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Francisco’s words: “A whole new level of excitement. Those are the words that come mind as I’m riding the all new Custom for the first time. I just feel so much more connected to the whole board, it is fast and intuitive on the wave to a point that I wonder if I even need the footstraps. I have never experience the similarities to surfing as I had with these new shapes.”

The nose on the new Custom is slightly narrower, just as on surfboards, where the narrower nose allows you to get closer into the wave and its curves. A faster progressive rocker keeps you driving forward at full speed. When deciding what size to take we suggest to go one size bigger than what you’d normally take. And if you are going to get two boards think of the widest gap possible so that you have your session on the water guaranteed regardless of the wind conditions. A bigger board will not only plane and carry you on lighter winds, it will also allow you to ride with a smaller sail, making it that much more enjoyable.


Clever details. Helpful Inno-
vations. Stylish elements.

The Construction
PRO is our most advanced build, combining light weight, crisp feel and excellent durability all into one lay-up. Driven by the worldwide, year round research and passion of our team and customers, The Pro Construction evolves and improves constantly. The result is the best weight s with the least warranty issues in the industry. All Pro boards come in distinct colors and a lightly sanded finish.

Range Of Use
This board is best suited for intermediate to professional riders. The Custom Quad is the board we use and recommend for all your wavesailing needs.

The Fins
The Custom comes with an MFC QS 211 quad fin set. See All Fins

The Straps
The new MFC straps that come with this board are extremely luxurious, with a thick and quality neoprene and a soft inner sole. They reselmble nothing your feet have felt before. See All Features

The Pads
The new Vary Dens™ pads come with tapering thickness levels, offering maximum comfort under your heels and toes, while merely delivering outstanding traction in areas less traveled. See All Features


More Drive. More Speed.
More Airtime.

QS 211


Time for a new quad setup for the Custom. One that incorporates the precious input of Marcilio Browne, Francisco Goya and the entire Goya team into a thoroughly fresh design. The foil, the thickness, the outline, everything has been reimagined. G10 CNC was chosen to guarantee for the strongest and most consistent construction, lastig you for years even at Pozo or Ho’okipa.

The front fins remain the same throughout the Goya Custom range at 8cm. This smaller fin concept works like magic in the front, supplying just the right amount of grip while at the same time putting little resistance in your way when collecting speed. The back fins range from 14cm to 19cm and come with a consistent outline that has a narrower base and more tip area compared to the regular QS, so as to make the transition from riding flat to carving the rails a more natural one. Increased tip coverage also gives you the power needed to excell in provocative conditions you may encounter around the globe.

Available from 15cm to 18cm

Francisco Goya on
100+ LITER QUAD wave boardS

What does a 100+ liter wave board offer that a comparably sized freewave doesn’t? A single fin ONE 95 or 105 will be used for the most part with larger sails and around bump and jump conditions so it will have a slightly wider tail and nose with a slightly faster rocker where the rider that is looking for one of our CUSTOM QUAD 104 or 118 is wanting more performance and focus on the turnability and fitting in the waves, still keeping all the speed and freedom you would expect from a board that size in light and marginal conditions. Do you think that in general most riders are still better off choosing a Freewave board in this size? It all depends what the rider is looking for, I was in Europe last week as we released the new Quad 104 and there was this guy that has been riding a freewave board for the last 5 years. He demoed the Quad 104 and didn’t want to return it, he was just stoked to feel a surfing feeling on a board that size while he never stoped planning on his 6.2 with pretty light onshore winds. Are these 100+ liter wave boards targeted only at heavy weight riders? Not at all, I weigh 78kg and if I had to choose two boards to ride on it will be the 72 and 104 Quad, that way I would know that I will be having a blast no matter what the wind is doing. We have Quads, Thrusters and Twin fins within this test group, please explain why you have chosen the fin configuration that you have. I love my thruster set up on my surfboards but on windsurfing, riding a wave is only a part of the experience, I need to have a fast and lively ride heading out. With thrusters to me it is either one or the other, if you run a smaller/equal fin on the back you start sliding and if you put a bigger fin it gets slow and I start questioning why I have the side fins. Do you think that multi-fin set-ups have generally increased the size of wave board that people ride? Yes, multi fins not only allow you to ride bigger, they allow you to ride faster rockers without loosing the control. Still if you are looking for utmost lift and power they are no substitute to a One single fin.



