Keith Teboul

International Teamrider.

Hometown. Haiku
Home spot. Ho’okipa
Sponsors. Goya, Quatro, MFC
A few words about Keith from Bjoern…

Keith is without a doubt the one guy that everything circles around, here at 375 West Kuiaha, everybody knows that, and we all hope he does too, when he goes for the fattest part of the lip like it was a cone full of ice cream.

Keith has an incredible heritage in hard core wave sailing and board shaping, and is in fact the one person that shapers and riders alike, around the world, look to when it comes to new shapes and concepts that not only turn heads but also get you to the next rectangular box of the elimination chart. Pay close attention to his signature on competition customs that try to beguile you with mainstream graphics…

Without going too far, and pampering this humble guy too much, it’s safe to say that Keith is one of the most driving forces in windsurfing today.

So what we were interested in was “How can we translate and channel all his radical drive into a new sail that will redefine Hard Core Wave Sailing and get him to ride for Goya?”

That was back in 2008, and what followed were countless sessions between Keith and Jason Diffin, finally leading to the introduction of the 2009 Guru. Keith was the most vital asset in creating this sail, not randomly named “after him”.

And for 2011 that same Guru will see it’s third year of careful evolution and steady improvement, all thanks to Keith spending countless days on Maui’s Northshore waters, putting that wing to the test like few others do.

It’s a given that when you call Ho’okipa your home spot, the 4.7 becomes a tattoo for you, and it’s the same for Keith. We spot him with other sizes occasionally, but all in all, living just five driving minutes away from “Mekka” probably makes even him skip a day for which much of us around this planet would rather skip Christmas.

We’re extra proud to call Keith part of the Goya family and are sure enough excited to see how tight and surfy of a turn he will take his boards into this coming season, how many fins he will define as the new trend for everybody else, and how all that will translate into the next generation of Zero Compromise Goya Sails.

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