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The One Thruster is an all-around board, but it couln’t be further from lacking unique character since it’s loaded to the nines with dynamic shaping freebies.

The One has become slightly shorter and in combination with a higher entry results in an increased range of not only conditions but also styles, especially when switching between Thruster fin set ups. These boards will feel at home anywhere as long as it’s water you put them into.

Francisco: “Imagine turning and sliding with all new angles and speed. This is the magic of the One. These shapes turn average onshore conditions into paradises.

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Planing capabilities

The One sparks creativity and ignites maneuvers that may not even exist yet because it can travel paths on real world waves that simply haven’t been traveled before.



Goya boards deliver that wonderfully unique forgiving feel and style. Coupled with their lively light weight and celebrated build quality, these boards are both agile and tough, living through even the most challenging situations and epic sessions.

One of the things that motivates us the most when starting each new season is doing things we believe in. We believe windsurfing should be simple, easy to learn and to improve. Our gear should and does always enhance these qualities. We exclusively develop products that we love to ride and feel stoked about. It inspires us to bring across the absolute best we can create.

The facts

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Toby, USA  
Aug 08, 2015 

I have a 2015 One 95 thruster and it is an awesome board, I sailed it yesterday quite powered up with a 5.3m, normally I would change to a smaller board but the 95 was fine, it is so turny yet very fast and planes up so quickly. My question is, I just noticed you have brought out the 2016 version which seems a lot different on paper, am I going to have to trade in already ? Can you comment on the differences please ?

Peter, Germany  
Jul 12, 2015 

Goya One Pro 95 L

Having used the Goya for 1 year now as my ONE and only board I just wanted to show up and encourage surfers to check this board out - it´s AWESOME!

If in doubt also check this review:

Only drawback to me is that the painting looked very fast "used", sand and small rocks are leaving scratches all the way...

Very smooth and versatile board, works with single fin and thruster setup really makes a HUGE difference - LOVE IT!

I know, Quad is cool - but, in a real world give this board a try - it´s worth it!

.BTW: NO, I´m NOT sponsored by GOYA. ;-))


Francisco, USA  
Jun 11, 2015 

I've been riding on your one freestyle wave with the thruster setup and the banzai 5.3 and 6.0 sails. What a blast !! Even in the lighter conditions it was really fun to ride. Been sailing it at uppers and camp 1 reefs. Handles really great blasting on the flat water and made my first attempts at reef wave riding unexpectedly easy. Granted they were only around 4-5 feet or so????.We only have wind driven onshore waves back home so it was really great to get a chance to sail in those conditions. Going to try to make it to your loft today. Rob

Brad, Usa  
Mar 02, 2015 

Thank you Pascal for dealing with endless end user email questions, very helpful, first experience with Goya equipment was in PSC in 2013 & 2014, the One board and Banzai sails felt awesome, very user friend, loving this Goya One 105, it will for sure help an aspiring wave sailor with progression. This board of magic out to prove more volume is not a bad thing with a modern board shapes.

Local conditions around here are east coast onshore, side shore, bump-n-jump, some passing swell with cross chop stuff, can be a washing machine out there. When the wind is up, many people look to a small wave board with monster fin & oversized sail. I think the answer is the opposite, more board volume! This new One model shape ideal for east coast conditions, teamed up with proper fin size and a controllable rig size. First day on the One was awesome experience. Pumped! Keep making good stuff, thank you Goya!

Aussie, Australia  
Feb 25, 2015 

Had the One 95 dailed with a 5.0 m- board was loose and drivey - invisible and I had to recalibrate my jumping as it launches so amazingly well.




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