Size Available
116 | 130 | 144

Francisco’s words: “With 116 to 130 to 144 liters the Carrera shapes cover all bases from rough seas to lighter winds and calmer lake conditions. The most distinguishing differentiation of these new boards is the incorporation of the most advanced carbon weaves, literally changing the DNA of anything a Goya Freeride or Freerace board has ever been.”

The Carrera turns every little gust into forward acceleration. Still, through the double concave V bottom it remains neutral and easy to ride through even heavy chop. These boards have the widest range of possible conditions of any board in our range. They are literally the technologically most advanced boards we have ever created. Just pick them up. Exactly.


Clever details. Helpful Inno-
vations. Stylish elements.

The Construction
PRO is our most advanced build, combining light weight, crisp feel and excellent durability all into one lay-up. Driven by the worldwide, year round research and passion of our team and customers, The Pro Construction evolves and improves constantly. The result is the best weight s with the least warranty issues in the industry. All Pro boards come in distinct colors and a lightly sanded finish.

Range Of Use
All Riders Welcome. The One caters to all levels of experience and all types of conditions. Within the One Range you will find the right board for all windsurfing situations.

The Fins
The Carrera comes with the MFC™ KP RC fin. See All Fins

The Straps
The new MFC straps that come with this board are extremely luxurious, with a thick and quality neoprene and a soft inner sole. They reselmble nothing your feet have felt before. See All Features

The Pads
The Carrera comes with large Freeride pads delivering outstanding traction and comfort of moving around on the deck when trimming upwind. Still these pads are light to allow for a low allover board weight. See All Features


More Drive. More Speed.
More Airtime.



MFC’s new Racing bullet was developed with Kevin Pritchard and tested for all PWA events. This fin boasts a new faster profile for great early planing and racing bigger sized gear. MFC racing fins are CNC shaped and also available to be Custom made.

Sizes from 28cm to 50cm



Janis, USA  
Jun 25, 2014 

> Pascal: The board got here today (Monday)! That was FAST! I have to say,
> it's GORGEOUS. Probably Goya's prettiest board ever. Rich (my husband) put
> it together this afternoon - footstraps and fins - so it's ready to go when
> the wind cooperates. The next few days don't look that promising, but I'll
> send a board update as soon as I get to try it. I can't wait. Thank you for
> all your help. Janis

Arnaud, France  
Apr 25, 2014 

About the Carrera, it's super good planing, super stable on water to go straight...on of big advantage is jibe, curve stability and keep speed...we don't have the performances of Freerace board, it stay a Freeride board, with accessibility, confort and easy to ride...I just test 130 model, I have to put mast foot on back and/or boom higher to lift the board and have more lively, free feeling, more sportive. It was sticking more on water (easier for average people) with mast foot on middle/front and boom low...Super construction/price compare to concurrent models.

Ryan, USA  
Feb 12, 2014 

Thank you for the lightest fastest Freeride board I have ever rode on, not only I could carry my board around effortless I haven't yet found the top end of it! Keep on making the best gear, Randy.

John, USA  
Oct 04, 2013 

Got the board this afternoon and sailed it too. Worked great! Thanks to you, Nick and the rest of your team for getting this to me.

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