, shops and distributors, we broke a total of three (3) masts. This was only possible through the Diagonal Flex™ technology developed by Goya Windsurfing.

90% Carbon
Another essential building block of our masts is the use of an all new Goya exclusive Carbon lay up that makes our extreme bend and twist curves possible in the first place. 90% Pre-Preg. 33 million pounds per square inch.

Wall Thickness
The equation is very simple. Our wall thickness is at least 50% thicker than the rest of the market, while still being among the lightest weights.

How is that possible? Again, it’s no magic, everything starts with the most advance materials available, built with the same technology that is used in the aerospace industry.

Bend and Reflex like SDM
That sounds impossible but when you see that we offer our RDM masts at 490, doesn’t that make you curious how quick and stable our 400 is?

Our mast layup gradually adapts to each sizing, enabaling us to go from 12 IMCS on our 310 all the way up to 30 IMCS on the 490, while still keeping the same bending percentages or even getting a stiffer bottom section on the larger masts, making our RDM masts outperform SDM masts. And let’s not even talk about durability.

Segments Available Separately
Less pieces, more performance. All Goya mast segments are available for separate individual purchase. We encourage this strategy for three reasons:

First, you can reduce the number of masts needed to cover your range of sails, thus reducing the amount of gear and weight you have to tote around.

Second, mixing and matching bend curves allows you to tweak and customize the performance of your rig, a practice often overlooked and underestimated.

Third you will discover that all Goya mast tops and bottoms are interchangeable and share the same grade of pristine quality, made in the USA.

An example. Starting from let’s say a full 400 mast if you need to go smaller, for that new 4.2 you bought, just get the 370 top, and if you need to go bigger, for that trusty 5.3, simply get the 430 bottom and you are good to go. With this combination, your mast stays true to the flex top curve which keeps your draft lower and forward. As a rule of thumb, always choose the same size top and bottom or a shorter top.

Although all sizes are compatible we do not recommend jumping segment sizes. Negative example: 430 base and 370 top.

Goya masts have the smoothest and most consistent build in the industry, made possible through immensely high pressure during production as well as through highest grade materials. The result is the most consistent mast bends in the industry.

The US based factory that builds our masts operates at the highest level of composite manufacturing, with a client list including many aerospace and aeronautical companies. Quality and consistency and taken very seriously.

Let it be told
If this wasn’t the best mast out there, our team wouldn’t use it. We hope you never had to swim back across an impact zone or from way out where you were freeriding but if you ever did, please come try our masts before you go buy your next one.



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