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The new Eclipse has great low end power, sports easy handling and massive high wind range plus an unlimited speed potential. Five battens make the Eclipse a very stable sail with super easy handling when very powered up.

All wave and wave style sailing conditions are possible with the Eclipse, from down the line and onshore to freestylewave sailing. The Eclipse gives stability and range, along with durable construction details. Well suited to both multi and single fin boards. The new generation 5.3 uses a 400 mast and the 4.5 uses a 370 mast.

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in the water.

Mateo Cano: “The Eclipse is a true chameleon, excelling in bump and jump and freewave type conditions as well as dedicated wave sailing. The new Eclipse has a smoother feel through gusts and chop.”



Jason Diffin: “When we’re talking about weight reduction, we’re not just talking about “bag weight”, to me that is secondary. What’s more important is the “flying weight”. A sail with a light flying weight will tend to plane more quickly (especially if paired with a floaty board) and will be much more maneuverable. Both of those things are contingent on the sail having proper shape, stability and twist. All Goya Sails are optimized for a very low flying weight.

Without good shape, stability and twist, a sail that feels light as a feather when you pick it up in the store can feel like a ton of bricks on the water. That said, all new Goya sails have shed some mass for this season, so you get a double benefit. Enjoy.”

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Charlie, Germnay  
Jul 20, 2023 

I#m very happy with my Eclipse 6.2 i love the sensation that you control the sail completely. It feels little as it is ans ist very strong, you have the sensation that you can fall on the sail and will not broken. I also love the design., the black and white one looks amazing and match perfectly my Board One 105 from the same year (2015).
I'm very happy with both, sail and board. Thank you!

Chris, Usa  
Aug 23, 2017 

Love this sail! Does everything I need it to. Good full bottom for power. Fairly fast and stable on the top end Extremely disappointed that it has been discontinued. Wish I had bought a full quiver of them.

Maggie, USA  
Aug 16, 2017 

My favorite by a mile. Controlable power when you need it and plenty of range. Swapped an entire quiver of other sails for these. A bit heavy, but performance advantage far outweighs it. Run these on Maui's north shore.

Jul 10, 2016 

Hi Francisco,

I just wanted to let you know that I finally had a chance to try my new 2013 Goya Eclipse Power Wave 6.8 sail for the first time. The sail performs remarkably well I must say. As Jason says, "this is a power generating sail." Isn't that the truth!! It feels that I have a magic turbo built into my board. I have never had a goya sail before, let alone having a sail perform like this before. Absolutely phenomenal!!

I'm using this sail on my new JP Magic Ride 111 Pro Edition that I just purchased. When the season started a month ago, I didn't want to take the Goya sail out just yet until I felt dialed into the Magic Ride, so I used my Severne Convert 6.7 sail for several sessions until I new the Magic Ride's performance statis. The board is amazing to me and plenty fast, but when I sailed the board with the Goya sail, that's when I noticed a huge difference in power. I love this sail!!!!



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