Colin Sifferlen

National Teamrider.

Hometown. Noumea N-C
Home spot. Ténia…
Sponsors. Goya Sail, Tabou, Billabong N-C
A few words about yourself. check the forecast every day, 2 or 3 times (my girlfriend can’t believe it) on different website and with a long view in the top a mountain !!! (in NC you don’t see the waves from the shore so you have to know before you go). Surf as much as I can and windsurf…after that, yoga and swim to put my back allright and fell good !! I am also a sport teacher for leaving!
What makes your ride? Easy….the waves!! The feeling of a board turning under your body. The reef in New Caledonia…so beautiful.
How much do you love to windsurf? I love to windsurf in light wind and nice shaped waves, that’s all! Sometimes jumping is ok but surfing a wave with a sail or without a sail is the best.
What is your most memorable session? For sure one of Ténia big Day in 2008.
What inspires you? Feel good in my body to be better in the water. The big Ocean. A good life with project with my girlfriend.
Describe your gear and the conditions you use it in. I use from 4.2 to 4.7 sails .I use the new 3 batten Goya sail in reef condition(side to side-off wind and powerfull waves) and in Magenta (full on shore wave spot good for jumping and tricks in the wave).
What does riding for Goya mean to you? Francisco Goya was my first inspiration when I start competing.His world title made me dream because he is humble and rides a wave like few people in the world. He is, one of those guy who created a style. Goya Sail comes from pure passion of waveriding, that’s why it is good!

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