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Tail Kick

A raised tail pad, giving you that extra little bit of grip and confidence when leaning yourself into the more twisted kind of moves.

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Density Pads

The new Variable Density Pads come with tapering thickness levels, offering maximum comfort under your heels and toes, while merely delivering outstanding traction in areas less traveled.

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Short US Box

Short US center boxes are designed to save weight and add all the more to the light underfoot feeling our boards already offer.

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Rich Colors

We’ve gone thru the range, and fine tuned the base colors and finish, and while we’re keeping the color coding consistent, so you know what to expect, all paints are now more vibrant and outstanding. Try them on your next private photoshoot.

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Sanded Finish

We effectively save a few hundred grams by sanding the paint to where the pigment is barely visible and the fabric underneath still sealed, this technique adds to the visual excitement as well as to the performance on the water.

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Super Light Nose

At the foot strap & landing area the reinforcements are more developed and we gradually reduce them towards the front of the board, creating a super light nose feeling, greatly reducing the swing motion. Part of the layup for every Goya construction.

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Progressive Rocker

PRC is our ultimate progression in CNC shape and design, with individual rockers tailored for each size board, looking for the most control and quickest reaction on the smaller sizes and favoring the larger sizes with all the speed, early planing and power you need.

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Steady Straps

This little gadget ensures for a non twisting footstrap with a one screw setup. It is placed in position on the board before placing the strap. The pin fits the neighboring hole. Once you fully tighten the strap screw, all twisting is eliminated. Comes with every board.

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Flat Nose

Switching from tail to nose glides is an ease with the flatter nose rocker and overall shorter and rounder nose of the Air.

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Reverse Bevel

Most contemporary Freestyle moves incorporate Reverse Sliding, and this finely tuned bevel makes it easier for you. And that holds true whether it’s a Volcan or an Air Funnel you aspire.

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Luxuriant Straps

MFC and Goya conceived these all new straps with only one goal in mind. Comfort. Superior softness in itself leads to massively increased flex and thereby outstanding performance. The internal adjustment system provides firm support. 7mm neoprene tapers to thinner layering in the perimeter, adding yet another bonus. Light weight.

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