TestName, US  
Feb 26, 2015 

very good! update all, lovin the 118 as a twin- using the stock fins that came w/ the board- the board feels slashier and faster down the line w/ 2 fins to me -- feels better fully powered up to me than w/ the extra drag of the side biters as well.. wish this board shape came as a single fin haha cheers jd

JWH, Australia  
Jul 10, 2014 

update all, lovin the 118 as a twin- using the stock fins that came w/ the board- the board feels slashier and faster down the line w/ 2 fins to me -- feels better fully powered up to me than w/ the extra drag of the side biters as well.. wish this board shape came as a single fin haha cheers jd

Jens, Australia  
Jul 10, 2014 

Last week I got the Goya 118 out into mast high waves using a 5.7. The board felt really good, tracked really well and didn\'t feel large at all, especially in the early part of the session when the wind was light. It handled the drops beautifully, and climbed back up the face really well, just as I was hoping. As the wind picked up it started to feel heavy on the wave, just like any overpowered set up. Was no problem heading back downwind to camp though to grab it\'s smaller brother, the Quad 94 and change down to a 5.0. That board got a real workout last week from head high to double mast, and was really, really impressive. At 93 kg the Goya 94 gives me plenty of float in gusty winds, but feels really small and playful. Great fun to attack smallish waves with because it is really responsive, and the grip gets you so nice and high up the face it feels like you can go anywhere. Then when the swell picks up, and your primary concern is survival rather than slashing the wave to pieces, it tracks really well, giving you heaps of confidence. Not once did it trip out on any of the big take-offs last week, no sketchiness in the bottom turn at all. So stable on the bottom turn, it reminded me of the long ago asymmetric days. It\'s great to have that stability back, but not have to trade off pointing & planing ability, and looseness off the top, that we used to do in those days. Cheers, Jens

Jens, Australia  
Jul 10, 2014 

Had a good opportunity to test this yesterday as the local winter wave sailing spot was cranking early, giving me an hour with the Mistral Twinzer 84 & 4.7 m sail. Then the wind dropped pretty dramatically forcing an upscale to Goya 118/5.3 m sail. The Goya is amazingly loose; its actually easier to initiate the bottom turn than with the much smaller Twinzer, making it easy to climb vertically on the wave face. When you need to fade down the line to let the wall build up again-which you often do at this slightly onshore sailing spot, the little quad helper fins seem to enable you to track better along the wave face, climbing & maintaining speed a little better than the Twinzer. As a result when its time to do the next cutback, you have more drive to play with. When I 1st started using the Mistral Twinzers I felt that they had a similar grip advantage over single fins like the Evo, that enabled you to stay on the wave face better, and remain in the critical part of the wave more effectively. The difference between the Goya Quad and the Mistral Twinzer feels a little like that again. Not sure how they\'ve done it though. Cheers, Jens

WA, Australia  
Jul 10, 2014 

Here is my review of the Goya 118, which may be of interest to some of your punters. It is based on a Gearies WA session Saturday 24 August 2013: The wind was swinging from completely glassy to well-overpowering on a 5.7, but was light most of the time. Wind angle swung from fairly comfortable down the line bear away wave sailing to completely onshore and light. Waves were waist to shoulder high. Compared to my previous light wind boards the Goya 118L seemed to defy physics, and really surprised me. It has got heaps of float, the 66 cm width gives it great stability on windless gybes, and allows you to recover from unbalanced positions which would normally throw you in the water. The wide nose makes it easy to pop over white water, even when you are hardly moving. Despite its volume the board planes easily, gybes really lightly (can turn on a dime), and pops into the air better than my smaller wave boards. On waves it pumps onto the take off much easier than my Exocet Kona MiniTanker, and then feels looser, easier to push vertical than my Mistral Twinzer 92! The grip even on fat onshore waves is extraordinary, and sets up the cutback really well. The cutback is just as fast as my smaller Twinzers (92 & 84), but in comparison to those boards the extra grip means you slide out less on the reo, especially in onshore waves. I had sailed my Twinzer 92 the day before in the same spot in bigger swell with more wind using a 5m sail, but felt that I would have got more out of them with the Goya 118L, even though the conditions were on the wane, and I was using a much bigger, bagged out sail. On that basis this board redefines light wind wave sailing for me. It seems that now you can have the upside of extra buoyancy with no negative effects in the waves.

