Made in theUSA

Size Availabe
310, 340, 370, 400, 430, 460, 490

The all new Goya Masts feature a no compromise optimized Carbon Content of 90% to achieve the perfect weight to durability ratio. Strength and stiffness are fine tuned to fit the Goya Sails range like a glove.


The combination of ultra-tight tolerance Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber, glass and finest quality epoxy resin create a mast that is unbeatable in the industry for spot on consistent stiffness, bend curve, strength, and an incredibly “alive” feel in the sails.

The new Goya Masts are produced using 33 MSI Pre-Preg Carbon technology.

Goya RDM masts are the perfect fit for any Goya sail model, and they will improve the feeling and performance of any other sail out there just as well. Goya RDM masts are the pinnacle of quality and performance.


The base color is a glossy Anthracite Finish with a White, Violet, Neon Pink and Gold print on both the base and the top.


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