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Everything starts in the beginning. The front. The nose. On the Custom it’s narrow, just as on surfboards, allowing you to get closer into the wave and its curves. It’s a very compact board with a fast progressive rocker that keeps you driving forward at all times. Since it’s so compact we suggest you pick one size bigger than your normal choice as the new Custom feels very small, and a higher volume will allow you to go with a smaller sail, making it that much more enjoyable.

Here’s what Francisco says about the Custom: “I feel so much more connected to the whole board, it’s fast and intuitive to the point that I wonder if I even need footstraps. I have never experienced the similarities to surfing as I have with these shapes.”

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And yet forgiving.

It’s one thing to make your board climb to great heights and freeze a hip posture in mid air. It’s a whole different story to follow through with the same move and keep on sailing. The Custom is made for both scerarios.




When Marcilio Browne claimed the 2013 PWA Wave World Championship it were unmistakably Goya boards and sails that he was riding. Having played a major role in developing the current range of wave boards, his style, taste and talent is being directly reflected by the very boards that you and so many others are deciding to ride these days. For a reason.

The forgiving yet radical nature of these boards is the secret blend that makes them just that extra perk more special. These boards are not only about shooting up with zest, they are equally well designed to allow you to make them come back down with the same elegance, much in line with Francisco Goya’s famed style itself.

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Peter, Canada  
May 17, 2016 

Kus, as advertised the 94 Goya is magic. Linked up 6 front side hits on a single wave within about 10 minutes of being on the board. Nailed a sweet 4.5 session at Sherkston Shores on Lake Erie today. Wow!

Christian, Denmark  
Jul 21, 2015 

I want to thank you for the very good board you have made available for my size. "It's really well balanced an floaty when getting out in thricky conditions - then it feels small and turny when on the wave. It's really perfect for both small and big conditions on windy and non - windy days at Klitmoeller. With his new Goya quad 118 L I have more fun windsurfingdays at the water, than he can remember for many years.


Holger, Austria  
Jun 28, 2015 

Hello Francisco, hello goya Team,
i'm very excited of the Custom Quad pro Board... The best Wave Board i ever had!!
Thanks you for that 😉
My Board Had a Few Reef contacts, so it Would be Great to have the Original orange Color Code to fix my Board ...
Would that be Possible to send me the Code?

Best Regards,

Tony Somers, Australia  
Apr 11, 2015 

I have been sailing for over 20 years and have seen the massive change in windsurfing technology over the years and have tried my best to keep up with it all. I recently brought a 104 L Goya Custom Pro Quad just as a light wind board and have been blown away with how good it is in the waves even as the wind picks up, its been that sweat that my poor little board is spending a lot more time left in the car. I thought if the 104 is this nice what would the 84 L be like. I was lucky enough to get one on a end of season sale and am anxiously awaiting its arrival in a few days time, all's I need then is some wind to try it out. After feeling how nice the 104 is I am not worried that I have blown my money on the 84 and am looking forward to next season at all my local Geraldton spots. I'll keep you posted when I finally get to use my new board.
For the spec conscious out there I am 94 klg and 5'7 and tend to sail on my back foot a bit. I prefer wave sailing rather that blasting and have been sailing quads for about 3 years now. I sail mainly in cross onshore conditions.
Tony / Geraldton

Martin, Denmark  
Dec 18, 2014 

Hi Goya

I am VERY impressed with the new Goya Quad boards. I really think that they are good.
I have sailed most on the Goya Quad 104. It keeps me flying on light days and gives me the necessary speed to jump. Before on light days I just had to concentrate on keeping the planing speed.
The day before yesterday I tested the 104 in Hanstholm in windy / cross offshore and big waves. I was on 4.7 and with the mast foot a little bit further back than usual, I found the perfect stage.

It is easy to sail and keeps really good speed on the wave. Despite its 104 liter feels small, turny and fresh. The 104 L can dig its edges and it is narrow, actually I felt several times that it was better and more narrow than my old 84'er- it must have something to do with the length to do. Even in waves down a flat face, I could dig the edge in and get a good swing.
I also feel that I can move my weight more on the front foot in the bottom turn, which I could not with the old quad 84.