Julia Jones, USA  
Jul 08, 2014 

I've been a happy camper on the 72l Quad (2011), so I wanted to see how the 2014 compares. Goya designers have done it again!

This board planes up and moves you upwind fast. The shorter, wider shape responds beautifully to foot pressure and feels like a skateboard or surfing short board on a wave.. Carving is effortless and transitions are very smooth. The board is fun for jumping, and l have no fears about landing--these quads are built to last.

I've used this board with the Goya Banzai 3.4, 3.7, and 4.2.. In light wind, I sail a Banzai 4.2 and pump up the volume with my 2012 78l Quad..

Thanks to all the Goya Team.

See you on the water,


Tom, Belgium  
May 12, 2014 

After months of trepidation about sizes and types I finally went for the quad 84 and 104 to replace my previous other brand quads in 74 and 85, both being too small and too radical i.e. Poorly planing to suit the gusty high current North Sea I normally sail in.. Tested the 84 during 5 sessions with 4.7 onshore, and side shore with 4.2 and 3.7, some of which with gusts up to force 9.
With every session I was more and more amazed by the qualities of this board. The first thing I noticed during the first metres is how quick it planes, accelerates and heads upwind. A powerful feeling under the backfoot, great to zip around on in the break. The volume distribution is perfect: every litre is where it should be, no surprises, no quirks, just easy and predictable. The gybes: fast and smooth and when you put it on a rail, it just locks in. Better planing through lulls. Turns not as snappy and radical as my previous boards, but happy to trade that in for the other allround qualities. Then on 3.7: expecting to be somewhat shaken with my 82kgs but none of that: very controllable in the air, erases chop. A friend with the same weight was having difficulties controling his 2014 76l quad from one of the majpr brands. When he tested my Goya he commented how much easier everything was. 3.7 down the line,: board remains totally free, accelerates great as the rail sets, can change radius easily but at the same time gives huge confidence and a positive yet smooth grip. So far, the 84 ticks so many boxes for me that I can hardly imagine how it could be better. Ok, maybe I'll try smaller flexier rear fins to loosen up the top turn in down the line somewhat, but a 10/10 IMHO. Eager to test the 104....!!!!

Don't change it! A classic in the making if you ask me.


Julien, France  
Apr 07, 2014 

C est la meilleur planche de vague que j ai jamais eu!
J ai longuement réfléchis et vraiment je ne regrette pas mon choix.
J ai choisis la custom quad pro 78 j utilise 4m et 4,7 m , j ai même supprimé ma 5,2m. Les surfs sont radicaux et intuitifs, je ne force jamais même quand ça passe juste ...
Le départ planning est très bon.
Et petit plus qui peut peut-être s expliquer par rapport au shape du nez ,
Je pose beaucoup plus de backloops correctement !
Voilà , une bonne planche de vague. Pour toutes les conditions !

Mar 13, 2014 

Hello Lalo
Two nice surprises I got with my new Goya Quad 84. GYQUP8413100124
Wonderful, a real delight to ride this board! I didn’t expect so much! I was so pleased to ride this board that I continued in the cold water and air, 7°C (44 Fahrenheit) much longer than usual.
I got it Saturday March 1 in the shop. I was lucky to get 32 to 40 knots wind on Monday on the lake (the ocean was RB Storm Chase like) and nice little four feet waves with 18 knots side shore wind early this morning Tuesday at the ocean.
I had two single fin boards: an older 80L gun shape (width 54 cm) used in down the line or high wind and an 86L real world shape (width 58.5) used in lighter winds or onshore conditions.
I wanted to change my older 80 L board for a 78 L Quad. After trying my friends’ Goya board and looking at tests in the magazines I decided to go for a Goya Quad, my first multifin windsurf wave board, (my surfboard is a thruster).
So I went to the Goya homepage (lovely page). There I saw that Francisco suggest to go one size bigger if we choose a Quad. After reading that, I hesitate very much. On one hand I knew exactly what I want: a 78 L Goya Quad, and on the other hand I thought Francisco can’t be wrong. I wanted to have the right board, I’m not changing my board every year, I like to keep it longer, so I discussed with the owners of Goya or Quatro boards and I looked again attentively at the different board tests and I decided to go for a 84L rather than 78L, following Francisco’s suggest.
And now I have to say first of all that I am very happy to have chosen the bigger one, (first lovely surprise), because that board does everything so easily: high wind much better than my older 80L, a real pleasure in down the line and all right in light wind so that I’m very pleased with it.
The second good surprise with this board it’s like not only I change my 80 L board but also my 86 L because everything this 86 L can do, my Goya Quad is able to do better, much better than I hoped.
So I have changed both boards and now I have a beloved only one and unique!
It boosts up my desire of pushing my level in another dimension.
Beautiful story!
Thanks for doing such great boards!

