Ronald Richoux

National Teamrider.

Hometown. Ploemel / Britain / FRANCE
Home spot. Sainte Barbe, Kerhillio, Côte sauvage
Sponsors. Goya Boards, Goya Sails, MFC, Dynafiber, ION
A few words about yourself. Windsurfer since 1985, SUPsurfer since 2007, I’m windsurfing and SUP coach working with Fun & Fly French TO, writing instructionals for Planchemag French windsurfing mag, and editing videos for Sharing my addiction to my sports with everyone interested by, and enjoying this way of life, with my kids!!! I travel a lot every year, and I love that!!!.
What makes your ride? As coach, I want to be demonstrative! My riding has to look easy, my students needs to see all the keys for each manoever. Riding is about feeling, not strength and physical approach. Personnaly, I prefer to surf than to jump, and I love to face the lip!
How much do you love to windsurf? Windsurfing, and generally riding waves, is a real need for my balance! Windsurfing took me to the water (I was water-phobic until 12 years old), I learn to swim because I wanted to learn windsurfing, and now I love to be on the water, so you can imagine what windsurfing means to me!!
What is your most memorable session? The next one!!! Every session is memorable!!!
What inspires you? My kids, the Ocean, sharing good vibes with good people, everywhere I go! Music inspires me too!
Describe your gear and the conditions you use it in. Goya One (Tri fin set MFC red 2×10 + 15cm) for very light wind. I use it also on single fin for my flat water clinics. Goya Quad 78 & Goya Quad 72, for all kind of wave conditions, from 12 knts! Goya Carrera 116, for freeride cruising in summer time. Goya sail Eclipse 5.3 & 5.0, flat water clinics, from 14 knts, up to 25knts. Fringe 4.7 & 4.5, all kind of waves conditions, from 12 knts up to 25 knts. My favorite sails for 2015, and favorite sizes! Guru G4 4.2 and 3.7 for high winds, up to 50 knts 🙂
What does riding for Goya mean to you? I’m part of the team since Goya brand has born! It’s like riding for friends, with friends! There is no pressure, as I’m not competitor, but also because it’s not the Goya spirit! It’s just about enjoying and promoting windsurfing!!! We all love our sport! Thank’s to Leon Belanger ton introduce me to Francisco!

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