The Goya 84'eren I have only sailed once. It was, however, a really cool experience where I repeatedly thought that I had made my life's best turn ever on a wave

I am super stoked and MEGA happy for both of them.

They are über cool. !!!!
Martin / Cold Hawaii.

Rich, USA  
Nov 18, 2014 

Hey Just an update and Thank you.
Love my set up on my Goya 84, really not alot to get it dialed in and at home right away. Had a few flat days with good wind at Sprecks to dial in then that great Swell came (contest was here). Kuau was a bit funky for that first swell so went to Uppers at Kanaha (only sailed there maybe twice in past ) and whoa......big Day. 4.7 and rally massive stuff all the way up towards camp one with only a few folks up that way. A bit scary actually, but cool. Next day same funky wind so back to Uppers and comfortable Mast high sets and steady light 4.7 (perfect). When that second good swell came a few days later, had two great days at Kuau with killer waves. Never got to hook up with you on the beach or water after I picked up my board but wanted to relate my stoke back to you.
Have a great winter! Rich

Digby, New Zealand  
Nov 14, 2014 

I've have had the new Goya 2015 78l and 104l Custom Quads for about a month now. Used them in starboard and port tack conditions from waist to logo high conditions, cross-on to sideshore, from 5.3 down to 4.0. I'm around 83kgs. Not really into jumping, more riding.

78L: My go-to board for where I live (Wellington, NZ). Using this when it's 4.5 and 4.0 conditions (which is most of the time :-)). I have only ridden this board in cross-on at my home break. Before I got this I was on the Quatro LS Quad. (which I loved). Here's some thoughts about it:

- absolutely no loss of speed through the bottom turn. To get vertical in cross-on, a bit of back foot pressure's needed at the end of the turn, while holding power in that twisted sheeted out position. With my old LS, I found it hard to keep speed while trying to get vertical, I'd bog a bit and lose speed. So to keep speed I'd have to go less vertical. The Goya lets you put more pressure on the back foot so you can get tighter, and just keeps on accelerating. So top turns feel that much better cos I'm carrying more speed into them, and getting more vertical. All this means ****loads more spray!!!!

- you can micro-steer on the face more easily. ie fine tune your approach to the lip without losing drive or speed.

- the new MFC fins are much better than the old MFC ones that came with my Quatro. More flex (but not too much), lots of drive. I had been using the yellow K4 flexies on my Quatro and loving them, as the old MFC ones were too stiff. Now on this new board, I reckon the new MFCs are much closer to the feeling of the K4's.

- much better balanced for dogging along. It's a pretty short board, so I thought it would be more critical to get your body in the right spot to maintain trim, but the volume distribution seems to be just right not to worry too much about where you are on the board.

104L: I've borrowed older versions of this board at Gnaraloo the past couple of years, and fell in love with it for light wind riding. So I thought I should get myself one. I used it at the Tananaki Wave Classic a couple of weeks ago in head to logo port tack conditions on a 5.3. And also at my local in cross-on, waist to head high waves.

The cool thing about the 104 is that it feels so much smaller than that on a wave (I guess like most high volume wave boards these days?). I can dog out when others are on the beach (like you can on a big board) and then shred the wave (like you can on a smaller board). Turns like something 20 litres smaller.

At my local the other day, the waves were good, it was pretty windy, but super gusty. So I rigged a 4.5 on the 104 to give me the float in the lulls. Over the course of the session, the wind kept filling in, and I expected that the board would start to feel too big for the conditions. But nope, it just kept on doing what I asked it to do. I could have happily kept going on it, but I eventually decided to change down to my 78L, not because it was too much hard work on the 104, but simply because the 78 is always gonna give you better turns when powered up.

It's a pretty big gap between the two boards in terms of volume, but funnily enough it works for me just fine.

Hope that's useful guys and gals.




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