DEVINEAU Jean-Pierre, France  
Feb 06, 2014 

Sorry I forgot a first place for the Quad 84: here’s the new text
Jean-Pierre, France
Hi Guys!
I order my Goya Quad 84 and I go in a delightful, hopeful waiting period. I am very impatient to get the board.
I wanted to buy the 78 Quad for higher winds but I follow the suggest of Francisco to go one size bigger. So I tried my friend’s Quad 84 of the year 2013.They love their board and they use it as “a one board solution”. That’s what I’m going to do (my weight 75 kg), after trying it, and so do they say in the magazines, you can have allround performance with the 84.
I have something to add to Henning’s from Denmark comment about the German surf magazine: they tested 14 wave boards of the 80/86 L bracket and to help us choosing our board they give advice to three class of windsurfers: 1- those who are going only a few days a year in the waves and can be considered as debutant wave riders.
2- The intermediate wave riders.
3- The good ones, perfectionist who travel around the world at search of the best winds and waves with the best kit possible.
For the class debutant they recommend 6 boards (first of them a French one, well I appreciate); for the class intermediate they recommend 5 boards; and for the perfectionist wave riders 7 boards, at the first place the Goya Quad 84! Of course a board can be found in two classes but here comes the best: there is only one board which appears in the three classes, it means this board can be used as well by a debutant, an intermediate or a perfectionist. Which one? I’m going to let you into little secret: the Goya Quad 84! An elegant way to say this board is the most versatile.
I like very much the Goya/Quatro philosophie.

Gaetrix, Italy  
Jan 06, 2014 

Great Board quad 118 may be my next board

Paul, Australia  
Nov 22, 2013 

This is my first year on Goya boards as i have been on Quatro up until now.I can highly recomend the Goya 84 quad as a one board dose all.It is mabey not as radical or as gripy as the quatro boards when you want to crank out a top or bottom turn but that being said it makes up for it in every thing else.The board has more of a free playful feel. it is light and fast, planes super quick is very controlled in high winds(40knots).It is a jumping machine if you want to get big air and more importantly lands super soft (mabey due to the slight v in the tail). As for turns it feels a little softer than the Quatros but once the rail is set you can go nuts and trough lots of spray.The fins,and straps are top notch.
The only negative thing i can say is it took me a couple of weeks to get use to the short lenght and sort out my stance so i didnt go over the bars.


Henning, Denmark  
Nov 07, 2013 

Hi Francisco, looks like you got a brilliant test in the german surf magazine for the 2-14 Quad 84. Congrats!

in short words: easy surfing but radical, extremely versatile from north sea to hawaii, excellent control up to 3.7.

what else could you wish for?

So open you champaigne-bottles 🙂


Bob, Oahu  
Nov 07, 2013 

Howzit Pascal,
I had my third short session today on the new board. On my very first wave it felt awesome & it just keeps getting better. So far I have only been able to sail at Kims in virtually no wind but with some ok waves. The board works great, straight up at the lip no problem. I can't wait to get it in some good conditions. Both Clay & myself are like excited kids at Christmas. Smooth, effortless turns, super lose, snappy & just enough volume to make it work in our typically glassy conditions. I love how it carves in to the wave on the cutback. I have a feeling that once this board makes it's appearance in our local lineups your phone will be ringing even more. Easily the best first impression I've ever had with a board. Totally worth the wait!
I'm super stoked!!
And the harness fits perfect!
I'll be in touch,

Lars, Denmark  
Nov 07, 2013 

Hello Lalo and Francisco.

Sorry - you can't read Danish, but the short translation is, that Lars Green made 3 wave 360 for the first time in his life - and he claims the reason is the the Goya MB Quad. Lars is really happy with the first Goya board he owns.

