Size Available
125 | 145

The Eco Wood construction uses a combination of Wood and PVC in a double sandwich lay-up. This construction combines our latest research with a competitive price and a reduced environmental impact.

As special models, the FXR & FXRS boards come in bright red finish.

A lively and fast freeride board. The 2010 FXR is a compact and stable design that gets planning on the lightest breeze and flies effortlessly through the wind lulls. The CNC fine tuned rockers keep the board gliding with the minimum wetted surface area. On the jibes the more compact design helps the FXR turn with ease, and finish the transitions with speed. In a straight line, the boards are extremely fast. The curved deck under the foot strap area provides an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride in all conditions.


With the foot straps settled to the inner position, the FXR maneuvers and transitions easily. In this position, the straps are also in the ideal configuration for first time foot straps users, making getting in the straps easy and fun. With the “further out into the rail” foot straps position the more advanced rider can trim the rails with more control, maximizing rail and fin lift, increasing the speed of the board.

The board construction focuses on light weight and durability. The sanded finish minimizes paint weight, and the full double wood and PVC sandwich offer great strength and dent resistance.

Liquid Pro

Comes with

New outline, new profile, new materials, the LIQUID PRO is the new freeride/freerace concept by MFC. The profile is generated by the SL and RC models, with incredible top speed, great planning and maneuverability. Ideal for Freeride/Freerace conditions, as well as flat and choppy conditions.

Available for Powerbox and Tuttle Box

Sizes from 28cm to 50cm

Color Finish


Even though all FXR and FXRS models feature our ecologically more friendly and more affordable Eco Wood construction, we still decided to offer them in bright red & orange finishes to make the experiance a more vivid one for you.



The 2010 line is our ultimate progression in CNC shape and design, with individual rockers tailored for each size board, looking for the most control and quickest reaction on the smaller sizes and favoring the larger sizes with all the speed, early planing and power you need.



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