Thanks for the great work.

Ha en god dag
Lars W.

Lars, Denmark  
Nov 07, 2013 

For første gang kunne jeg tælle 3 wave 360 på en dag og kun tre hvor jeg ikke kom med bølgen, det må være udstyret som bare vil rundt......vildt vils fedt. 50% stået heraf to med air.....jeg er så vild med det MB Goya board.....tak Lars og Lalo

Lars G

Frank, Germany  
Oct 15, 2013 

in love with the new Quad 78 now after using it 18 days in a row in sometimes mindblowing good Wave conditions. The very precise Handling on clean waves is insane. And also the Explosive acceleration in combination with G4 seems to work perfectly.

Franco, Italy  
Oct 08, 2013 

i have your wonderfull 118 quad!!!...before i had 104 quad ....thanks !! for these boards.


Paulo, Portugal  
Oct 08, 2013 

Hi Lalo,
Just to keep you updated,
We tried and gave it to test, already the 118L Quad, the 104L, and the 94L, the opinion was unanimous, out of this world boards, and sails the 5.3, easy to ride, and surf like a fish on water, early planning, and really super manouvrable, also very easy to ride (anyone can surf this boards).
I was so happy that I’m getting back on full time to windsurfing, kite will stay on the shell from now on.
The Banzai 2013 is without a doubt way better than the 2012, I really enjoyed the sail, easy to handle stable super good window that allows to see the wave when surfing.
The boom is stiff as a brick, nice thin diameter and also was a nice surprise very solid.
All together you are producing super articles that are improving every year, great job, specially the boards when you try it seems you always had used the board it fits like a glove(the term is user friendly).

Aloha from Guincho,

Oct 08, 2013 

Thanks Pascal,

Can you pass on to the boys I had my first sail of my new 118l Goya quad today. It's awesome, I can't believe that a board that big can turn so well. Now if I can just get my hands on a 5.7 Banzaii I'll be sorted for those light days. Bye the way JD got back to me, thanks.


Lars, Denmark  
Oct 04, 2013 

I just had a first sail on the new 2014 Goya Quad.

It's a really nice board - easy to sail and with a lot of potential to be discovered.
Just loved it more for every minute sailing it.

Klaus, Italy  
Sep 14, 2013 


I actually have 2 Quads from 2012 (84 and 104) and were really happy with them. Last week I got the new 94 quad (2014) - now I have 3 boards 🙂 and I just have tested and compared it (with the older one) here in south France some days ago. My first impression was "wow is that board short" but I immediately felt good on it and it wasn't small at all. First I tried it in conditions I usually would have taken the 104 quad (light wind and sails 5.0-5.5) It was a surprising nice choice. The board keept stable in the water and started planning immediately. Then I wanted to know the difference and changed quickly the board with my old 104. I felt that the 94 started planning even better and faster than the older 104 and the stability of the board is quite the same or better on 94. Of course the 94 is faster better turning and very easy jibing even in choppy conditions. It seems there are no limits with radical turns. Very surfable. Then the wind becomes quite strong so that I had to rig my (also brand new) 4.5 Banzai 2014. I took the 94 Quad and it worked very well. It felt like to have a 80 liter board under my feet carving and ripping some waves. The advantage of the 94 quad is that I didn't seek in the water after turning the sail and was very stable on the board when I passed the whitewater and shorebreak. A really big comfort in waveriding.

So but now I have a big problem. What shall I do with my older Quads? I thought to sell at least the 104 Quad because. When the wind becomes stronger in future I always will take the 94 quad and are happy with them. Perhaps it makes sense to buy the 118 quad instead of the 104, so I would have a very bigger one for days for the 5.5 (Banzai). Even when friends are telling me that a so big board wouldnt work as well - I would like to try it my self. They sayed it also from the 104 and I felt perfectly and ripped more waves than them 😉

But what shall I do with my older 84 quad? I thought to keep it for really high winds? Or makes it sense to change it too and buy a 2014 model for example 84 quad again or better 78 ?? (i don't think that 78 would bee big anought for me)

Notice: My actually weight is about 98 KG and I use all Banzai sails from 4.0 4.5 5.0 to 5.5

Many thanks for any help and advice.

Ciao Klaus

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